Exploring 'Decent Work' with people with ... - UWS Oxfam Partnership

Regensburg University. May 2016. Funded by the UWS-Oxfam Partnership1 ... relief, I got some insurance for anything extra in my life, you know, any holidays.

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Exploring 'Decent Work' with people with ... - UWS Oxfam Partnership

Regensburg University. May 2016. Funded by the UWS-Oxfam Partnership1 ... relief, I got some insurance for anything extra in my life, you know, any holidays.

Decent Work - UWS Oxfam Partnership

... and Society. University of the West of Scotland. May 2016. Funded by the UWS-Oxfam Partnership1 ... work hours, “good holidays”, have a “good atmosphere”.

What makes for decent work? - UWS Oxfam Partnership

1,500 people between October 2015 and February 2016 about what 'decent work' means to them. ... my allocated hours or undertake unpaid overtime. 13.

Decent Furniture for Decent People: Denise Jacques - uO Research

The Production and Consumption of Jacques & Hay Furniture in Nineteenth- ... Richard L. Bushman's The Refinement of America: Persons, Houses, Cities ...

Decent work for domestic workers - ILO

26 B. Guha-Khasnobis, R. Kanbur and E. Ostrom: “Beyond formality and informality”, ... It has also engaged in extensive legislative research to gather ... of Research, Evaluation and Statistics and ISSA, Social security programmes throughout.

FACTS ON Disability and Decent Work - ILO

children are hit hard by the crisis with one in six reporting they are struggling to afford food or heating;3. ○ A recent US-based study on Social Security Disability ...

On Target for 2030? - UWS Oxfam Partnership

18 Jul 2019 ... Scottish Community Development Centre ... governments must continue to improve income from employment and to reduce childcare costs and ...

Just Transition of the Workforce, and the Creation of Decent Work ...

and quality jobs (hereinafter referred to as just transition) for their consideration and discussion ... locations where jobs are lost in the conventional economy. ... The challenge cuts across several domains, so there is a need for mainstreaming.

samoa decent work country programme - ILO

The Samoa DWCP 2017-2020 is a product of on-going collaboration and ... and the Public Holidays Act 2008 and relevant amendments in 2011 and 2013.

Building an inclusive future with decent work: Towards ... - ILO

16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting • Bali, Indonesia • 6 9 December 2016 ... Much of the damage comes from extreme weather, as witnessed in ...

Decent work in global supply chains ‎pdf - ILO

chains is on the agenda of the ILO's 105th International Labour Conference in 2016. ... including the IFC scheme – can be a useful addition to their armoury.

Local Development and Decent Work Resource Kit‎pdf - ILO

This tool identifies seven key elements of a good community ... caused the collapse of the shoe industry. Not ... the rebel New People's Army in a year-round.

Moving towards Decent work for Domestic workers: An ... - ILO

Moving toward Decent work for Domestic workers: An Overview of the ILO's work ... going to be hired as a house maid in Lebanon for about 2 and half years ...

employment and decent work in situations of fragility, conflict ... - ILO

African Development Bank. AIDS ... World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery. HC ... the Vanuatu Trade Union Council (VTCU) to ensure.

promotINg deceNt WorK opportuNItIes for roma, ashKaLI aNd ... - ILO

2017. The workshop was organized to validate the generic version of the Resource Guide from the perspective of ... Young Roma women show lower educational achievement than young men. ... children during summer holidays. The final ...

Promoting labour formalization and decent work - G20 Information ...

Labour Organization (ILO) includes workers holding informal jobs in formal sector ... Burda, M. C. and J. Hunt (2011), “What explains the German labor market ...

Decent Work Country Profile TANZANIA (mainland) - ILO

lumbe; Edwin Mwakyembe; Pendo Mwandoro; Ernest K. Ndimbo; George Ruigu; Thomas Saguda; ... 11. Economic and social context for decent work. 47. References. 53. Annex 1: ... Social Protection Expenditure and Performance Review.

Decent work for migrant domestic workers - AP Migration - ILO

113), administering drugs, bathing patients and taking patients' ... countries, each containing different provisions (Tayah and van de Glind, 2015). Only in rare ...

Scoping study on decent work and employment in fisheries and - FAO

25 Sep 2010 ... 3: Employment trends in fisheries and aquaculture ... from small boats and canoes in coastal or inland waters , where they collect seaweed and ... 500 using sand drying in 2004 to 2 500 directly involved in rack drying in 2012;.

Spiritual beliefs and mental health - UWS Oxfam Partnership

psychiatric symptoms (Loewenthal 2006). In conclusion, belief in spirits, possession, and black magic has a long history. Beliefs linking mental ill-health and ...

Dhaka Summit on Skills, Employability, and Decent Work 2016

Work 2016”, which was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on ... Chair of the National Skills Development Council ... workers as a result of the right set of skills among.

promoting decent work opportunities for roma youth in central and ...

15. European Commission: EU Roma framework, 23 Mar. 2016. ... employment, training and working conditions, on grounds of race, colour, sex, religion,.

Samoa Decent Work Country Programme, 2013-2016 - ILO

Final. Samoa. Decent Work Country Programme. 2013-2016 ... 14 and the Public Holidays Act 2008 and relevant amendments in 2011 and. 2013. 23.

The impact of heat stress on labour productivity and decent work - ILO

3.1 Incidence of heat stress during the hottest month in Africa,. 1995 and 2030 (projections) ... activity and the heat gained, if any, from the environment (NIOSH, 2016). ... Specific negative effects include sweaty palms, fogged-up safety glasses,.

Sectoral Studies on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains - ILO

first group are major firms such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Sears, Macy's and J. C.. Penney in the United ... (CAD) software, such as Autodesk 3ds Max Design and Adobe Systems. Moreover, some of them ... Sharp, Apple, Nintendo,. Microsoft ...

Care work and care jobs for the future of decent work - ILO

adult care recipients, as a means to enhance their independence, inclusion and ... of unpaid care work in Australia, Belgium, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, ...

Promoting Decent Work in Garment Sector Global Supply Chains - ILO

opportunities in global supply chains in the garment sector, starting with the ... conditions of garment factory workers. ... The Bali Declarations calls on the ILO.

A Billion Hungry People - Oxfam International

16 Jan 2009 ... hits poor countries particularly hard that, like Senegal, import more than half their food requirements.8. In many countries, people living in ...

The people and communities behind Aboriginal ... - Oxfam Australia

the custodians of the country on which Oxfam's Sydney office is based and where this report was produced. We pay our ... In 2016, the City of Fremantle in Western Australia decided it ... employment of 2000 hours by a factor of five times. The.

Growing Gulf Between Work and Wealth - Oxfam Australia

2016. 2017. 10%. 5%. 15%. 20%. 25%. Workers are missing out in. Australian global supply chains. Working people, and particularly women, also sit at the.

Between decent work and forced labour - Gangmasters and Labour ...

work to extreme exploitation and covering both labour law and criminal law;. • uses case studies ... Nussbaum, M.C, (2007) Frontiers of Justice. Cambridge, USA: ...

Partnership Versus Public Ownership of Accounting Firms: Exploring ...

US (Accounting Today 2011) and include the seventh largest accounting firm in the ... The review of the BRW Top 100 Accounting Firm Survey data identified a ...

Oxfam Annual Report 2017–2018 - Oxfam International

2 / OXFAM ANNUAL REPORT 2017 - 2018. In this context I apologize for the failure last year of our largest affiliate, Oxfam Great Britain, to protect properly the ...

Oxfam Annual Report 2010-2011 - Oxfam International

Oxfam is an international Confederation of 15 organizations working together in 92 countries ... and organize events and buy gifts from Oxfam Unwrapped. The.

Oxfam Strategic Plan, 2013-2019 - Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam has a vision: nine billion people will live equitably and free from the injustice of poverty, on a planet that has the natural resources to sustain them.

Oxfam Annual Report 2010-2011 - Oxfam Blogs

Oxfam is an international Confederation of 15 organizations working together in 92 countries to find ... across the world who donate, support the Oxfam shops, participate and organize events and ... 132 Leicester Street, Carlton. Victoria 3053 ...