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scenario for river dolphin evolution during the globally high sea levels of the Middle Miocene. We suggest ... Amazon river dolphin, Inia geoffrensis, and the La Plata river dolphin ... land basin, creating a shallow marine habitat. Fossils have not ...

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Evolution of river dolphins - Smithsonian Institution

scenario for river dolphin evolution during the globally high sea levels of the Middle Miocene. We suggest ... Amazon river dolphin, Inia geoffrensis, and the La Plata river dolphin ... land basin, creating a shallow marine habitat. Fossils have not ...

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Sewing machines : historical trade literature in Smithsonian Institution ... These include sale and parts catalogs, technical manuals, company ... A major acquisition from the Singer Company in 1960 included many important ... 1920-1949.

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gift by the Taubmans helped open the changing exhibition gallery on the second ... Noel Salinger and LeAnne Sawyers. MG (Ret) and Mrs. Alan B. Salisbury ▽.

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In the Task 1-4 folder, get the Daily Bread pictures, world map, food stories, and ... Kathy is getting ready to enjoy some Chinese steamed eggs! Close-up picture ...

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The 2010 Smithsonian Folklife Festival has been made possible through the generosity ... dejado en reposo en grandes alias de barro. ... Like his giant panda.

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22 Dec 2019 ... On the other hand, there should never be any question as to the authorship of ... and the ancient strata of Staraia Ladoga dating back to the seventh ... Discovered by A. S. Uvarov during 1877, Kara- ... were fortified with multiple towers. ... cut off a small hill near the Power Collective Farm, 8 kilometers from.

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The following islands belong to Banggai: Baluka, Bakakang, Togong Akat3, ... his index, such as “Burgers, Christen” (“city-dwellers, Christians”); such words can ...

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Smithsonian Journeys (smithsonianjourneys.org) offers expert-led cultural and enrichment cruises and tours on all seven continents. Smithsonian Magazine (www.

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8 Jun 2019 ... Carter, The Richard and Elizabeth Dubin Family Foundation, ... Companies, the James F. Dicke Family ... Daniel M. Linguiti and Teri A. Smurl.

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sylvania; Barry Tully, Goodyear Aircraft, Akron, Ohio; Richard S. Allen, aviation author, Round Lake, New York; William H. Cramer, brother of. Parker D. Cramer ...

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Foolish Frog 7:24 ... lyrics. For 50 years, the controversy raged, and always Seeger defended himself and his ... made up the song 'Plow Under' and a peace ver-.

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ASUR established a store and a textile museum in Sucre where tex- ... the Buddha's birthday, the anniversary oj his teach- ... Joseph Albury - Man of War.

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any information on this and so far no one has any information to send me, and found out you ... working on a locator index for dressmakers' drafting tools and.

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Motorbike rac ers in. Northern ... but also receive new lite and vibrancy, engaging new learners and remv ... and mail carrier Norman Amos is considered the ...

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GCRL Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Ocean Springs,. Mississippi. HUJ ... VERTICALIS. • 0. ZEBRA. FIGURE 6.—Distribution of certain species of Omobranchus. Dashed line represents approximate ... cate ventrally; sometimes narrow, dark bar present ... grove stems in the Godavari River estuary (16°28'N,. 82°03'E) in ...

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International; Colorado College; Cultura Fronteriza, A.C.; Desarrollo Integral de la Familia del. Municipio ... John W. Franklin is Program Manager at the Smithsonian ... Ray is now a sculptor and a docent ... Rosary Catholic Church against visiting professors ... Milton Freeman, percussion ... Rev Willie Wilson, William Wooby.

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science and math used in NASCAR can be applied to the lessons in the classroom. ... allow it to cool. ○ ... This is still a lot slower than the fastest land animal — the cheetah can run up to 62 mph! Name ... If a race car is participating in a 500-mile race and the race track is 2.5 miles, how many laps does the car have to do to.

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Director, Smithsonian Press/Smithsonian. Productions. DANIEL GOODWIN. Editor, Smithsonian Magazine. DON MOSER. Publisher, Smithsonian Magazine.

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE ZOO. By WILLIAM MANN. DIRECTOR, NATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL PARK. '' THE House did not report the same.'' This is from the ...

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This ancient phylum of mostly marine organisms is best known for its contribution to geomorphological features, forming thousands of square kilometres of coral ...

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15 Apr 2008 ... Pacific Metrosideros (e.g. from Fiji and Samoa) were shown to be distinct and an ... Holocene record of climate change, fire ecology and.

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Bruun in the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and Mozambique Channel (chiefly by R. H. Benson). Station. 28A. 28B. 36A ... cock Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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course, an Aztec word. The Tarascans call it "phatamu." Once employed throughout the Americas as the principal weapon of.

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hdsk haf, perhaps hdsh kdfl, " sassafras month." December- ... in Claiborne's Mississippi, page 489, that these hoops were designed as a ladder for the spirit to ...

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5 Aug 2016 ... "A Banjo Song" and "The Corn-stalk Fiddle" by tamed ... evil constantly at work in the world, ... Slepluiiiie Alexander, Toya Brown, Terraria.

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It is absent in the Antartic and the Artie re- gions. Its migrations have attracted ... buco; Rio de Janeiro (April); Santa Catherina. (February); Sao Paulo (April); ...

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Interestingly, the unicorn is still the symbol of a popular pharmacy chain in Germany called Einhorn-Apotheke, or ―Unicorn Pharmacy‖ (fig. 32). 72 Bruemmer ...

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program for teens and Cooper Hewitt's Smithsonian Design Center in New ... (including Turkey Creek/Gulfport, Biloxi, Codan, and Moss Point Africatown); London; ... 9,323. 0. 2,425. Information Technology. Improve the Institution's information ...

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dancing parties occur regularly in the villagers' homes, where they make music ... called hore lungi, currently referred to by the Maramureş ... The lyrics are semi-.

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Rokudan No Shirabe (Music of Six Sleps). 516. lO. Yuudachi (Evening Rainstorm) lfl'J: SFI/ 0509 ~ '200 3 Smllh)onlilll Folk .... 'tIy. Rec(u-dinr I Cf:nlC!r ror ...

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and X. tum'dosa (Figure 72a). An extreme ... 1986197. [?Lpe wllcction: Bendigo, at Epsom, Vict., Australia, Johnston ... [?Lpe collection: Seamans Hut,. Etheridge ...

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W . argus, in dark tufts at the mean low-tide mark. 6. St. Mark Parish, Scotts Head, Soufriere Bay. 21 February-12 March 1967. Along the shore there was a reef, ...

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canción ranchera / 2:08 ... social and musical role model for women in mariachi music. Women are known ... Ronstadt premiered her influential 1987 Canciones.

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potteries developed into factories of moderate size; and a semiskilled labor force threatened its ... Gordon pottery listed in the directory in 1825 at the back of 407 ...

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Veinte años (Twenty Years) canción ranchera 3:24 ... The group's founder, Nati Cano, was a third-generation mariachi musician from the small town of ...

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Manufacturers claim that CD-R and DVD-R discs have a shelf life of 5 to 10 years ... Available at http://www.dvd-club-review.com/dvdguidecare.htm. Eastman ...