Vitiligo: A White Patch that Affects the Soul - Hilaris Publishing SRL

4 Feb 2017 ... The patches of skin affected become white and frequently have sharp margins. The hair from the skin may additionally become white.

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Vitiligo: A White Patch that Affects the Soul - Hilaris Publishing SRL

4 Feb 2017 ... The patches of skin affected become white and frequently have sharp margins. The hair from the skin may additionally become white.

Is Vitiligo in Vogue? The Changing Face of Vitiligo - AWS

Additionally, Brock Elbank, a London-based photog- rapher, recently launched a photograph series of men and women with vitiligo on the digital platform ...

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27 Aug 2012 ... Heidegger's (Interpretive) Phenomenological Research. Gina M. Reiners* ... understanding of interpretive and descriptive phenomenology.

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Calvin Nicholls who creates amazingly beautiful sculptures using sheets of paper. In conclusion we can say that the presentation of the topic through the artwork ...

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23 Dec 2011 ... the primary forces behind current restructurations of social and cultural geography. Electronic media facilitate an increased interconnectedness.

Alopecia Areata - Hilaris Publishing SRL

9 Apr 2016 ... have spontaneous hair regrowth within 1 to several years [3-5]. Other patients will progress ... Ther 14: 306-316. 6. Rangwala S, Rashid RM (2012) Alopecia: a review of laser and light ... common protocol. J Investig Dermatol ...

Possession Behaviour - Hilaris Publishing SRL

24 Jun 2016 ... Keywords: Possession; Purvaj syndrome; Possession behavior;. Epidemiology ... It hold different meaning in different cultures, therefore, it is culturally bound. ... People with weak boundaries and low self-esteem having.

Conflict in Organizations - Hilaris Publishing SRL

8 Aug 2018 ... A contradictory perspective can be found in the unitarist view of organisation, suggesting that conflict is highly irrational due to the common set ...

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27 Jun 2016 ... major role in birthdays, wedding dates, phone numbers, and naming. ... The digit eight is thus associated with both prosperity and good luck, ... Chang CC (2016) While Number Superstitions Exist: The Influence of Prices on ...

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26 Sep 2016 ... The term marketing mix is defined as main elements that thought to be attended to in order to correctly market a product [10]. They are also well- ...

Premature Greying of Hair - Hilaris Publishing SRL

11 Mar 2017 ... It is observed that grey hairs tend to be thicker and longer than pigmented ones. Typically, grey hair first develops at age 34.2 ±. 9.6 years in ...

Neonatal Danger Signs - Hilaris Publishing SRL

19 May 2017 ... Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248140, India, Tel: 919927467464; E-mail: [email protected] Received date: January 06, 2017; Accepted ...


Not only money is the means of having economic exchanges, it also leaves influences on the national identity of ... Tehran: Danesh Emrooz Publication.

Redensyl, Capixyl, and Procapil - Hilaris Publishing SRL

14 Mar 2019 ... characterized by hair loss in both men and women. It occurs in 50% of ... the Istanbul Anatolia-North Region Public Hospitals Trust, this study.

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28 Mar 2017 ... Footwear Industry in Bangladesh: Implementation of Six Sigma ... *Corresponding author: Md Abu Sayid Mia, Institute of Leather Engineering ...

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10 Apr 2014 ... Reflection has become an invaluable tool for nursing students to learn from Practice. This article presents some of the definitions of the concept ...

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10 Jul 2017 ... The chief argument for the medical usage of marijuana is its effective treatment for patients who are in extreme pain or the terminally ill [2]. There.

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30 May 2015 ... Advertisements are messages paid for by those who send them and are intended to inform or influence people who receive them, as defined by ...

Alcohol and Antiretroviral Therapy - Hilaris Publishing SRL

29 Jan 2012 ... effects from HIV, alcohol and ART may compound each other, making it difficult ... The negative effect of alcohol consumption on HIV prognosis ... Mogatle S, Skinner M, Mills E, Kanfer I (2008) Effect of African potato (Hypoxis.

Information Security Controls - Hilaris Publishing SRL

3 Feb 2014 ... control into administrative, technical (also called logical), or physical ... are primarily procedures and policies which put into place to define.

Strategies for Regenerative Medicine - Hilaris Publishing SRL

bladder submucosa and small-intestinal submucosa (SIS) [76-78]; and synthetic polymers ... 38. Sensken S, Waclawczyk S, Knaupp AS, Trapp T, Enczmann J, et al. (2007) In ... 91. Probst M, Dahiya R, Carrier S, Tanagho EA (1997) Reproduction of functional smooth muscle ... J Bone. Joint Surg Am 88: 2502-2520. 155.

Recycling of Textiles in India - Hilaris Publishing SRL

Recycling of textiles was a domestic craft in India but currently there are textile clusters and small scale industries to work on second hand imported clothing and ...

How We Can Enhance Nurses' Assertiveness - Hilaris Publishing SRL

28 Aug 2014 ... 4Institute for Education and Training, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ... care [2]. Nurses are expected to show clinical leadership at the patient ... assertiveness were improved after the intervention.

Beyond the Language Barrier 'Speak', 'See ... - Hilaris Publishing SRL

2 Aug 2017 ... ensuring the hospital standards and policies are adhered to. In the Intensive ... kit is developed to overcome the language barrier. The tool kit is ...

Why do Management Theories Fail? - Hilaris Publishing SRL

15 May 2018 ... Keywords: Management theories; Fail; African context; Reasons and solutions; Circumstance/environment contingent. Introduction.

Human Identification and Fingerprints: A Review - Hilaris Publishing ...

15 Nov 2011 ... Fingerprints have been the gold standard for personal identification within the forensic community for more than one hundred years. The.

Transnational Cinema: A Cross Culture ... - Hilaris Publishing SRL

films made on the life of NRIs like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995,. Aditya Chopra), Kal ... systems ( Semiotics in terms ...

Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIVC) - Hilaris Publishing SRL

2 Aug 2017 ... Conclusions: There were high incidence of intravenous cannula related complications in the hospital which needs to be reduced or completely ...

Challenges and Issues in Nursing Leadership - Hilaris Publishing SRL

25 May 2012 ... Then gaining knowledge to become an effective nurse leader is one way to ensure quality health care for the future [1]. Leadership can be ...

Autopsy Findings against Media Reports - Hilaris Publishing SRL

28 Mar 2017 ... Ghana Med · J 47: 40-45. 17. · natural-causes-link-match-beatings.

Brain Tissue Contrast: Ct Versus Mri - Hilaris Publishing SRL

29 Nov 2019 ... Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness-Steve's Digicams. Steves- 2019 [cited 13 October 2019]. Available from: ...

Customer Perceptions for Store Attributes - Hilaris Publishing SRL

27 Dec 2014 ... Citation: Mishra HG, Koul S, Sinha PK (2014) Customer Perceptions for Store Attributes: A Study of Unorganized Retail Stores in India. Bus Eco.

French Language in Mauritian Newspapers - Hilaris Publishing SRL

31 Dec 2015 ... 'Le Cerneen' newspaper was launched in 1832 by Adrien d'Epinay ... 'L'Express' entered business as a paper written mainly in French. Such.

Prospective of Herbal Medicine in Egypt - Hilaris Publishing SRL

13 Apr 2018 ... The great genetic biodiversity of medicinal plants found in Egypt played an important role in the use of Egyptian herbal medicines throughout ...

Economic Effects of Student Dropouts: A ... - Hilaris Publishing SRL

and the reason of dropout is that students are unhappy with their studies. [1]. In Asia ... classes boring, absence from school for long time and unable to manage ...

Modern Management of Traumatic Hemothorax - Hilaris Publishing ...

Hemothorax is defined as a bleeding into pleural cavity. Hemothorax is a frequent manifestation of blunt chest trauma. Some authors suggested a hematocrit ...