On the Nature of Psycho-Historical Evidence: In Search of ... - jstor

theory is sometimes applied to historical events with little clarifica tion of the ... the decisive influence on a bit of history which results from basic differences in ...

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On the Nature of Psycho-Historical Evidence: In Search of ... - jstor

theory is sometimes applied to historical events with little clarifica tion of the ... the decisive influence on a bit of history which results from basic differences in ...

Historical Foundations of the Law of Evidence: A View from ... - jstor

The Ryder notes suggest that the law of evidence as we understand the term ... Gilbert, in which the exclusion of hearsay rested on the cross-examination policy.

Edmond Halley's Use of Historical Evidence in the ... - jstor

Secondly, it led Halley to see modern discovery in a distinctly heroic light, especially when he was a young man. Nowhere is this seen better than when.

Historical Search in Human Relations - jstor

have made human relations almost the sole basis of a new approach to manage- ment.1 Others have tended to include human relations only insofar as it could ...

The Search for Ideas in Historical Investigation - jstor

Historical Investigation. WILLIAM O. ... for the use of systematic methods in historical research, part ... example, that "the study of the House of Commons has not.

Toward a psycho-historical framework for the science of art ...

their sensitivity to art-historical contexts by means of inquiries into the making, authorship, and ... the methodological criteria defining empirical research.

In Search of the Historical Development of Double-Reed Pipe ... - jstor

over a thousand years has been completely repudiated. In fact, this conven- ... examination of both the flute and double-reed pipe melodies is necessary. Marett.

"The Language of Nature": Music as Historical Crucible for the ... - jstor

As music is the language of nature: and poetry, particularly songs, are always ... always for the worse), melodies can be passed for centuries through oral.

The Generic American Psycho - jstor

Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho, this article discusses the efforts of the ... a monologue about the merits of Huey Lewis and the News, while readying.

A Comparative Study of Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) - jstor

little bit spicier; for instance, instead of send ing Marion's sister to the movies, Sam (played by Viggo Mortensen) remarks, “I'd kinda like to meet your sister.

A Psycho-Analytical Study of Edgar Allan Poe - jstor

and the " Pit and the Pendulum," as terrible a delineation of torture as has ever been penned. Here is the death list from the other fourteen: Two dead in the "Gold ...


13 Dec 2005 ... the Fourth Amendment focus heavily on regulating their use.1. In recent ... computers has led to a new kind of evidence in criminal cases:.

Evidence using Google search data

The cost of racial animus on a black candidate: Evidence using Google search data☆. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. 1600 Villa St., Apt 147, Mountain View, CA ...

Applied Psycho-Analysis in the Director-Actor Relationship - jstor

of the very great importance of the relationship between director and actor, and the ... Otto Bank, Art and Artist, (New York: Tudor Publishing Co. [c. 1932]), p. 54.

in search of the high road: meaning and evidence - MIT

2004; Osterman 2011). Does the High Road Exist? The establishment effect literature demonstrates heterogeneity across firms in general, but the literature ...

NICE Evidence search: notes for advanced searchers

search results, word stemming (lemmatisation), synonym expansion and wildcard searching, phrase searching, Boolean operators, stop words, spelling ...

Limiting a CINAHL Search to Retrieve Evidence Based Articles ...

If needed, a definition for each publication type is provided on the handout: Evidence Based Limits for CINAHL Publication Types. Step 3: Once the Search ...

Culture, Work Attitudes, and Job Search: Evidence ... - Oxford Journals

We study job search durations along the Swiss language border, sharply separating. Romance language ... E-mail: [email protected] (Eugster); Rafael.

A guide to interpreting historical evidence - BBC

Every image, object, building, written source and landscape is a piece of evidence ... sorts of historical evidence: What? Where? When? Who? Why? Get started.

Victorian Detective Fiction and the Nature of Evidence

which the world of opinions is a mere chaos” (“Spirit, III,” Collected. Works, XXII ... in the late nineteenth century, the detectives of Poe, Dickens, and Doyle were to ... “the close of one mighty cycle in the history of the solar orb – the passing ...

The Nature of Sources and Evidence - Pompeii and Herculaneum

does not mention the overwhelming of Pompeii and Herculaneum. He does not record the year and ... o Love notes and messages. • Near and inside brothels ...

Points of significance: P values and the search for ... - Nature

P values and the search for significance. Little P value. What are you trying to say. Of significance? —Steve Ziliak. The significance of experimental results is ...

DNA search reveals new frog genus - Nature

28 Jan 2016 ... DNA search reveals new frog genus drug-resistant infections. Environmental discussions included a WEF report predicting that the oceans.

Phylogeny and Historical Biogeography of Lauraceae: Evidence ...

21 Feb 2013 ... wanan lineages in Africa (e.g., Raven & Axelrod,. 1974), but ... Raven and Axelrod (1974) and Taylor (1988) ... rp116, and 26S sequences for.

Historical evidence for the state and exploitation of the marine ... - MPI

Leigh. 'At five we rounded the north head of the Thames [Cape Rodney], and ... Writing in the Marine Department Centennial History Martin (1969) noted that ...

Anecdotal Evidence and Questions of ''Historical Realism'

Finally, the essay confirms how the textual reproduction of anecdotal evidence also enables the New Historicist mode of ''literary'' history to secure its links to ...

historical foundations of the law of evidence - Yale Law School

The Ryder notes suggest that the law of evidence as we understand the term was largely nonexistent as late as the middle decades of the eighteenth century.

A Historical Examination of the RCAF Search and Rescue ...

123 Rescue Flt at Sea Island (2 x Cansos, 2 x Lancasters, 2 x. Norseman, 1 x H-5 Helicopter, 4 x Para Rescue). 74. Patricia Bay, BC (2 x High Speed Launches).

In Search of a Childhood Landscape: Historical Narratives from a ...

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Swaggies”, performed at the ... The Five Ways Kindergarten building at Woolloongabba had previously been a.

Search For Historical Earthquakes in the Panhandle and El Paso ...

28 May 2001 ... subsidy of free grass, and high market prices infused large amounts of capital from ... 11 The Texas Handbook Online has dated oil drilling to later dates than ... 2 This one hard to read because of the paper's original condition made ... teacher died from typhoid fever, born in Galveston of German parents,.

views of nature and self-discipline: evidence from inner city ... - Faculty

self-discipline, and as a consequence, play a role in ... has been proposed that self-discipline draws on this ... Clinical Neuropsychology, 4, 161^173.

Primary Mediastinal Seminomas: Evidence of Single and ... - Nature

Reports document KIT mutations in gastrointestinal stromal tumors, mastocytosis, and germ cell tumors ... Izquierdo MA, Van der Valk P, Van Ark-Otte J, Rubio G,.

Rumours Built on Quicksand: Evidence on the Nature ... - Strathprints

22 Apr 2014 ... linking to this research dossier referred to Quindell PLC as a “country club built on quicksand”; investing by “long-buyer” activists yield less ...

Harmony Search and Nature Inspired Optimization Algorithms

and evident inconveniences of current reviews are stressed. By and by, Big Data ... parameters to adjust in PSO which makes PSO easy to implement. One of the ...

Experiments on Visual Cells by Nature and Man: In Search of ... - IOVS

Note foveal leakage (arrows) 2 days after sun gazing in the late venous phase. From Tso MOM: Retinal Diseases. Philadelphia, JB. Lippincott, 1988, pp.

90 Historical Evidence of Jesus' Resurrection – NT ... - Magis Center

the resurrection cannot be overstated, because the resurrection is the foundation of Jesus' claim to be the exclusive Son of God – and the unconditional love of ...