Service: no. 60 (February, 1959) - Digitised Collections

Tamworth. Wagga Wagga. SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Adelaide ... his engagement to Miss Val Haggerty. A keen sportsman, Mr. Walker has been associated with.

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Service: no. 60 (February, 1959) - Digitised Collections

Tamworth. Wagga Wagga. SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Adelaide ... his engagement to Miss Val Haggerty. A keen sportsman, Mr. Walker has been associated with.

Service: no. 48 (February, 1957) - Digitised Collections

was really in its stride, Mr. J. Brisbane (Master of Ceremonies) ... Christmas Tree, and the tables were simply loaded ... to Mr. Ray Garstone, and Mr. Leon Grif-.

Service: no. 54 (February, 1958) - Digitised Collections

and Federal, of the Furniture Trades' Association ... management of the Myer Emporium, Adelaide. ... The very name "Alfresco" conveyed an impression pleasant ...

Service: no. 26 (February, 1952) - Digitised Collections

Geraldton for a holiday, where he had a very good time until he woke up one morning to find ... The trophy, one Golf Umbrella. Best nett score. Returned by that ...

Cox Bros. Newsletter no.4 February 1960 - Digitised Collections

Bowrings of Mildura, established in 1871, was, to a ... Within, the pastel shaded decor is made gayer by the ... With colour, gilt, tinted glass or painted wood, the ...

Australian Medical Journal: (February, 1914) - Digitised Collections

15 Jan 2014 ... is the only sure way to be continuously accumu- lating knowledge. The mere ... Aberdeen, K. G., Leongatha. Adam, B. J., Ivanhoe. Adam, G.

Service - Digitised Collections

and a very tasty spread was prepared. We were ... Reelax and Cosy Sleep mattresses are made under the watchful eye of ... Hospital, Frankston. Here are Miss ...

Service: no. 11 (June, 1948) - Digitised Collections

14 Jun 2014 ... road of progress, a date shortly after the termina- tion of World ... 9 Dangan Road, Wanstead,. London, Eli ... occasion it took place on the Mt. Yokine golf course, which is a ... Norma Askwith, our blonde "wrecker," who, by the way; "teams ... Lane returned to Horsham to spend her annual holi- day with her ...

Service: no. 22 (October, 1950) - Digitised Collections

Because no catering facilities exist today in the old Collingwood Store, where so many of these ... historic Smith Street, which, itself, has given long service to the Company. 3 ... Whilst cricket interest in Australia is quickened this year by the ...

Service: no. 31 (December, 1952) - Digitised Collections

Claus (Andy Mulgrave) has returned to Perth to ... doll's fingernails and hands, he proceeds to place different ... When "Lulla" picked up and threw to an opening,.

Service: no. 12 (August, 1948) - Digitised Collections

An old man on the point of death summoned his sons around ... gramme was provided by Charles Skase, James. Patterson ... "Do you mean a pixie ?" inquired ...

Service: no. 56 (June, 1958) - Digitised Collections

last letter—that we announced the arrival of Miss ... Taubmans, was recently presented by Mrs. Wright ... Universe, a life ends, bringing grief to those who.

Service: no. 42 (October, 1955) - Digitised Collections

Not so long ago the Baby Furniture in the City Store ... The time has arrived for me to say "Au revoir." ... to Colin Garstone; Val Quartermaine to Rob Mc-. Lead ...

Service : no. 39 (June, 1954) - Digitised Collections

Taylor on Saturday, June 12th, at St. Peter's. In the "Popular ... clude Peter Cossan, Ken Fisher and George. Nirens. ... dies, played by carpenter Alan Tripovich.

Service: no. 33 (April, 1953) - Digitised Collections

15 Apr 2014 ... During his stay in Colac, Mr. Hitches did a great job, being warmly ... to Mr. William Gib- son when he passed through Perth on his way to.

Service: no. 27 (April, 1952) - Digitised Collections

Evelyn Farnay (Egypt), Ella Croon (Holland), Stefanie Steller (Austria). Back row, L. to R.: Leo ... By Bert Bache. ... "Geelong Fliers" in those days, Bill Avery came.

Service: no. 57 (August , 1958) - Digitised Collections

ago he was a salesman in the Men's Shoe depart- ... applauded Australian champion ballroom dancers, ... lingwood, as Melbourne's public knew them around.

Service: no. 59 (December, 1958) - Digitised Collections

Traralgon. Wangaratta. Warragul. Warrnambool. WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Perth. Albany ... They are Mentone and Traralgon within the Cox ... Jewellery Buyer.

Foy's News Service of the Month: vol. 4, no. 5 ... - Digitised Collections

Myers, Bendigo. Bowrings, Mildura ... Mr. Allan Cram, Boys' Clothing, City Store, and Miss Janet. Dixon. Miss Lois ... is Manager, Gordon Hall Hairdressing Salon, Myers ( Bendigo). ... Best players for the victors were M. O'Shea and N. Smith.

Service no.40 August-December 1954 - Digitised Collections

smooth terrazzo flooring, is the pleasant warmth that steals up to meet you, from steam pipes built into the floor. In Colac's sometimes over-cool climate this ...

Service: no. 51 (August & September, 1957) - Digitised Collections

Shepparton. Wangaratta. Warrnambool ... months between there has been a fusion of staff. ... purple begin to tint and eventually dominate the entire scene.

Service: no. 49 (April, 1957) - Digitised Collections - University of ...

The fission-fusion-fission bomb, which ordinary folk possibly speak of in a variety of terms—not all of them polite! Based on whatever formula, however, bombs are ...

Service: no. 16 (April - June, 1949) - Digitised Collections

in Melbourne in 1956 will be hailed on all sides, ... [And to Miss Mavis Smith, we say "Bon Voyage ... layby. The building is served by two electric passenger lifts. Including the Leeming building, ... known to all and sundry as "Big Dick," who was.

Service Royal Visit: no. 55 (April, 1958) - Digitised Collections

every member of this happy band, "Service" is distributed to all personnel of the ... statement issued jointly in Sydney on January 8 by Mr. Isaac Wolfson, ...

Foys - Digitised Collections

the Chadstone Shopping Centre, and the recently- acquired control of such ... Mr. F. A. Houghton. Mr. F. A. Neate ... (Heffernan Lane). Minit Tipit Heel Bar.

Feb. 1961 - Digitised Collections

Miss Janice Bynon, Sportswear, Myers, Bendigo, to Mr. Brian ... Miss Kimber (Babywear ). ... Misses Janice Blabey (Gordon Hall Hairdressing Salon), Helen.

Foy & Gibson - Digitised Collections

parison of our Values will at once convince all that it is false economy to pay ... 4-piece Bedroom Suite, in Maple, best finish, comprising-5ft. Wardrobe, ... 1615— Chair or Lounge, 55/6. 16 ... Hardwood Jacobean period, well finished,. 3ft. wide ...

Speculum - Digitised Collections

(Fitzroy) PTY. LTD. 45 Moor Street, Fitzroy. Established Over 50 Years. ... Various species of claytonia provide the seeds known as Munyeroo and Parakeelia.

Police Commission - Digitised Collections

Nicolson, Assistant Commissioner, gave me (Hare) no verbal information whatever when at Benalla "—has been disproved by the evidence. 5. That ...

Day 31-Melbourne 31_03_1939 - Digitised Collections

co-operate:I in a movement to form a Melbourne -Volunteer Ptah. Fire Brigade, ... to Info tbo ufgao inform Lion in tns aitt*d font( giaJoid tor milipoot ut *le to ...

Australian timbers - Digitised Collections

Mann (a visitor) to read his paper upon " Australian Timbers—Present. Day Practice ... A Francotte rifle was fixed in a voce, and at a distance of 45 feet from the ...

Technical and Further Education in Queensland - Digitised Collections

... Department of Education, PO Box 33,. Brisbane North Quay, Q4002, tel (07) 237 0709, 237 0757 ... South Brisbane College of TAFE student takes part in an access course in non traditional ... Certificate in Photography. Certificate in Pottery ...

Gibsonia Gazette, Perth - Digitised Collections

Of a small band of " pioneers," some are still with us to-day. The readers of the " West ... Dainty and Cool Frocks, in fine quality Printed Voile in very effective ... The man-of-war at Sydney when.the despatch arrived was the H.M.S. " Success," ...

Education in Western Australia - Digitised Collections

27 Mar 1984 ... Mr Jerry Skivinis. Superintendent of Education (Secondary). Metropolitan North-West Regional Office. Education Department of Western ...

the university of melbourne council - Digitised Collections

SIR REDMOND BARRY. From 17th May, 1853, ... Senior Lecturers in the School of Architecture and Building: MR. ... R. FIELD (Theatre Manager and Activities Officer). MRS. ... SIR THOMAS RANKEN LYLE, M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S. Appointed 1889.

The geology of the Melbourne district - Digitised Collections

At East Richmond we pass through a cutting in the bedrock of Melbourne, the Silurian, or, as our older geological, maps have it, the Upper Silurian. Then we ...