Inquiry into Rural Drainage in Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

1 Jun 2013 ... The development of rural drainage systems and schemes in Victoria ..................... 7 ... began in the Koo Wee Rup district in the 1850s.17 The State Rivers and Water Supply Commission ... The Nullawarre Drainage Area advisory committee has ... D Roberts, From Swampland to Farmland – A History of the ...

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Inquiry into Rural Drainage in Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

1 Jun 2013 ... The development of rural drainage systems and schemes in Victoria ..................... 7 ... began in the Koo Wee Rup district in the 1850s.17 The State Rivers and Water Supply Commission ... The Nullawarre Drainage Area advisory committee has ... D Roberts, From Swampland to Farmland – A History of the ...

Inquiry into Rural Road Safety & Infrastructure - Parliament of Victoria

Loddon Shire. Mr Craig W. Niemann. Chief Executive ... South Gippsland Shire. Name. Mr Graham N. Mostyn. Mr Rob Ayton. Position. Chief Executive. Officer.

Inquiry into Marine Rescue Services in Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

4 Sep 2014 ... boats [IRBs]) is also beyond the scope of the current Inquiry. 2.2. Victoria's ... Alwyn Tamo, and a 7.1 metre Noosa Cat 2600 Series, the AK 1.

Inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

15 May 2017 ... youth justice facilities seem to be identical, despite the age group separation. ... James Dowling, 'Youth criminals bribed with pizza, video games and ... 224‑bed youth justice centre to be built in Werribee South.635 The facility ...

Inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

6 Feb 2018 ... Similar to the NSW FuelCheck scheme, fuel retailers are required to report their current fuel ... Map, GasBuddy and Petrol Spy. A significant ...

Inquiry into Labour Hire Employment in Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

31 Dec 2004 ... report has found that the flexibility of labour hire employment appeals to many, ... and contractors; where greater precision is required, the terms ...

Inquiry into Community Pharmacy in Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

14 Oct 2014 ... Community pharmacies are private businesses found in retail strips, shopping centres and ... Chemist Warehouse, Submission to the Competition Policy Review, May 2014, p. 3, accessed at ... Bone density testing – Quality Pharmacy, Chemmart. • Sleep apnoea ... Ms P.H. Smith, Submission no. 1, p.

Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

Figure 1: Homelessness in Melbourne's West by age: Census 2016. ... fridge; how can a young person get to an appointment on time if they have nowhere to ... violence and allied services managing approximately 80 homelessness programs in the Western suburbs of ... There were lots of other repairs issues here too.

Inquiry into the RSPCA Victoria - Parliament of Victoria

Linda Kitson, and not only have I owned various animals (birds, cats, dogs and horses), ... A visit to the RSPCA Burwood on 29th March 2017 also ... campaign, in addition to a café, a dog grooming salon, a vet clinic, and the adoption centre –.

Inquiry into - Parliament of Victoria

30 Sep 2003 ... Crash injuries of older people are generally more severe than for younger people ... The ATSB report said rain, fog or other adverse weather conditions ... Warragul and $100,000 for streetscape improvements in Kyabram.64.

Background to the Inquiry - Parliament of Victoria

24) and the Schedule – Oaths and Affirmations of the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth). Recommendation ... statutory declarations.181 The Oaths Act 1900 (NSW) effectively restricts the classes of persons who can ... the Eighth or the Ninth Schedule.

Board of Inquiry - Parliament of Victoria

Financial Aspects of Scientology in Victoria. Hubbard - The Founder of Scientology .. Hubbard's Scientific Deficiencies .. Hubbard's Research .. Dianetics.


years and that pharmacists working at Chemist Warehouse seem to be ... MedsChecks and Diabetes MedsChecks that provide in-pharmacy reviews of medications, ... Sexual health: provide test kits, chlamydia screening, oral contraceptive ...

Inquiry into Sexting - Parliament of Victoria

5 Jun 2012 ... Gisborne VIC 3037. Submission No. S54. Received ... Threats by any party to 'do something' with the image that the other party would not want.

Inquiry into Sustainable Communities - Parliament of Victoria

Research in Melbourne and Geelong found that the community values water most highly for ... in July 2006 and to 35 per cent in 2016 from 1995 levels. Some countries ... reduced the waste created at festivals such as Oktoberfest. The city.

inquiry into farmers' markets - Parliament of Victoria

Farmers' Markets provide an ideal outlet for small farmers' and artisan food producers ... Australian Farmers' Markets Conference was held in Bathurst NSW in ...

Inquiry into electronic voting - Parliament of Victoria

a. the conduct of parliamentary elections and referendums in Victoria; b. the conduct ... Election result, both Members of Parliament and the public shortly thereafter ... system, then electronic voting and election technology in Queensland, South.

Inquiry into drug law reform - Parliament of Victoria

3 Jul 2017 ... Coroners Court of Victoria. CDDC. Compulsory Drug Detention Centre ... in Australia's current policy on illicit drugs? , Australia21, Canberra,.

victorian parliamentary inquiry - Parliament of Victoria

15 Sep 2012 ... Assist in restoring the reputation of the Catholic Church. 15 ... the newly formed parish of “The Good Shepherd”, Gladstone Park. 27. 28.

Inquiry into electric vehicles - Parliament of Victoria

vehicles.12. 7. Gumtree support, 'Electric cars buying guide', ... a like-for-like vehicle – so comparing a Nissan Leaf with a Toyota Corolla, or a ... the City of Perth.

Re: Submission to the Inquiry into Recycling ... - Parliament of Victoria

Gippsland Unwrapped. Urban Allies Fairfield. Good Will Nurdle Hunting. War On Waste Southern Grampians. Hepburn Relocalisation Network. Warrnambool ...

Inquiry into VicForests operations - Parliament of Victoria

17 Oct 2017 ... provided by Mr Lee Miezis, Deputy Secretary, Forest, Fire and Regions at the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, ... it up like a cake or a pizza, so we are cutting it into wedges and then we cut those ... Wellington-Maffra.

Inquiry into machinery of government changes - Parliament of Victoria

was to transfer Dean Yates as a secretary to DPC, which the Premier chose to execute because he deemed it in the public interest for Mr Yates to be within DPC.

Inquiry into onshore unconventional gas in Victoria - Parliament of ...

1 Sep 2015 ... On 1 July 2015, following the conclusion of the public hearings in Sale, the. Committee visited the Wombat Gasfield at Seaspray with Lakes Oil ...

Inquiry into perinatal services - Parliament of Victoria

20 Jun 2018 ... Mildura Base Hospital – Level 4 maternity, Level 3 neonatal. • Latrobe Regional Hospital ... services (NETS, PERS and PETS) and together they have been combined into a single, state‑wide ... domain.1010. Dr Fraser stated ...

5e2fb04540b39-Parliamentary Inquiry into ... - Parliament of Victoria

16 Dec 2019 ... 2.2 Prioritise the delivery of Crisis Accommodation in Frankston City. 2.3 Delivery of dedicated properties purpose built for re-homing people ...

Inquiry into end of life choices - Parliament of Victoria

6 Jun 2016 ... Mr Matt Newington, Inquiry Officer (from January 2016). Ms Caitlin ... EAST MELBOURNE VIC 3002. Phone 61 3 ... Dying well, Grattan Institute, Melbourne, 2014. Palliative ... Jeffries, Shirley. Jensen ... Dr Jim Moorhead MD.

rural and regional - Parliament of Victoria

care, and emergency department crisis hubs. While we get on with these ... New mobile police stations. $5 million ... Kaniva College. • Kerang Primary School.

inquiry into builders warranty insurance - Parliament of Victoria

4 Oct 2010 ... described in detail the problems with their homes, the steps they had ... evidence, 8 April 2010, p 4; Simonds Homes, Transcript of evidence, ...

inquiry into the handling of child abuse by ... - Parliament of Victoria

21 Sep 2012 ... The Victorian Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church places a ... Retrieved from ...

Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety in Victoria May 1993 - Parliament of ...

11 May 1993 ... The Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia Inc., Motorcycling is. Magic, Submission to the Victorian Government on 3rd Party Motor.

Inquiry into Anti-Vilification Protections - Parliament of Victoria

9 Dec 2019 ... LAW BUILDING F8, UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA. T 61 (2) 9385 2254 | ABN 57 195 873 179 | CRICOS Provider Code 00098G.

inquiry into people trafficking for sex work - Parliament of Victoria

30 Jun 2010 ... Trafficking in human beings is an internationally recognised human rights violation which can ... Melbourne based brothels and other areas of the sex industry. ... In a forum held with brothel owners, evidence given to ... nations to reduce poverty and achieve other development objectives by 2015, guide the.

Inquiry into abuse in disability services - Parliament of Victoria

17 May 2016 ... Geelong. Mr Paul Edbrooke MP. Frankston. Mr Bernie Finn MLC. Western Metropolitan. Ms Emma Kealy MP. Lowan. Ms Suzanna Sheed MP.

Inquiry into Electronic Voting, 2016 - Parliament of Victoria

a NSW local government election in 2012 (Conway, 2016). In the council of Griffith, candidate Rina Mercuri narrowly missed out on a seat. We believe the ...

Inquiry into fire season preparedness - Parliament of Victoria

22 Jun 2017 ... 3 Fuel reduction burns against targets – 1993‑2016. 105 ... settlement, which arose out of a Class Action over the Kilmore East Bushfire, where a ... groups, so up in the Yarra Valley, including your water protection assets in the.