entity-fishing documentation - Read the Docs

6 Jan 2020 ... with limited memory (at least for a NERD system, here 3GB of RAM) and ... "text": "Austria invaded and fought the Serbian army at the Battle of ...

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entity-fishing documentation - Read the Docs

6 Jan 2020 ... with limited memory (at least for a NERD system, here 3GB of RAM) and ... "text": "Austria invaded and fought the Serbian army at the Battle of ...

Cosmic Ray Documentation Documentation - Read the Docs

31 Jan 2020 ... Note: This command prepares all the mutations that will later be applied to ... Execution engines are implemented as plugins to Cosmic Ray.

xde Documentation - Read the Docs

16 ноя 2018 ... Типовая структура проектов для модулей Dashboard . . . 213 ... код генерации квитанций для отклонения документов, спе-.

fpl Documentation - Read the Docs

2 Feb 2020 ... Some of the Fantasy Premier League's API endpoints require the user to be logged in. For example, the endpoint for my team) will return: {"detail": ...

HC Documentation - Read the Docs

24 Oct 2018 ... Contents. 1 First steps. 3. 2 Get HC. 5. 3 Read on. 7. 3.1. Reference . ... Useful for drawing with love.graphics.polygon(). Example:.

MTG-pl Documentation - Read the Docs

12 Nov 2018 ... 5.27 Magic: The Gathering ComprehensiveRules . ... Brain Weevil Intimidate (This creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or ...

elm Documentation - Read the Docs

20 Jul 2019 ... from elm.config import client_context from earthio.filters.make_blobs import random_elm_store from elm.pipeline import Pipeline, steps.

srt Documentation - Read the Docs

18 Feb 2019 ... parse(srt). Convert an SRT formatted string (in Python 2, a unicode object) to a generator of Subtitle objects. This function works around bugs ...

YouTrack API Documentation - Read the Docs

29 May 2015 ... pip install git https://github.com/pacopablo/anagogic.youtrack.api.git. To install from source, download the code and extract it to a directory.

ClarityNLP Documentation - Read the Docs

19 Feb 2020 ... Clarity Results Viewer URL: http://localhost/results. NLP API ... As you can see, the results are now limited to just positive mentions. 1.2. User Guide. 41 ... ClarityNLP is built on several popular open-source projects.

highlight.js Documentation - Read the Docs

2 Mar 2020 ... js exports a few functions as methods of the hljs object. 1.1 highlight(languageName, code, ignore_illegals, continuation). Core highlighting ...

spinnerchief Documentation - Read the Docs

2 Apr 2014 ... API. 4.1 API. 4.1.1 SpinnerChief class spinnerchief.SpinnerChief(apikey, username, password). A class representing the Spinner Chief API ...

D2Moddin Documentation - Read the Docs

10 Aug 2014 ... Dota 2's content files are distributed in compressed VPK form. You can extract ... Click “Edit” and create a new config for Dota 2. We will define ...

Chopsticks Documentation - Read the Docs

4 Mar 2018 ... Chopsticks is an orchestration and remote execution library. It lets you run Python code ... from chopsticks.facts import python_version.

fomod Documentation - Read the Docs

8 Dec 2017 ... fomod is game-agnostic format for mod installers, written in xml. This documentation contains both the tutorial, for beginners, with the most widely ...

Gym Retro Documentation - Read the Docs

1 Feb 2020 ... Most ROM hashes are sourced from their respective No-Intro SHA-1 sums. See Importing ROMs for information about importing ROMs into Gym ...

MyMWiki Documentation - Read the Docs

2 Mar 2020 ... If you're a player, we have a more detailed guide on the forums ... As for Buildcraft, try using pipes from other mods which don't show the items.

Red - Discord Bot Documentation - Read the Docs

28 Feb 2020 ... If so, go in your Applications folder, inside it, go in the Python 3.8 folder ... A name to identify the bot within pm2, this is not your Red instance.

Openchain Documentation - Read the Docs

5 Sep 2017 ... The test endpoint provided by Coinprism has third party asset issuance enabled, so we can now issue an asset. To do this, click the “Assets” tab.

Parsel Documentation - Read the Docs

20 Nov 2019 ... XPath Tutorial in W3Schools. • XPath cheatsheet. You can use either CSS or XPath. CSS is usually more readable, but some things can only be ...

MLConjug Documentation - Read the Docs

29 Apr 2019 ... A Python library to conjugate verbs in French, English, Spanish, Italian, ... Any verb in one of the supported language can be conjugated, as the ...

S-RL Toolbox Documentation - Read the Docs

22 Jan 2019 ... easy install using anaconda env or Docker images (CPU/GPU) ... A bridge to use a baxter robot with ROS (in simulation, it uses Gazebo).

mlvpn Documentation - Read the Docs

1 Sep 2017 ... Now, we know our ADSL1 link is working properly. Testing the second link will need us to modify the routing table. 10. Chapter 2. Example ...

pywinauto Documentation - Read the Docs

26 Jan 2020 ... AutoIt Window Info tool is a kind of Spy clone. • Inspect.exe is ... test_sakura.py, test_sakura2.py Two examples of automating a Japanase product. ... Some important defitions may be helpful for beginners. • Dialog is a ...

Gluon Documentation - Read the Docs

4 Feb 2020 ... Gluon is a modular framework for creating OpenWrt-based firmware images for wireless mesh nodes. ... GLUON_REGION Some devices (at the moment the TP-Link Archer C7) contain a region code that ... TL-WA901ND v5.

Pdfimpose Documentation - Read the Docs

7 Sep 2019 ... pdfimpose.impose(inname, outname, fold, bind, last, callback=None). Perform imposition on a list of pdf files. Parameters.

liquidcrystal Documentation - Read the Docs

22 Sep 2017 ... LiquidCrystal Library. This library allows an Arduino board to control LiquidCrystal displays (LCDs) based on the Hitachi HD44780 (or a.

dsfp Documentation - Read the Docs

24 Mar 2014 ... Contents. 1 Datasheet. 3. 1.1. Headersformatandstructures . ... hex: 0x2c0 dec: 704. 0x2c. 4 bytes c_uint32 could be a ... You can parse Dark Souls save files and get data in standard python dictionary format. >>> import dsfp.

Liberty Documentation - Read the Docs

6 Jan 2019 ... Swap Bot - Steps to Perform the Coin Swap . ... that start with the $ symbol are commands that you will be sending directly to the SwapBot:.

EvenMoreModifiers Documentation - Read the Docs

25 Jul 2019 ... %userprofile%DocumentsMy GamesTerrariaModLoaderMod Reader. In there ... Make sure to edit “MyFolder” to the folder you want it to register. More details can ... This happens when the modifier is rolled on the item, and.

PoshC2 Documentation - Read the Docs

3 Sep 2019 ... such as ProxyCap (http://www.proxycap.com/) can be used. Previously, if a SOCKS was required then another implant, such as Meterpreter, ...

Mypy Documentation - Read the Docs

6 days ago ... 13 Casts and type assertions ... Mypy is a static type checker for Python 3 and Python 2.7. ... from typing import Union, Any, List, Optional, cast.

pretix Documentation - Read the Docs

If disabled, you can still print a list of chosen add-ons ... Product add-ons Add-ons are products that are sold together with another product ... 2.4.3 The limitations.

Lassie Documentation - Read the Docs

11 Nov 2015 ... 'src': u'http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/dQw4w9WgXcQ/hqdefault.jpg',. 'type': u'twitter:image'. }, {. 'src': u'http://s.ytimg.com/yts/img/favicon-vfldLzJxy.ico',.

EasyBuild Documentation - Read the Docs

8 Feb 2020 ... 4.16.2 Installing dependencies as hidden modules using --hide-deps . ... EasyBuild is a software build and installation framework that allows ... initialising the easyblock, to check for Python syntax errors and faulty imports ... add patch for recent GDAL easyconfigs using intel toolchain to fix icc get stuck on ...

PyCryptodome Documentation - Read the Docs

21 Feb 2020 ... Note: If you want to install under the Crypto package, replace below pycryptodomex with pycryptodome. For Python 2.x: $ sudo apt-get install ...