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WHEN SHE LOVED ME Randy Newman. 03'35. 14 ... SHE NEVER TOLD HER LOVE Joseph Haydn / William Shakespeare. 03'18 ... number from Toy Story 2.

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songs of love and war - Chandos Records

WHEN SHE LOVED ME Randy Newman. 03'35. 14 ... SHE NEVER TOLD HER LOVE Joseph Haydn / William Shakespeare. 03'18 ... number from Toy Story 2.

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20 No. 2 The Willow (Why are you bending your head?) ... Unfortunately the pretty girl ... sequence of seventeen songs describing a sleepless night experienced.

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t The Barmy Army. Richard Stilgoe. [3.21] y That's Not Cricket – from At Home Abroad †. Howard Dietz / Arthur Schwartz. [2.26] u Cricket Tea Towel: The Ins and ...

TCHAIKOVSKY Complete Songs - Chandos Records

The setting of Unosi moyo serdtse (Carry my heart Marie-Magdeleine. The third, Na zemlyu sumrak pal away) 6), appeared in the periodical Nouvelliste in (Darkness has fallen over the ... 1875 brought a further set of six songs, Opus 27, old man for whom she has no love. ... They took me, a blade of grass, struck me down,.

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MISS OTIS REGRETS (1934). 02'26. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter. 10. THE GOOD LIFE (1962). 02'14. Music and lyrics by Sacha Distel and Jack Reardon. 11.

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The Siller Crown Hob. XXXIa:260 arr. Joseph Haydn. 2'51. Up in the morning early ... Hob. XXXIa:81bis. Morag Hob. XXXIa:143bis arr. Joseph Haydn. 3'13. 1. 2.

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This Hybrid SA-CD can be played on any standard CD player. Julius Ernst Wilhelm Fučík (1872 – 1916). Orchestral Works. 1 Marinarella, Op. 215 (1908). 10:59.

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Fantasia. 5:16 in G minor • in g-Moll • en sol mineur oboe and organ ... Fantasia F a 4 Oboe 2 Clavier e Pedale ... part of this Fantasia was in F minor, to accord.

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2 (1960)*. 32:14. Overture to a Masque (1940). 9:21. Elizabethan Dances (1957). 18:35. London Symphony Orchestra - Howard Shelley - Richard Hickox ...

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opera, operetta, Lieder, ballads and songs of all conceivable kinds from classical to corny runs an ... In any list of Tauber "favourites” it is therefore ... Witwe (The Merry Widow), from which we hear the famous Waltz and Vilja (normally sung in ...

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And in the hands of Vladimir Ashkenazy and the mellow, flexible Philharmonia Orchestra, recorded live in concert, it has all the sensitivity it needs.” Primephonic.

Max Bruch - Chandos Records

Violin Concerto in B minor Op.61. 1 I. Allegro. 18.07. 2 II. Andante. 13.00. 3 III. Allegro molto. 20.01. Max Bruch 1838–1920. Violin Concerto No.1 in G minor Op.

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most often with Howard Goodall, whose inspiring new work, Invictus: A Passion, ... Henley's short 1875 poem, Invictus, a ... The Story of Five Discoveries That.

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Valarie Koziol. Manami Kuge. Alison Marsh. Amanda McDermott. Jennifer ... short, sharp chords. The chorus 'And He shall purify' begins in Handel's sound ...

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16 Song of Mephistopheles in Auerbach's Cellar from Goethe's “Faust”. Pesnya o ... Houston Symphony, and Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne. Mr. Foster.

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STAINER. The Crucifixion. James Gilchrist, Tenor • Simon Bailey, Bass. Choir of Clare College, Cambridge. Timothy Brown. 16. 1 ...

De Profundis - Chandos Records

Artwork c Naxos AudioBooks 2015. ALL RIGHTS ... In the UK: Naxos AudioBooks, Select Music & Video Distribution,. 3 Wells Place ... The Picture of Dorian Gray.

For ever Fortune - Chandos Records

Ever Fortune is a typical neo-classical lyric in which the lover's complaint ... to his sweetheart as he leaves to become a mercenary soldier, though he is almost.

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MENDELSSOHN Symphony No.3 'Scottish'..............CKD 216. SIBELIUS ... The Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Alexander Janiczek would like to thank Donald ...

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Consort of Music… and out of dead and dumb things it draws a Soul that ... John Dowland, Op. 70, composed by Benjamin Britten for Julian Bream in 1963.

for Two Flutes - Chandos Records

Six Duets for Two Flutes, F.54–59. Born in Weimar in 1710, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach was the eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach by his first wife, Maria.

for Mandora - Chandos Records

tuning was a major third smaller than that of the Renaissance lute (e.g. A - d - g - h - e' - a'). That the Renaissance-lute tuning was perhaps better suited to the ...

beethoven - Chandos Records

... violin and piano were often locked in mortal combat. Here they dream and commune with infinite tenderness, like a pair of lovers. Each of the lyrical themes.

Dohnányi - Chandos Records

Ernst von Dohnányi (1877 – 1960). Orchestral Works. COMPACT DISC ONE. Ruralia hungarica, Op. 32b (1924). 24:56. Five Pieces for Orchestra. To My Dear ...

Purcell - Chandos Records

bm Long may she reign over this Isle. 2'47. Libby Crabtree SOPRANO bn May her blest example chase. 2'02. Neil MacKenzie TENOR bo Many such days may ...

GCD P10002 - Chandos Records

Thomas E. Bauer, bass [in Apollo e Dafne] ... le fiamme, on account of the richness invested in the ... ment au début de la cantate Tra le fiamme, dans l'opu-.

vivaldi - Chandos Records

Surgite postquam sederitis. 1:22. ( Cum dederit dilectis suis somnum. 4:19. ) Sicut sagittae in manu potentis. 1:55. ¡ Beatus vir qui implevit desiderium suum.

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less suited for success than Artie Shaw. ... the difference was the brilliance of Shaw's clarinet playing. ... concerto off with a cadenza that catapults him up.

120712bk Bix 2 - Chandos Records

could make magic out of any song, Barnacle Bill. The Sailor has Bix featured in the ensemble. Note the ... 9 & 13 May 1927: Bix Beiderbecke, cornet; Bill. Rank ...

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The cantata concludes with a contrapuntally inclined chorus in which Telemann makes use of several melodic ideas. Corelli: Concerto grosso in G minor. Corelli's ...

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below, 'Where the bee sucks') encouraged. Sullivan to set more Shakespeare. The dedicatees are carefully chosen: Sims Reeves was the foremost English ...

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In 1871. Bizet composed his suite for piano duet, Jeux d'enfants, from which he orchestrated five of the sections, which were premiered March 2nd, 1873 as a ...

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Ronsard à son âme (Ronsard to his soul) [2/11] of ... ns my g you, it with f your ! 8.554176-77. 5. Claire Brua. The mezzo-soprano Claire Brua began her studies ...

Pamela - Chandos Records

Pamela Clare Corbett. Author Neville Jason. Squire Tom Burke. Father/John David Shaw-Parker. Parson Williams Joe Marsh. Lady Davers Georgina Sutton ...

Flamenco - Chandos Records

chords for the singer to giving a dazzling display of virtuosity. ... flamenco guitar made from cypress or spruce ... In fact, improvisation crosses all three disciplines ...

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the independent cor16010. The Sixteen. Harry CHriSTopHerS. Tenebrae responsories. The Strathclyde. Motets. James MacMillan. MISERERE. CORO ...