Ad Astra No.136 June 2019 - The Geelong College

12 Introducing SEQTA: A new era in student assessment. 14 Our Investment in ... not out, as well as a tied game against Old Trinity where both sides finished on ...

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Ad Astra No.136 June 2019 - The Geelong College

12 Introducing SEQTA: A new era in student assessment. 14 Our Investment in ... not out, as well as a tied game against Old Trinity where both sides finished on ...

Ad Astra June 1986 - The Geelong College

24 Jun 1986 ... The Old Geelong Collegians' Association ... Geelong Grammar School in 1973. ... Europe and also Japan where he trained in Aikido (a.

Ad Astra June 1987 - The Geelong College

23 Jun 1987 ... ... flight turned to disaster as the plane, known as Whispering Death, clipped the branch of a tree at the completion of its firing run, and crashed.

Ad Astra No.132 June 2017 - The Geelong College

with Geelong Grammar School in early July, where direct ... Uniform Shop Assistant Jill Jarvis, Caretaker Victor Maas, Junior Software Developer Dylan Mazurek, Cleaner Leanne Miletic,. Bus Driver ... Ben Clark, Sue Barker and John Greer. 3.

Ad Astra No.126 June 2014 - The Geelong College

Photography. Heather Smith ... The first known photograph of a College football team was taken in 1877/78 on ... Photographer Dean Bateup took this image of ...

Ad Astra No.130 June 2016 - The Geelong College

His brothers were also educated at Geelong College, including. George Sandford ... George Ritchie (OGC 1998) married Laura Zambon in Port. Fairy on 9 ...

Ad Astra No.134 June 2018 - The Geelong College

decided to name the perpetual trophy after Greg Smith, who steps down as ... College in 2015, again as Head of English. ... OGCA Marquee at Dunkeld Races.

Ad Astra June 1981 - The Geelong College

lives on Wandana Heights, one of. Geelong's ... into the Austin Gray Centre, the old House of Guilds in ... three green plexipave tennis courts, new fencing and a ...

ad astra - The Geelong College

AD ASTRA. The Geelong College Community Magazine. December, 1989 ... "The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll", ... recently notched up 100 league games.

Ad Astra No.131 Dec 2016 - The Geelong College

3 Dec 2016 ... incredible year for the Old Geelong Sporting Club (page. 56-57). We wish everyone ... at his home in Saigon, Vietnam, on 25 February 2016. He attended ... His address at enrolment was the corner of Elgin and. Logan streets ...

Ad Astra No.127 Dec 2014 - The Geelong College

9 Dec 2014 ... was Rev Tim Edwards singing in the Chapel, Andrew Barr on the piano in Morrison ... The competition is a qualifying event for the 2016 Youth. Olympics. ... Melbourne University, studying a double degree in ... Collection of Pegasus, Valedictory program, audio tape 1993,1979, and Glee Club program and.

Ad Astra No.133 Dec 2017 - The Geelong College

both The Geelong College and Geelong Grammar School in. France, where we relived a ... daughters Daisy and Lily, his mother, and four brothers who all attended The Geelong ... Lachlan Ritchie, Jamie Woodburn and. Leigh Bennett. 1.

Ad Astra No.123 Dec 2012 - The Geelong College

22 Dec 2012 ... Following the Olympics I embarked on my Contiki tour with my closest friends Phillipa Cole, Eliza Scott, Madeline. Roberts and Lucy Bright ...

Ad Astra May 1979 - The Geelong College

October 21. David Steel to Lindy Vizard, Winchelsea, October 28 ... chemist store; a branch of the A.N.Z. bank; a general ... pharmacy at Ken Allen's pharmacy in.

Ad Astra No.125 Dec 2013 - The Geelong College

26 Dec 2013 ... Emma Knuckey. 3. Rob Van Der Wilk, Cam. Mercer and Adrian Givoye. 4. Jackson Wilson, Rachel. Seeckts and Alister Robson. 1. Rod Slattery ...

Ad Astra No.129 Dec 2015 - The Geelong College

7 Dec 2015 ... my role, particularly the Prep School Parents' Association. (PSPA) and the ... to win House Football, Netball, Soccer, Basketball and. Building ...

Ad Astra No.135 Dec 2018 - The Geelong College

footy tipping, an avid Cats fan and a keen follower of the ... Collection of early Lucernians, Geelong Advertiser feature, 1977, and other ephemera (via J Joseph).

Ad Astra December 1988 - The Geelong College

Stockdale & Leggo, Glenhuntly. REV. DR. MEL McMASTER(,36) has recent- ... Hoopers Supermarket, Belmont Depot. DAVID POTTER ('81) is completing a ...

Ad Astra March 1978 - The Geelong College

Cuff links - $3.95 pair. The following items ... testants, as 'Miss Victoria Sportsgirl' .. The quest is ... ear l y in the season and ente red the fina l s in third place.

Ad Astra September 1966 - The Geelong College

doing a Primary Teachers Course at Mercer House, Melbourne, is living in at Grimwade House, one of the Boarding Houses of Mel- bourne Grammar School ...

Ad Astra August 1968 - The Geelong College

Young Motor Mechanics, John Stewart and Geoff. Lumb ... NEIL ON. ('-12), earned the Red Cross service a'l"ard after many years as ... Corstorphan ('52). 1.

Ad Astra August 1989 - The Geelong College

The Geelong College Community Magazine. August, 1989 and Mackie House became a house of about 75 students ... We have carpet on the floor, the showers ...

Ad Astra December 1980 - The Geelong College

18 Dec 1980 ... of Ad Astra ! For example: ... Dennis, Rebecca Hutchinson, Sue McFar1ana, Andrew. McPherson, Leonie Thompson, Chris Thoms. There is ...

Ad Astra December 1984 - The Geelong College

Graeme Wurm ('74) is managing the Lalor Plaza Pharma- cy in Melbourne. ... Stephen Lamont ('77) is doing his trainee pharmacy year this year in Geelong.

Ad Astra December 1985 - The Geelong College

Entered at Geelong College as a boarding student in 1912, "Mac" Burnet became dux of the College in 1916. Proceeding to the Univer- sity of Melbourne he ...

Pegasus June 1967 - The Geelong College

claims to express the ultimate in school spirit ... We were entered in the Junior VIII's division, and drew Caulfield ... Brighton Grammar School, Melbourne; Robert.

Pegasus June 1968 - The Geelong College

London—T. K. Robertson, C/o George Cuming Ltd., 159 New Bond Street. Mallee-Riverina—To be ... Constructions Pty Ltd., in June for approxi- ... 2: R. J. Perry.

Pegasus June 1947 - The Geelong College

season. Ian Everist, stroke, and Don Bridges, ... 'horse-shoes,' and not 'shoe-horns.' ... South Australia—R. E. Jacobs, 31 Thornber St., Unley Park, Adelaide.

Pegasus June 1951 - The Geelong College

School. At the first assembly of the year, the Head- master welcomed Mr. D. G. Sarg'ood from the. University and ... College with Melbourne Grammar School a.

Pegasus June 1946 - The Geelong College

10. Debating Notes. 11. House of Guilds Notes. 11. Band. 14. Cadet Notes. 14. Swimming Sports. 15 ... shelves have been built in under the existing cupboards, and two ... Scotch Collegian, The Mitre, The Wilderness. School Magazine, The ...

Pegasus June 1957 - The Geelong College

Swimming Committee: Mr. V. H. Profitt, D. W. McCann, B. D. McKenzie, J. R. Powell, ... Football Committee: Mr. J. R. Hunter, P. N. Hirst, R. B. Howden, D. McDonell, T. ... A.—To marry Brigitte Bardot. ... Bruce Wigley—Jean Marshall, Burwood,.

Pegasus June 1960 - The Geelong College

hunger and thirst. Our throats were ... Where man and camel live and die. And occasionaly a water-hole ... Macdonald,. Grovedale, December 12. Lawrence M.

Pegasus June 1938 - The Geelong College

"The Pegasus" Committee—Mr. B. R. Keith, J. K. Aitken, D. J. A. Dennis, R. K.. Doig, J. K. Forsyth, K. S. ... Arthur Martin is engaged on research in dielectrics at the Engineering Depart- ment. ... Eric Hooper (1922) to Miss Lorna Ching, Geelong.

Pegasus June 1965 - The Geelong College

in 1905, he was ordained in Adelaide and ap- pointed to ... He paddled in a bio boot low and narwe. A son of ... Steele admitted his dropped catch and so Crow.

Pegasus June 1952 - The Geelong College

meeting will be held at Pollard's Hotel, Maffra, to assemble the ... occasional address at the funeral service Mr. ... firm of C. P. Semmens & Rogers, Maffra, Vic.

Pegasus June 1948 - The Geelong College

offensive on new marches, with a view to help- ing our guard to victory in the camp contest. M.F.L. ... Representative Council at Mildura. Thus,. Collegians at ...