Corpus Conversion Service: A Machine Learning Platform to ... - arXiv

United Kingdom. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 9 pages. ... combining the parsed pages and their ... PDF towards HTML or MS Word for example.

Corpus Conversion Service: A Machine Learning Platform to ... - arXiv - Related pdf Documents

Corpus Conversion Service: A Machine Learning Platform to ... - arXiv

United Kingdom. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 9 pages. ... combining the parsed pages and their ... PDF towards HTML or MS Word for example.

Machine Learning in Python - arXiv

12 Feb 2020 ... When these separate packages follow the Scikit-learn. 4 ... For example, in 2018, Eykholt et al. showed that placing small stickers on traffic signs ... A.R.J.; Jones, E.; Kern, R.; Larson, E.; Carey, C.; Polat, ˙I.; Feng, Y.; Moore, E.W.; Vand erPlas, J.; Laxalde, D.; ... Barker, B. Message passing interface (MPI).

an Adversarial Machine Learning Approach - arXiv

Keywords Adversarial machine learning · Android malware detection ... iii) AML applies in Android malware with static features and their pre- ... viderEnabled com.tencen t.msg.p ermission.pushnotify tutu.b enchmark.maro oned.ERR.

The Game of Tetris in Machine Learning - arXiv

10 May 2019 ... maneuver is known as a T-spin and it gives extra points in some implementations of the game. The original version of the game used a scoring ...

Towards Automated Machine Learning: Evaluation and ... - arXiv

3 Sep 2019 ... and Comparison of AutoML Approaches and Tools. Anh Truong∗ ... ized tools such as H2O-DriverlessAI, DataRobot and Darwin whereas it is ...

Machine Learning in Compiler Optimisation - arXiv

9 May 2018 ... A. It's all about optimization. Compiler have two jobs – translation and optimisation. They must first translate programs into binary correctly.

How well can machine learning predict demographics of ... - arXiv

(60.0%) of the gender, age and race/ethnicity prediction approaches ... Anstead N, O'Loughlin B (2015) Social Media Analysis and Public Opinion: The 2010 UK. General ... In: China National Conference on Chinese Computational Linguistics.

Machine Learning Models that Remember Too Much - arXiv

22 Sep 2017 ... and text analysis (20 Newsgroups and IMDB). In all cases, we ... Machine learning (ML) has been successfully applied to many data analysis tasks, from ... drive the parameters towards the subspace in R. ℓ where all sign.

Traditional Machine Learning for Pitch Detection - arXiv

4 Mar 2019 ... Abstract—Pitch detection is a fundamental problem in speech processing as ... If the NMI is 1, the feature allows a perfect voicing classification.

MMLSpark: Unifying Machine Learning Ecosystems at ... - arXiv

25 Oct 2018 ... Learning for Apache Spark (MMLSpark), an ecosystem that ... Note that we omit Kubernetes and Spark head nodes for simplicity. 3.2.3. AZURE ...

Explainable Machine Learning for Scientific Insights and ... - arXiv

12 Jan 2020 ... model is learned from given input data and with a specific learning ... Visual approaches such as saliency masks or heatmaps show ... Laura Deming, Sasha Targ, Nate Sauder, Diogo Almeida, and Chun Jimmie Ye. ... Robert A. Goodnow, Jasmin Fisher, Johanna M. Jansen, José S. Duca, Thomas S. Rush,.

A Survey of Machine Learning for Big Code and Naturalness - arXiv

of programs with information about the statistical properties of code. ... [47] Chris Cummins, Pavlos Petoumenos, Zheng Wang, and Hugh Leather. 2017a.

Machine learning for the recognition of emotion in the speech ... - arXiv

method used to code the audio recordings for the four emotions of Anger, Sadness, Joy and. Tension, plus Neutral, also covering our approach to managing the ...

Using Machine Learning to Predict the Outcome of English ... - arXiv

As a sport cricket is played globally across 106 member states of the International. Cricket Council (ICC), with an estimated 1.5 billion fans worldwide (ICC, ...

SafePredict: A Meta-Algorithm for Machine Learning That ... - arXiv

system, a meta-algorithm should refuse to make a prediction when the meta-algorithm ... to choose an expert and consequently, use the prediction of that expert.

Assuring the Machine Learning Lifecycle: Desiderata ... - arXiv

10 May 2019 ... The ML assurance desiderata, methods and open challenges for ... [32] Xinyun Chen, Chang Liu, Bo Li, Kimberley Lu, and Dawn Song. 2017.

ART: A machine learning Automated Recommendation Tool ... - arXiv

28 Feb 2020 ... By training on the provided data set, ART builds a predictive model for the ... Figure S6: ART's predictive power for the third pathway in the ...

Bidding Machine: Learning to Bid for Directly Optimizing ... - arXiv

11 Mar 2018 ... individual ad impressions via hosting a real-time auction and facilitates ... return (RR) model to balance the risk and return of a bid decision as ...

Review Flood Prediction Using Machine Learning - arXiv

mathematical expressions of physical processes of floods, during the past two decades, machine ... Keywords: flood prediction; flood forecasting; flash-flood model, big flood ... network for after-runner storm surges on the Tottori Coast, Japan.

Deep Uncertainty Quantification: A Machine Learning ... - arXiv

4 Feb 2019 ... [email protected] Jie Lu. Centre for ... JD Digits. Beijing, China [email protected] Guangquan Zhang. Centre for ...

Relation Retrofitting For In-Database Machine Learning on ... - arXiv

for many ML tasks such as classification and regression and even outperform ... Valerian. Luc Besson … and the City of a Thousand Planets. 5th_Element. Alien.

our practice of using machine learning to recognize species ... - arXiv

identify and detect birds and animal sounds with the help of ... results improved significantly in song-based recognition. ... between bird's call and bird's song.

Table of Content Detection using Machine Learning ... - arXiv

As TOC pages are free from specific format. It is challenging task to detect TOC pages having different layout formats [6]. 5. CHARACTERISTICS OF TOC PAGE.

A Survey on Compiler Autotuning using Machine Learning - arXiv

questions create the problem of selecting the best compiler optimizations and the ... this survey will be useful for a wide range of readers including computer ... 2017a. Automatically Tuning the GCC Compiler to Optimize the. Performance of ...

Machine Learning Harnesses Molecular Dynamics to ... - arXiv

successfully distinguished both methadone- and fentanyl-derived agonists from random ... at Sloan-Kettering in New York for refinement of the Wikipedia-based.

Machine learning applied to simulations of collisions ... - arXiv

objective that aims at fine tuning the network weights with respect to a measure of the surrogate modelling error. Similar approaches have been proposed with ...

Survey and Benchmarking of Machine Learning Accelerators - arXiv

29 Aug 2019 ... neural network models, compare those results to the reported performance and power ... against an Intel CPU that is used in some embedded applications. ... 2018. [Online]. Available:

A Machine Learning Approach To Prevent Malicious Calls ... - arXiv

7 Apr 2018 ... features are more useful than others, and in an extreme case, using ... should start blocking all malicious calls from a phone number when as ...

Machine learning modeling of high entropy alloy - arXiv

7 Jun 2019 ... This is particularly true for the high entropy alloys (HEAs) [7, 8], which are a class of metallic materials that con- tain more than 4 different principal ...

Machine Learning and Semantic Analysis of In- game Chat ... - arXiv

separate there is a degree of overlap in the definition of some of these behaviours i.e. a ... However Riot Games Inc. the owners of LOL apparently were not satisfied with the ... intelligence tool for customer relationship and brand management ...

The Mondrian Process in Machine Learning arXiv:1507.05181v1 ...

18 Jul 2015 ... The limitation of having a single lifetime hyperparameter will motivate the final Mondrian grid model, in which each input dimension is endowed.

Performance Metrics (Error Measures) in Machine Learning ... - arXiv

Weller-Fahy, Borghetti and Sodemann (2015) surveyed distance and similarity measures used within network ... than used by Willmott & Matsuura (2005), as their definition can be applied only to metrics with ... John Wiley & Sons, New York.

Code-Mixed Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning ... - arXiv

UN (Universal). An example from the Hindi-. English training data is given below:- “text”: “i remember it happen in my place also koi apni jagah se nahin hilega”,.

Leveraging Machine Learning and Big Data for Smart Buildings - arXiv

benefits and future trends of smart home technologies. • Pan et al. [15] reviewed the works on efficient energy consumption in SBs using microgrids. The survey ...

Neural Activity Classification with Machine Learning Models ... - arXiv

in the pyts Python package [30], which was used in the present work. Whenever we apply BOSSVS and SAX-VSM algorithms to classify neural activity, we make ...

Rogue Drone Detection: A Machine Learning Approach - arXiv

14 May 2018 ... novel machine learning approach to identify the rogue drones in mobile ... drone detection rate while not mis-classifying regular ground based UEs as ... each feature, a decision is taken after a leaf node is reached. Fig. 3.