Perimeter of a Polygon - Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets - Perimeter of a Polygon. Find the perimeter of each shape by adding the lengths of each side.

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Perimeter of a Polygon - Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets - Perimeter of a Polygon. Find the perimeter of each shape by adding the lengths of each side.

Area & Perimeter - Super Teacher Worksheets

Perimeter is the distance around a shape. To find the perimeter, add the length of each side. Area is the number of square units that can fit inside of a shape.

Some Super Similes - Super Teacher Worksheets

Choose the best ending for each common simile. 1. ______ as sweet as ... you've heard before. Super Teacher Worksheets - ...

Tell Me About Yourself - Super Teacher Worksheets

Tell Me About Yourself. Your teacher wants to know more about you. Answer the questions below. Write neatly. 1. What is your favorite subject in school?

Lay and Lie - Super Teacher Worksheets

lay or lays. • When Ben and Cheri come in, they lay their keys on the table. • When he comes in, Ben lays his keys on the table. lie or lies. • Cheri and Ben lie on ...

There, Their, They're - Super Teacher Worksheets

For each sentence, write their, they're, or there in the blank line. 1. Nathan ate dinner at. house. 2. Imani said. coming over tonight. 3. Olivia set up the ...

Sh and Ch - Super Teacher Worksheets

Sh and Ch. Sound. Word sh fish ch chips. Write “sh” or “ch” in each of the blank lines so that the sentences make sense. 1. I sailed across the ocean on a big __ ...

Sunset - Super Teacher Worksheets

Sunset. By B. J. Lee. A sunset is where scarlet, gray and purple hues come in to mingle with the ... In the poem, “Sunset,” the poet uses color words to describe.

The First Day of School - Super Teacher Worksheets

The First Day of School by Ruth Donnelly. I've got a ... I kiss my mother at the door. And walk in by myself. ... How does the girl feel in this poem? a.. happy b. sad.

Velociraptor - Super Teacher Worksheets

It was one of the smartest dinosaurs. Velociraptors may have hunted in groups. It also probably ate animals killed and left behind by larger dinosaurs. Scientists ...

Onomatopoeia - Super Teacher Worksheets

An onomatopoeia is a very special thing. It's a word like quack or flutter, or oink or boom or zing. It sounds just like its meaning, for example snort and hum.

Apostrophes - Super Teacher Worksheets

A possessive noun is a word that shows ownership or belonging. Add an apostrophe and an s ('s) to a singular noun to make it a possessive noun.

To The Ferry - Super Teacher Worksheets

What does the word slip mean in this poem? a. place where boats dock b. to fall down c. to arrive late d. the bottom of a ...

Letter to Mom - Super Teacher Worksheets

Part 1: Write a very special friendly letter to your mom. In your letter, be sure you tell your mother why she is special to you and why you love her. Back up.

Antonyms - Super Teacher Worksheets

Name: Super Teacher Worksheets - Antonyms. Cut out the word tiles at the bottom of the page. Glue them into the box with ...

Uranus - Super Teacher Worksheets

On Earth, we have the North Pole and the South Pole. But everything is topsy-turvy in Uranus. Its poles are on its sides and it orbits the sun on its side. The strange ...

Count by 4s - Super Teacher Worksheets

Name: Super Teacher Worksheets - Count by 4s. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 1. 2. 20. 19. 18. 17. 16. 15. 14. 13. 11 12. 30. 29. 28.

Syllable Zoo - Super Teacher Worksheets

Divide each word by putting a slash (/) symbol between each syllable. On the space provided, write how many syllables each word has. Use a dictionary if.

Sh - Ch Riddles - Super Teacher Worksheets

Sh and Ch Riddles. 1. I start with sh. I have lots of wool. I am a farm animal. What am I? 2. I end with ch. I rhyme with crunch. I am an afternoon meal. What am I?

Synonyms - Super Teacher Worksheets

Synonyms are words that have almost the same meaning. Synonyms for big: large, huge, gigantic. Circle the 2 synonyms for each set of words. 1. toasty chilly.

Stone Fox - Super Teacher Worksheets

Circle the names of the people who came to town to see the race. Cross out the people who did not come to town to see the race. Miss Williams, Willy's teacher.

Tessellation - Super Teacher Worksheets

Tessellation. Draw a tessellating pattern for one of the shapes below. Your tessellating shapes should also have a color pattern. Superteacherworksheets ...

QR Addition - Super Teacher Worksheets

(All QR codes are in plain text format.) Scan the QR Code. Problem. Answer a. Mr. Gao's orchard has 3,456 lemon trees and 904 lemon trees. How many trees.

Raccoon Rex - Super Teacher Worksheets

And wash it squeaky clean. I creep up to the campers' tent. And snatch a hot dog bun. The campers yell. They scream and shout. But I'm just having fun! A mask ...

Hyperbole - Super Teacher Worksheets

Hyperbole. Add hyperbole to each sentence and rewrite it on the lines. example: My teacher has a lot of papers to correct. My teacher has a mountain of papers ...

Contractions - Super Teacher Worksheets

Write the words that each contraction stands for. 1. don't. 2. can't. 3. won't. 4. we'll. 5. haven't. 6. he's. 7. isn't. 8. she'll. 9. I'm. 10. you're. 11. I'd. 12. you'll ...

Homophones - Super Teacher Worksheets

Homophones. Homophones are words that sound alike, but have different spellings and different ... the football over the fence. threw/through. 9. Don't go ...

Polygons - Super Teacher Worksheets

4. How many sides does a pentagon have? 5. Which has more sides: a ... 7. How many pairs of parallel lines does a square have? 8. How many pairs of parallel ...

A Grandma to All - Super Teacher Worksheets

also the day she was going to her grandmother's house. Tamara was sleeping over for the whole weekend. Her grandmother lived on a horse farm, and Tamara ...

Photosynthesis - Super Teacher Worksheets

Photosynthesis occurs when a tree uses the sunlight and chlorophyll to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose. The tree needs to eat this glucose to grow, ...

Spinosaurus - Super Teacher Worksheets

the largest dinosaur that ever lived. b. much smaller than a Tyrannosaurus rex. c. one of the fastest dinosaurs. d. a meat-eating dinosaur ...

Pronouns: I or Me? - Super Teacher Worksheets

example: My brother and (I/me) rode our bikes to the baseball field. Which is correct? I rode my bike or Me rode my bike? The correct answer is I. Use I for a ...

Unicorn of the Sea - Super Teacher Worksheets

Unicorn of the Sea. By Guy Belleranti. When people think of tusked animals, elephants and walruses often come to mind. But did you know that there is a whale ...

Fennec Fox - Super Teacher Worksheets

The average life span of a Fennec fox is 10 to 12 years. The cream coloration of fennec foxes help them blend into their desert habitat. Still, they have to watch out ...

Tens and Ones - Super Teacher Worksheets

a. 34 = ______ tens ______ ones b. 72 = ______ tens ______ ones.

Alliteration - Super Teacher Worksheets

Tongue twisters are good examples of alliteration. example: That perky purple penguin is the mascot at the Pizza Palace. Read the sentences below and underline ...