Shamanic Dance in Japan: The Choreography of Possession ... - jstor

acter of kagura is discussed, as well as why such shamanic choreography is ... (a wand of white-paper streamers) and various leafy branches (e.g., skakai f4.

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Shamanic Dance in Japan: The Choreography of Possession ... - jstor

acter of kagura is discussed, as well as why such shamanic choreography is ... (a wand of white-paper streamers) and various leafy branches (e.g., skakai f4.

Fox Possession in Japan - jstor

Fox POSSESSION IN JAPAN. - The " Japan ... acal possession. The patient ... Serious incurable diseases are often called Kitsu-ne-tsuki originating with the story ...

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pushing my creative work to the edge of the tap dance form, I seek to highlight female artists that are considered role models for the new generation due to their.

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Using Dance Motion Retrieval and Synthesis. Ryo Kakitsuka ... acter dance animation, using 3DCG animation ... (Q2) Did you feel that the dance is matched to.

Cartoon Choreography: Disney and the Dance - Taylor & Francis ...

ISSN: 0147-2526 print / 1532-4257 online. DOI: 10.1080/01472526.2010.518463. CARTOON CHOREOGRAPHY: DISNEY AND THE DANCE. MICHAEL DOW.

Maya Deren, Choreography for the Camera Dance Magazine ...

Dance Magazine, October 1945. Choreography consists not only of designing the dancer's individual ... dancer moves is defined by the theater stage. A theater ...

Learning Statistical Music-to-Dance Mappings for Choreography ...

... performance synthesis and animation, music-to-dance mapping, musical measure clus- ... E. Erzin, Y. Yemez, and A. M. Tekalp are with the Multimedia, Vision.

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HOW TO CHOREOGRAPH A LINE DANCE. A. CHARTING THE SONG ... Linedancer Magazine and Kick – it are 2 of the largest archives, but there are many ...

Danny Daniels: A life of dance and choreography - CSUSB ...

Fortunately, my association with Danny- Daniels, an award winning Broadway, film, and television choreographer, would be the latter experience. My first audition ...

Shamanic Rites Seen from a Shamanic Perspective -

was something more to the shaman's way than was expounded by the ethnographers, psychological anthropologists, historians of religion, and missionaries ...

Avant-Garde Choreography - jstor

Chicago, is Co-editor of Dance Perspectives, American editor of the Dictionary of Modern Ballet, and contributes regularly to American dance magazines. She.

Out of Thin Air: Configurability, Choreography, and the Air ... - jstor

a YT-to-MP3 [YouTube to MP3] file program I found.” Dan went on to explain to me in a private message: “My former IT guy had software that allowed him.

The Vocal Choreography of Cholly Atkins - jstor

suggested Atkins as a replacement.12 Coles recalls: "That's the best thing that ... dim rosy lights of the bar in the smoke-veiled room, and who shared, night after ...

Configurability, Choreography, and the Air Guitar World ... - jstor

Competitors in the Air Guitar World Championships do not aspire to play an actual guitar or see themselves as parroting the virtuosity of guitar greats. They view air ...

The Choreography of Robert Joffrey: A Preliminary Checklist - jstor

mus: George Gershwin prod: The Robert Joffrey Theatre Dancers, place and date uncer- tain (Blacksburg, Va., Oct. 2, 1956?) Kaleidoscope, a ballet with ...

Phenomenological Mapping and Comparisons of Shamanic ... - jstor

pseudonirvanic bliss of Buddhist vipassana meditation (Golds. Goleman). ... vipassana meditation and advanced yogic practice. ... Pomona: Hunter House. 1980.

The Symbolization Process of the Shamanic Drums Used by ... - jstor

have mentioned that the drum is a very important symbol in shamanic ritual. It is a vehicle that enables shamans to communicate with different worlds.

shamanic ritual as poetic model: the case of maría sabina and ... - jstor

performed by Maria Sabina, a Mazatec shaman or "wise one" ... With María Sabina as with other Mazatec "wise ones," the ... Santa Barbara, CA: Ross-Erikson.

Dancing Machines: 'Dance Dance Revolution', Cybernetic ... - jstor

401-414 doi:10.1017/S0261143006001012 Printed in the United Kingdom. Dancing machines: 'Dance. Dance Revolution', cybernetic dance, and musical taste.

Dance and Non-Dance: Patterned Movement in Iran and Islam - jstor

American Southwest, and Eastern Europe where there is a rich tradition of danc- ... "Tarlkh-e mokhtasar-e zu-rkhaneh va varzesh-e b5stdni va mfijedin-e an: ... Fujii Tomoaki, ed., The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance, 30.

Lyric Possession - jstor

In The Ballad as Song (Berkeley, 1969), Bertrand Bronson argues on the basis of ... letters from his walking tour in the summer of 1818; from his knowledge of ...

Possession: A Romance - jstor

lecting in A. S. Byatt's Possession: A Romance (1990) in relation to two ... of British heritage undertaken in Michael Hunter's volume Preserving the Past. Hunter.

Possession and the Law of Finders - jstor

parties as it finds them, a rule of finders-keepers (except wh the finder ... Jones 48 applies the distinction with a strange finesse. 45 ii Allen ... David Riesman, Jr.

Social Dance (shakō dansu) in Japan: Between Sociability and Sport

(soshiaru dansu ソシアルダンス) in Japan, a term which was soon replaced by ... Social dances can be divided into three groups: Standard dances (slow waltz,.

to know the dancer from the dance: dance as a metaphor of ... - jstor

Darrell Mansell considers dancing emblematic of all of Austen's novels. Her novels are more like ballroom dances than like anyone's conception of life in the raw.

Dance Ethnology and the Anthropology of Dance - jstor

Impulse 3/4. Solomon, R. and J. Solomon. 1998. Dance. Medicine and Science ... search Journal 10/2:6-13. ... "An anthropologist looks at ballet as a form.

The Psychodynamics of Demon Possession - jstor

spirits' influence. Although possession of this type may be somewhat uncommon, cases have been reported in psychiatric literature in the United States (Galvin & ...

POssessiOn • The Phenomenon of Demonic Possession - Cru

The book is called Hostage to the Devil, and it presents five recently documented cases of demon possession; the exorcisms are transcribed in full, uncensored ...

A Mortgagee's Right to Possession and the Mischief Rule - jstor

A MORTGAGEE'S RIGHT TO POSSESSION AND THE MISCHIEF RULE. IF a mortgagee wishes to enter into possession of the mortgaged property not with a ...

Ownership and Possession in the Early Common Law - jstor

ferent ways, and were protected by different remedies. The course books of Roman law used in twelfth-century England do not give a formal definition of ...

The Necessity of Privity in Adverse Possession under the ... - jstor

423; Jackson v. Parker (N. Y. 1802). 3 Johns. Cas. I24. 'Asher v. Whitlock supra. 'Ames, Disseisin of Chattels supra 323-325; Doe v. Carter supra. See also Day v ...

Spirits of the Hereafter: Death, Funerary Possession, and the ... - jstor

ouija boards, help to facilitate the process of "becoming dead" on both sides of the ... fears of the "bad soul" of the dead which haunted the grave site. For land b the bundle was placed in a pit lined with palm fronds and a layer of sa covered ...

Possession: Erotic Love in the Law of Rape - jstor

Ngaire Naffine*. Introduction. The sexual being still implicit in the law of rape has a rich history. Depictions of the strong, possessing male, mainly of a laudatory ...

Adverse Possession and Future Intentions - jstor

law of limitation in Powell v. McFarlane (1979) 38 P. & C.R. (Slade J.). In 1955 the plaintiffs acquired the disputed plot for future road- building purposes.

korean verbs of location, possession, and identity and some ... - jstor

The two Korean verbs concerned resemble the English copula verb be. They are locative copular iss- 'location/existence' (or 'loco-existence'1) as in.

Hoodoo Possession in San Francisco: Notes on Therapeutic ... - jstor

means can my remarks on hoodoo subculture in San Francisco be ... therapy, Mrs. A. com- plained of being under the influence of a "hoodoo spell" involving ...