troping the light fantastic - Sydney Open Journals Online

ll HROUGHOUT his poetic and journalistic careers, Kenneth Slessor probably ... what makes it 'naturally' vital- as in the later 'William Street', where the neon ...

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troping the light fantastic - Sydney Open Journals Online

ll HROUGHOUT his poetic and journalistic careers, Kenneth Slessor probably ... what makes it 'naturally' vital- as in the later 'William Street', where the neon ...

New Light on The Light of the World - Sydney Open Journals Online

Jeremy Maas summed up William Holman Hunt's painting, The Light of the ... the accumulated hindrances of sloth; the orchard the garden of delectable fruit for ...

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in 1984 but to show the literary context in which Orwell was working and to ... fact that Julia and Winston plunge into rebellion against the state when they begin ...

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The annual celebration of Scottish culture and identity, Brigadoon, which has transformed the small town of Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of New South.

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Looking for Richard opens with an instantly recognisable Al Pacino and. Kevin Spacey in pre-rehearsal mode, as Pacino approaches what is shaping up to be an ...

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and courtly love poetry this is achieved by idealising the Lady, or that the language ... individual units of Modern Love more than once as sonnets; sonnet XXX of.

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Lennie Gwideer, based on a real life equivalent Lennie Gwyther, is feted on his arrival in Sydney and rewarded with a prominent place at the opening. Hastrich ...

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Al Pacino's Looking for Richard opens with a speech, not from Richard III, but from ... consorts as Richard's brother King Edward IV dies, he discovers how 'very.

SSE Vol 41 - Sydney Open Journals Online - The University of Sydney

now' also recalls the modernist awareness evident in Slessor's poetry from ... 13 Slessor, K. 'Crow Country', in Kenneth Slessor, Selected Poems, Angus and.

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15 May 2015 ... So were assembl'd great minds of Scottish boast. Sir Ian Noble, Bart, chaired the committee. ... Here the Scottish Australian Heritage. Council ...

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('Rhapsody on a Windy Night') ... Filled with fancies and empty of meaning ... own social analysis of the condition of life we find expressed in the poetry.

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Possamai, School of Applied Human and Social Sciences, UWS, Bankstown. Campus, Penrith South DC NSW 1797. Email: [email protected]

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possession sent by this god, in what sense was Cassandra's prophetic ability maenadic ... Trojan War with the prophetic Kassandra as his mistress, and his wife ...

Down (but not Out) in the City - Sydney Open Journals Online

Most commentators point to Eliot's close knowledge of. French poetry of ... Who's proud of a Potts Point past;. Trains flash past ... The key upon the nail. (54). 75.

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HIS article aims to throw some light on Lachlan Macquarie from a new angle. ... the Parramatta Government House and its Domain, and in doing so, gain insights ... Archives, Kew Colonial Office Port Jackson Despatches 201/53, pp. 127–128].

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This essay will examine Tim Winton's fiction and its critical reception in ... Anyone who has read Winton's short story collection, The Turning, or seen the film,.

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A.D. HOPE: NOMAD OF THE MIND, LAND &: SPACE. 83 therefore safe ... edge is provisional and that there is no way of building permanent beliefs, that values.

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The other complications include Betts's mother's invitation to him to feed on her own cancer; and the end of the episode provides views of Leonard Betts in the.

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Anneke Silver. For some two hundred years, the seasons of the tropics seem to have remained nameless, except for the very broad terms of "wet" and "dry". The.

Christianity in Narnia - Sydney Open Journals Online

The theme of this book is similar to that of Prince Caspian, as Eustace and Jill attempt to complete their quest, following the four signs given to Jill by Aslan,12 ...

The kitchen of the gods - Sydney Open Journals Online

The kitchen of the gods. Michael Symons. The temple played an integral part in the beginning of civilisation in. Mesopotamia around five millennia ago.

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The other story in Semper Floreat in April 1955, titled 'Happiness,' features an emotionally reticent narrator who recalls wandering with Terry around Stradbroke ...

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Trevor Hay (1992), The Year the Dragon Came by Sang Ye (1996) and Astronauts, Lost ... He does not attach any special value to the dragon image, but as.

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90s (The Lift and Crimes of Harry Lavender was published in 1988; Chez ... Valentine mystery, The Life and Crimes ofHarry Lavender, that Sydney is female, a.

Pages on CP Cavafy - Sydney Open Journals Online

California Dreaming: The 'Greek Cafe' and Its Role in the. Americanisation of ... Cafe, Coonamble; and Crethar's Cafe, Lismore. Most are still standing, a few ...

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13 Oct 2019 ... elevation dry rainforest at Waa Gorge, Eulah Creek and the base of Mount Yulludunida. Another record of this species described as being from ...

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the monstrous offspring of Loki, whose coils encircle the world, and with ... Thor with Jupiter, as well as Thor's hammer with Jupiter's sceptre.15 Th6r was the son ...

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GWEN HARWOOD- A SEARCH FOR. MEANING ... memory of the room full of school children during Scripture class but also an ... falls on my father's house.

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wordplay: puns, enigmatic statements and aphorisms. The Asian migrant presence in. Australia as represented in Birds ofPassage and After China is figured as ...

The Achievement of Auden - Sydney Open Journals Online

(called "Bubi" in the book) that Auden wrote his cryptic poem,. "This Loved One". The poem ... the left wing in action during the Spanish Civil War, most notably.

An Approach to The Tempest - Sydney Open Journals Online

The Tempest easily allows-it might almost be said to invite- allegorical ... SYDNEY STUDIES lated to arouse ... None of us cares for Kate: a tongue with a tang.

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9 Maurice Casey, Jesus: Evidence and Argument Or Mythicist Myths? (London: Bloomsbury, 2014). 10 Richard Carrier, On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might ...

New Religious Movements - Sydney Open Journals Online

and church, the term 'cult' has come to have entirely negative meanings for most ... transplantation of the Brahma-Kumaris in the Western World (Howell and ...

Keats's Ode to a Nightingale - Sydney Open Journals Online

Ode to a Nightingale, The Poems of John Keats, ed. Jack Stillinger. London, 1978, pp. 369-72. 2 See "The Nightingale in Poetry", in H. W. ...

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nity of Melbourne and Victoria (hereafter “GOCMV”) to advocate for an efficient migrant reception program in the face of increasing numbers of new arrivals who ...

The Romanticism of Persuasion - Sydney Open Journals Online

SYDNEY STUDIES. The Romanticism of Persuasion. PENNY GAY. Most readers will define the difference between Persuasion and. Jane Austen's other novels ...