Rape and the New World Order - jstor

to Hank Williams, Jr., to Jean Sasson's best-selling book, "the rape of Kuwait" has stood as a shorthand referent for a sum- mary of alleged Iraqi atrocities in ...

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Rape and the New World Order - jstor

to Hank Williams, Jr., to Jean Sasson's best-selling book, "the rape of Kuwait" has stood as a shorthand referent for a sum- mary of alleged Iraqi atrocities in ...

rape and rape victims in the metamorphoses - jstor

Before turning to the subject of rape, I should like briefly to ... dolphin, hawk, and lion. ... animal, except when the rapist is semi-human, such as a satyr; Jupiter,.

The Real New World Order - jstor

Many thought that the new world order proclaimed by George. Bush was the promise of 1945 fulfilled, a world in which international institutions, led by the United ... making authority, a hierarchy of institutions, and universal membership. Equally to the point, ... The new medievalists miss two central points. First, private power.

The Virtual Speculum in the New World Order - jstor

'Virtual Speculum' argues for a broader conception of 'new reproductive tech- ... Hughes recounted watching young girls play at giving birth by enacting.

The Byzantine Emperor and the Hierarchical World Order - jstor

Lecture given at King's College, London, and at the University of Edinburgh on 12 and 18 ... itself in which the Christ-loving emperor lives is under divine pro? tection, and his ... because all of them without distinction are his slaves (SovXol).

World Order and Its Rules: Variations on Some Themes - jstor

Western domains, calling - with no great hope - for a 'new world order' that will respond to 'the South's plea ... attended by the Pope. The agenda was carefully ...

The Middle East and the Emerging New World Order - jstor

The late 1980's and early 1990's has brought about the emergence of a new geo- political map in many parts of the world. The collapse of the Soviet Union and.

International Law, World Order, and Critical Legal Studies - jstor

International Law, World Order, and. Critical Legal Studies. Phillip R. Trimble*. AN INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY INTERNATIONAL LAW: A POLI.

Discerning the Patterns of World Order: Noam Chomsky and ... - jstor

How useful is the work of Noam Chomsky for understanding contemporary world politics? It depends who you ask. For the thousands of people around the world.

The Rape of German Women at the End of the Second World War by ...

9 May 2017 ... Historical studies have told us that over two million women were raped by Soviet troops when the Red Army liberated Berlin in 1945, and some ...

KV principal, teacher held for students' rape and KV rape case

ya Vidyalaya 'fura and a senior teacher of the scbool ... The sexual assault on two Class XII student~ ... two girls narrated their ordeal to their classmates and on.

Turnip Rape and Oilseed Rape Allergy in Children with ... - Trepo

the food allergies despite the enormous diversity of the diet. Sesame seed and mustard are new important food allergens. Seeds of turnip rape and oilseed rape.

Rape, Radish and Hybrid rape - Lucid Key Server

Seeds: pods contain tiny round seeds ... Sown in spring adjacent to a run-off pasture to provide summer grazing in ~3 months time. ... Stephen Pasture Seeds.

Rape and the Rise of the Novel - jstor

In her thoughtful book Real Rape, she traces the difficulties that ... Weakness-having nothing to lose-in one sense is, for Beccaria, strength, not needing to tailor ...

Rape Fantasies - jstor

Fantasies and dreams have in common the function of dealing with thoughts ... compels the murderer to master his distortions through acting out his forbidden.

Figurations of Rape and the Supernatural in Beloved - jstor

succubus, who rapes and steals semen, is metaphor- ically linked to such rapes and to the exploitation of. African Americans' reproduction. Just as rape was.

'a rape of the soul so profound': some reflections on the ... - jstor

Aborigines Protection and Welfare Boards, an administration which was in toto very bad indeed. Since 1909, when the Aborigines Protection Act was made law, ...

Rape and the Romanticization of Shakespeare's Miranda - jstor

seeks to account for, and to challenge, Miranda's exclusion from critical discourse. ... has assigned him: "O most dear mistress, / The sun will set be- fore I shall ...

Possession: Erotic Love in the Law of Rape - jstor

Ngaire Naffine*. Introduction. The sexual being still implicit in the law of rape has a rich history. Depictions of the strong, possessing male, mainly of a laudatory ...

Three World Wars Were Planned to Establish the New World Order

4 Dec 2008 ... architect was Albert Pike, who in the 19th Century, established a ... In a letter dated January 22, 1870, Mazzini wrote to Pike, alluding to Pike's ...

The metapragmatics of internet rape-joke arguments - jstor

Rape jokes are a contentious topic on the internet; arguments over whether. "rape is funny" ... My general reaction: mountain, meet mole hill—grow a sense of ...

Power, Sex, and Violence: The Case of Marital Rape - jstor

forced into having sexual relations with their husbands through intimidation or physical force. ... was forced on a wife after her husband beat her. Other data point ...

Homosexual Rape and Sexual Selection in Acanthocephalan ... - jstor

G. L. Walls, The Vertebrate Eye (Cranbrook In- stitute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 1942). 5 ...

Scribblin' Sinnin' Sh*t: Narratives of Rape as Masculine ... - jstor

17 Jan 2013 ... Tyler, The Creator, and suggests these texts might be understood as symptom ... albums worth of material all available as free digital downloads from ... Recordings and releasing the full-length studio album Goblin in 2011 at ...

chastity, rape, and ideology in the castlehaven testimonies ... - jstor

forced to sexually assault his wife and stepdaughter in his presence.1 In recent years ... issues of rape, chastity, and the taint of guilt that lingers with the Victim of.

Anonyma's Narration of Rape in A Woman in Berlin - jstor

The 2003 republication of A Woman in Berlin incited widespread interest in post–. World War II German rape victims. This essay argues for a close reading of.

Rape as a Weapon of War: Advancing Human Rights for ... - jstor

Rape is a weapon of war and militarization at the border indicates that a form of war ... aspects: (1) an emphasis on the internal defense of a nation, (2) an emphasis on ... The "code of silence " found in law enforcement and military culture prevents ... 2000 "Opening Up Borderland Studies: A Review of U.S.-Mexico Border.

Teaching About the Rape of Lucretia: A Student Project - jstor

males,1 but they often appeared as victims of rape, as Rhea Silvia, the Sabines, and Lucretia appear in Livy 1.4, 1.9-13, and 1.57-60 respectively. In addition,.

Seduction, Rape, and Coercion Sarah Conly - jstor

verbal coercion, but the issue is not merely about the use of words rather than actual ... the person doing the choosing has no reasonable choice between doing.

The Love Affair in Pope's Rape of the Lock - jstor

the unending "war of the sexes" over rites of possession.3 Some such pat- tern of pre-marital courtship is doubtless a norm assumed for the comedy of the poem ...

Rape and the Law in the Old South: "Calculated to excite ... - jstor

ery, see Melton A. McLaurin, Celia, A Slave (Athens, Ga., and London, 1991). ... leged victim, who was shown to be a prostitute, could be impeached in order to ...

The Vertically Integrated Rape Joke: The triumph of Vice - jstor

The Vice operation started in Canada as a magazine called the Voice of Montreal ; founders Smith, ... In 2012, Murdoch tweeted that Vice Media was a "wild".

Speak: The Effect of Literary Instruction on Adolescents' Rape ... - jstor

literary unit focused on the young adult novel Speak to reduce adolescents' rape myth ... unwanted sexual contact were assaulted by a peer (Kogan, 2004).

Renewal in Britten's the Rape of Lucretia: Living on the Edge - jstor

ignored, downplayed, or positively denigrated. The rape of Lucretia is an extreme example of this tendency, and has been severely criticised for its incorporation of ...

Wherefore Art Thou Tereu? Juliet and the Legacy of Rape - jstor

Though Romeo's covert activities beneath Juliet's window may not seem especially ... clearly establish the idea that Juliet's specific fear (in Brooke) is of a sexual.

Belinda Ludens: Strife and Play in The Rape of the Lock - jstor

of a volume in Yale French Studies entitled Games, Play and Litera- ture, 1968 ... dance; the aimless gesture, a graceful and a ... and leaders relax and indulge themselves, not in games of tiddlywinks, ... mony of the coffee mill and "al perhaps ...