Scalable Psychological Momentum Forecasting in Esports - arXiv

3 Feb 2020 ... Creep score at 10 mins, per player. Total [email protected] (1). The sum of all players' gold at 10 mins. 4.2.2 Neural network. Our post-draft neural ...

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Scalable Psychological Momentum Forecasting in Esports - arXiv

3 Feb 2020 ... Creep score at 10 mins, per player. Total [email protected] (1). The sum of all players' gold at 10 mins. 4.2.2 Neural network. Our post-draft neural ...

Scalable Models for Probabilistic Forecasting with Fuzzy Time Series

Figure 1 – Candlestick chart for IBOVESPA . ... Access in. 18/04/2017 ...

Towards Understanding of eSports Athletes' Potentialities - arXiv

18 Aug 2019 ... ammo panel, in-game radar, kill & death log, game timer. & player list. Controlling them is crucial indeed: the radar provides the player with the ...

Between an Arena and a Sports Bar: Online Chats of Esports ... - arXiv

Hundreds of thousands of spectators use to watch The. International ... Dota 2 is an online multiplayer game in which two teams of five play- ... topics rather than speaking of everything. ... [n. d.]. Time series: theory and methods.

Esports Athletes and Players: a Comparative Study - arXiv

without taking into account the multidisciplinary approach, we summarize some ... Apart from the skill metrics used in the teams, there is the CS:GO ranking ...

A Scalable Framework for NBA Player and Team ... - arXiv

10 Jan 2016 ... Keywords: Principal component analysis, NBA player tracking data, ... sophical Magazine 2 (11): 559–572. doi:10.1080/14786440109462720.

SINE: Scalable Incomplete Network Embedding - arXiv

16 Oct 2018 ... Centre for Artificial Intelligence, FEIT, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Email: [email protected]; [email protected] †. Discipline ... network embedding algorithms require node attributes to be all complete. ... post-graduate scholarship from Data61, CSIRO in Australia.

A Lightweight Scalable BlockChain for IoT Security and Privacy - arXiv

8 Dec 2017 ... the likelihood of the attack to happen based on European ... [7] M. Vukolic, “The quest for scalable blockchain fabric: Proof-of- work vs. bft replication,” ... [26] Cooja,,. [Online ...

Scalable Similarity Joins of Tokenized Strings - arXiv

21 Mar 2019 ... LD(“Alex”, “Alexa”) = 1. While both pairs have the same. LD, humans may consider the former pair more similar. This motivates normalizing the ...

Scalable Distributed-Memory External Sorting - arXiv

14 Oct 2009 ... A. Multiway Selection. As stated before, a multiway selection finds out the element e with global rank r among R sorted sequences, plus the.

Scalable Distributed Deep-RL with Importance Weighted ... - arXiv

frostbite. N/A. 8042.10. 2744.15. 269.65. 317.75 gopher. 47730.80. 69135.10. 913.50. 1002.40. 66782.30 ... [5e-5, 1e-2]. Log uniform. Learning rate. [5e-6, 5e-3].

Scalable Tucker Factorization for Sparse Tensors - arXiv

In particular, tensor operations generate huge intermediate data for large-scale tensors, which is a problem called intermediate data explosion [16]. A few Tucker ...

NetSimile: A Scalable Approach to Size-Independent ... - arXiv

12 Sep 2012 ... IMDB. Oregon AS. Query Log. Barabasi. Erdos-Renyi. Forest Fire. Watts-Strogatz ... 6: return COMPARE({ sG1 , sG2 , ··· , sGk }, doClustering).

SASSE: Scalable and Adaptable 6-DOF Pose Estimation - arXiv

5 Feb 2019 ... From a single RBG image, SASSE predicts its camera location and orientation. ... Torsten Sattler, Sebastian Hilsenbeck, and Daniel Cre- mers.

Conceptual Integrated Science Momentum Momentum Momentum ...

Conceptual Integrated. Science. Chapter 4. MOMENTUM AND ENERGY. Copyright © 2007 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Addison-Wesley.

Radiation pressure and the linear momentum - arXiv

These analyses lead to the discovery of a lateral radiation pressure inside the dielectric medium, exerted at and around the edges of a finite-diameter plane wave.

Radiation pressure and the linear momentum of the ... - arXiv

Radiation pressure and the linear momentum of the electromagnetic field in magnetic media. Masud Mansuripur. College of Optical Sciences, The University of ...

Scalable Panel Fusion Using Distributed Min Cost Flow - arXiv

AP] 11 Jul 2019. Scalable Panel Fusion Using Distributed Min Cost Flow. Swapnil Shinde. Comscore [email protected] Jukka Ranta. Comscore.

IntentGC: a Scalable Graph Convolution Framework Fusing ... - arXiv

24 Jul 2019 ... ACM Reference Format: Jun Zhao, Zhou Zhou, Ziyu Guan, Wei Zhao, Wei Ning, Guang Qiu, and Xi- aofei He. 2019. IntentGC: a Scalable Graph ...

Efficient, Scalable, and Resilient Vehicle-Centric Certificate ... - arXiv

7 Jul 2018 ... be distributed in a peer-to-peer, epidemic manner [38, 39, 49]. This ... Table 3: LuST Revocation Information (R = 1%, B = 10KB/s). Pseudonym.

Chirality and angular momentum in optical radiation - arXiv

Matt M. Coles and David L. Andrews*. School of ... They used planar chiral metamaterials (PCMs) comprising left- and right- handed gold gammadions of length 400 nm ... For any such transition integral not to vanish identically, the product of.

Spin-to-Orbital Conversion of Angular Momentum in ... - arXiv

SHASHA LI,1,2 XIAOMEI ZHANG, 1 WEIFENG GONG,1,2 ZHIGANG BU,1,*. AND ... spin angular momentum (SAM) and orbital angular momentum (OAM). The.

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting ... - arXiv

19 Feb 2018 ... The malicious use of AI will impact how we construct and manage our digital infrastructure ... but more sophisticated AI hacking tools may exhibit much better performance both ... “Facebook tinkers with users' emotions in news.

Forecasting US Textile Comparative Advantage Using ... - arXiv

Moving Average Models and Time Series Outlier Analysis. Zahra Saki1 ... Key Words: Forecasting, Time Series, Textiles and Apparel, Comparative Advantage,.

Online monitoring of local taxi travel momentum and ... - arXiv

1. Online monitoring of local taxi travel momentum and congestion effects using projections of taxi GPS-based vector fields. Xintao Liu. PhD, Assistant Professor.

Pulsejet engine dynamics in vertical motion using momentum ... - arXiv

The pulsejet engine and turbojet engine aircraft models of dynamics are compared. Also the octopus dynamics is modelled. The paper is addressed to ...

Nonzero angular momentum pairing correlation in shell ... - arXiv

of Phys., 30, 51, 1964. [8] T.T.S. Kuo, E. Baranger, and M. Baranger, Nucl. Phys. 81, 241, 1966. [ ...

eSports Betting The Past and Future - Esports Entertainment Group

History of Online Gambling and Betting . ... Types of Betting on eSports and how do they work? ... range of different gambling sites from which to choose. Some started ... League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2 are the games that see that most.

Weather Forecasting using Incremental K-means Clustering - arXiv

Now when the new data are coming, the incremental K-means is used to group those data into those clusters whose weather category has been already defined.

Operationa system for the wind waves forecasting in the ... - arXiv

weather prediction (NWP) models ARPEGE and ALADIN and of tree spectral wave models -VAGBUL (in operational use), WAVEWACH III referred to as WW3 (in.

Fashion Retail: Forecasting Demand for New Items - arXiv

27 Jun 2019 ... Retailers that serve a large customer base spend a lot of money and resources to stay prepared for meeting changing fashion demands, and ...

Imminent earthquake forecasting on the basis of Japan ... - arXiv

Strachimir Cht. Mavrodiev. Institute for Nuclear Reasurch and Nuclear Energy, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria. To be published: Open Journal of Eartquake Research, Vol.

Active sorting of orbital angular momentum states of light with ... - arXiv

4School of Physics, The University of Melbourne, Tin Alley, Melbourne, ... imaging CCD arrays now integrate fabry-perot cavities on a single-pixel level (36), and ...

effect of esports and future development of esports - Theseus

Black ops 2 and Black ops 3 and WW2 had an in-built arena game mode which was Call of ... Metacritic. 2018. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 reviews. Cited 9.5.2019,.

Effective injury forecasting in soccer with GPS training data ... - arXiv

By using GPS tracking technology, we collect data describing the training workload of players in a professional soccer club during a season. We then construct ...

Deep Adaptive Input Normalization for Time Series Forecasting - arXiv

this work, a simple, yet effective, neural layer, that is capable of adaptively ... Index Terms—time series forecasting, data normalization, limit order book data, deep ... data can exhibit significantly different behavior over the time due to a number ... since they are largely based on heuristically-designed normal- ization/feature ...