By the River - Allen & Unwin

no longer bear the limitations of his small town, and the new girl, Claire, helps him ... Introduce students to Kenneth Slessor's poem, “Country Towns” and have ...

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By the River - Allen & Unwin

no longer bear the limitations of his small town, and the new girl, Claire, helps him ... Introduce students to Kenneth Slessor's poem, “Country Towns” and have ...

Being Here - Allen & Unwin

This book is suitable for students of English and SOSE in Years 9 to 12. ... Barry Jonsberg's young adult novels, The Whole Business with Kiffo and the Pitbull ...

Only Ever Always - Allen & Unwin

Only Ever Always is a mysterious and chilling book that delves into the world of dreams and alternate realities. It is sure to spark thoughtful and intelligent ...

My Dad and Me - Allen & Unwin

My Dad and Me ... children's literature, and in 1998 was inspired by her daughter's teddy bear to ... Discuss with children things they love doing with their dad.

A Different Boy - Allen & Unwin

Another top story from Australia's master of the trick ending. Paul Jennings has ... This short but powerfully written novel is appropriate for Grade 4 to Year 8 ... There are also two terrific plot twists, one only revealed right at the end, but students ...

Say Yes - Allen & Unwin

18 Jan 2017 ... <> as an example of an emotional plea for Aboriginal Australian ...

How to Bee - Allen & Unwin

Flight of the Honey Bee by Raymond Huber, illustrated by Brian Lovelock. Walker Books. Australia, 2014. Picture book which tells an engaging story of a day in the ...

A Different Dog - Allen & Unwin

Visit for free down-loadable teachers notes, ... This short but powerfully written novel is appropriate for Grade 4 to Year 8 ... Compare and contrast the novel with Paul Jennings humorous stories to reveal similarities ... WHILE READING: comprehension questions.

Digger - Allen & Unwin

Visit for free down-loadable teachers notes, reviews by ... The book specifically celebrates the enduring connection between Australia and the. French town of ... Scholastic Australia 2014.

MAY 2019 - Allen & Unwin

Ralph and Kathy Kelly. MAY 2019 ... Karly Lane is the bestselling author of thirteen novels including ... Rohan Wilson is the author of The Roving Party,.

Elephant Man - Allen & Unwin

Based on the famous true story of Joseph Merrick, Elephant Man is a powerful tale about being different, finding ... English. •. Humanities and Social Sciences (History and Geography). •. Science ... imagined and written himself. Present it in the ...

The Little Refugee - Allen & Unwin

your students the various misconceptions about refugee boat arrivals in Australia. Teachers might ... Do, Anh The Happiest Refugee Allen & Unwin, 2010. Hoag ...

Vinnie's War - Allen & Unwin

Vinnie's War is an outstanding introduction for younger readers to the impact of war ... major cities – Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, to name a few. This meant ...

Erebos - Allen & Unwin

Erebos. By Ursula Poznanski. Translated by Judith Pattinson. March 2012 ISBN 978 174237 953 1 pb. Summary ... Explain using examples from the book. 6.

The Cat at the Wall - Allen & Unwin

She establishes the setting, plot and characters quickly and keeps the pace of the story moving ... Each book is set in a ... The Once series by Morris Gleitzman.

children's and ya - Allen & Unwin NZ

7 Jan 2019 ... GOLDENHAND. Garth Nix. ISBN: 9781760528300. ,!7IB7G0-fcidaa!......... pb. $16.99. *New in B-format*. The latest in the Old Kingdom series.

Scrublands - Allen & Unwin

Welcome to Allen & Unwin's Book Group Guide for Scrublands by Chris Hammer! About the book. Set in a fictional Riverina town at the height of a devastating ...

D-Bot Squad - Allen & Unwin

2. THE D-BOT SQUAD SERIES. The 'D-Bot Squad' series centres on Hunter Marks, ... Sky High: D-Bot Squad 2 – published July 2017 ... rhythm, mood, music,.

Endangered! - Allen & Unwin

Dictagloss is a co-operative listening activity which helps students focus on the meaning of a passage. This activity will allow students to interact with the ...

The Last Trilogy - Allen & Unwin

The Last trilogy is an apocalyptic thriller series that I hope gives teenage readers explosively entertaining action ... When I was about thirteen I wanted to write horror fiction (like my ... decade I was the reviews editor of movie magazine Empire.

Hamlet - Allen & Unwin

Write a response to one of the following questions (adapted from previous HSC exams): a) In what ways does Greenberg draw you into the world of Hamlet?

Unforgotten - Allen & Unwin

the class into groups and invite students to write a brief summary of what the text ... Shaun Tan's The Arrival is also such a book, as is Matt Ottley's Requiem for a. Beast and Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's Signal to Noise or The Wolves in the ...

To the Boy in Berlin - Allen & Unwin

Morris Gleitzman Once. • Morris Gleitzman Boy overboard. • Morris Gleitzman Girl underground. • Diana Kidd Two hands together. • Diana Kidd Onion tears.

Australia to Z - Allen & Unwin

about Australian culture, using black humour or satire. For further ideas, visit Australian. Cartoon Museum (ACM) or ...

Ironbark - Allen & Unwin

Ironbark. Barry Jonsberg. ISBN 9781741149555. Recommended for age 14 and over. ... Explore the idea of 'self-talk' with your class – your school counsellor may be able to assist you with ... talks Granddad into giving him a driving lesson.

Rivertime - Allen & Unwin

trip on the Glenelg river- a new experience for a city boy away from his comfy home. ... Online resources listed in these notes provide ... Read the author's note at the end of the book to help answer this question. ... Storm Boy – Colin Thiele.

The Shifting Fog - Allen & Unwin

Contents: About Kate Morton (2) On writing The Shifting Fog - Kate. Morton (2) Q&A with Kate Morton (4) Reviews (7). Some suggested points ... reflect them in some way. In The Shifting Fog the house is a character. ... and Emmeline, and the terrible event she witnessed by the Riverton lake in 1924. It seemed plausible to ...

After the Lights Go Out - Allen & Unwin

Lili Wilkinson is the award-winning author of eleven YA novels including The Boundless. Sublime, Green Valentine, Pink and. Scatterheart. After studying Creative ...

Dreamrider - Allen & Unwin

This is a complex and challenging book that can only be truly understood on a second ... making many connections: only time will tell if they are the right ones.

little gods - Allen & Unwin NZ

On the face of it, Lorraine Downes has lived a charmed life. ... shares how she had to learn how to cope with the deep grief ... The Girl With a Clock for a Heart.

Chalk Boy - Allen & Unwin

story, while Mandy Ord's sharp-edged figures, armed with mobile phones and blank ... is also an excellent example of an apparently simple picture story book that ... and ask them where they think the story will be set: (a) in the country (b) in.

Angel - Allen & Unwin

Angel by Zoe Daniel is based on the true events of the Super Typhoon Yolanda (also called Cyclone ... through the use of noun groups/phrases ... These are three different names for the same type of storm, known under the collective name of.

Playground - Allen & Unwin

(Reference: cover of My Place, by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins.) 2. Link Geography, Science, Mathematics. (a) Why did Aboriginal people make their ...

Diego, run! - Allen & Unwin

Diego's parents are locked up, but although he lives in the prison, Diego is not a ... book. Ask the librarian to set up a display about Bolivia in your library.

Liberator - Allen & Unwin

(Worldshaker p.20). Colbert is a part of the Upper Decks people, the elite of the population who live in luxury aboard the juggernaut. They are ruled over by ...

The Ink Bridge - Allen & Unwin

The little refugee (Anh Do, Allen and Unwin, 2011). Anh Do's award winning story of his life, The happiest refugee, is reduced to its basics in this picture book for ...