MEASURpoint Datasheet

and match fashion: Platinum 100 Ω (Pt100), Platinum 500 Ω. (Pt500), or Platinum 1000 Ω (Pt1000) RTD using an European alpha curve of 0.00385 or an ...

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MEASURpoint Datasheet

and match fashion: Platinum 100 Ω (Pt100), Platinum 500 Ω. (Pt500), or Platinum 1000 Ω (Pt1000) RTD using an European alpha curve of 0.00385 or an ...

Datasheet BNA-S21/S22

VA 30/02: 1.4571 (SS 316Ti), max. 16 bar and 150 °C, min. density: 0.85 g/cm³. TT 30/02: in Titanium, PN 25, min. density: 0.85 g/cm³ max. temperature: 150 °C.

TH7 Datasheet.pdf

Temperature range: -70 … 280°C. • Weight 0.97 kg each grip. TH7-1-SR. • Tensile force: 1 kN. • Smooth roller, 25 mm Ø, stainless steel, rubber-base plate.

Datasheet - 3M

3M™ 93-EE9x5-6 Series Separable Connectors are designed for Single Core Polymeric. Copper Wire Screened ... The one-piece design of the Separable Connector is made from high quality EPDM rubber. It ... 93-EE 945-6 / 185. 25.6 – 29.0 ...

HI-546/883, HI-547/883 Datasheet

19 Nov 2014 ... HI4-0546/883 HI4-0546 /883 -55 to 125 28 Ld CLCC. J28.A. HI1-0547/883 HI1-547/883. -55 to 125 28 Ld CerDIP F28.6. HI4-0547/883 ...

D5B Datasheet

M10. 1 m. D5B-5011. D5B-8011. D5B-1011. 3 m. D5B-5013. D5B-8013. D5B-1013 ... Contact your OMRON sales representative for more detailed information on ... it. Mechanical Touch Switches differ from ordinary switches mostly in areas of ...


AVRC 0603 series. Amotech Multilayer Chip EMI and ESD filter. 07/01/12 (Rev. 00). Amotech Corporation ( 1. Overview. This product is a ...

Datasheet - MIT Fab Lab

Typical values contained in this datasheet are based on simulations and characterization of other AVR microcontrollers manufactured on the same process ...

Datasheet - ams AG

AS1100. Serially Interfaced, 8-Digit LED Driver Revision 1.37. 1 - 16. Datasheet. 1 General Description.

Datasheet - AVX

F95 Series – Standard. 071119. FEATURES. • Compliant to the RoHS2 directive 2011/65/EU. • For high frequency. • SMD Conformal. • Small and high CV.

BTM-112 Datasheet

Module. Class2 BC04-ext Module. BTM-112. Features. Outline. General Electrical Specification. Parameter. Description. Min. Typ. Max. Units. Carrier Frequency.

X86 Datasheet

19 Sep 2018 ... MEMORY. FEATURES. Intel Curie Microcontroller. 2.56 GHZ. INTEL PENTIUM. N3710. UDOO X86. UDOO X86. 2.24 GHZ. INTEL CELERON.

ESP-12F Datasheet

The ESP-12F WiFi module was developed by Ai-Thinker Technology. The core processor. ESP8266 integrates the industry-leading Tensilica L106 ...

TL074 datasheet

Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. Page 2. TL071, TL071A, TL071B, TL072. TL072A, TL072B, TL074, TL074A, ...

NetApp AFF Datasheet

extreme performance that first-generation flash systems cannot deliver. Additionally, more and ... levels of performance— plus deep application and cloud integration. ... on the front end to the host, the AFF A400 leads the market with the most ...

LM78S40 datasheet

The LM78S40 is a monolithic regulator subsystem consist- ing of all the active building blocks necessary for switching regulator systems The device consists of a ...

IPG AMS IPS MF Consumer Datasheet

Datasheet. HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Printer. Get more done with the easiest way to print from your smartphone or tablet.1. Simplify tasks—and save up.

Nodemcu-32s Datasheet

The core of this module is the ESP32 chip, which is scalable and adaptive. Two CPU cores can be individually controlled. The clock frequency is adjustable.

BC417 Datasheet

Fully Qualified Bluetooth v2.0 EDR. ▫. Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) compliant with v2.0.E.2 of specification for both 2Mbps and. 3Mbps modulation modes.

UA741 datasheet

description. The µA741 is a general-purpose operational amplifier featuring offset-voltage null capability. The high common-mode input voltage range and.

1318 datasheet

2SC1318A. Silicon NPN epitaxial planer type. For low-frequency driver amplification. Complementary to 2SA720A s Features q High collector to emitter voltage ...

TL071 datasheet

Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. Page 2. TL071, TL071A, TL071B, TL072. TL072A, TL072B, TL074, TL074A, ...

LCD Datasheet By

character generator which can be superimposed over the graphic layer. ... screen, often used for buttons and small screen anima- tions). Other features include ...

USB Type-C Datasheet

0 differential pairs in the connector pinout only connect to a single differential pair in standard. USB2.0 or Full Featured USB Type-C cables. In a typical design, the ...

2N3053 datasheet

2N3053. Semelab plc. Telephone 44(0)1455 556565. Fax 44(0)1455 552612. E-mail: [email protected] Website: MEDIUM ...

Datasheet AUO - Distec

Approved by. Note: This Specification is subject to change without notice. Checked &. Approved by. Date. Vito Huang. 07/01, 2013. Prepared by. Ginger Lin.

MJ15003 datasheet


BC558 datasheet

Supersedes data of September 1994. File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC04. 1997 Mar 27. DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS. BC556; BC557; BC558.

Datasheet - Manatronics Pty Ltd

Manatronics. 110V / 90 Amp Load. For Telecom Rectifier and Power Supply testing. 23rd Jan. 2016. Model No. EL12-110M. Product Datasheet. 110V / 90 Amp ...

GE1337PKIT Datasheet

on your Xbox One S/Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, or PS3 game console. The bundle includes the KeyMander - Controller Emulator and Kaliber Gaming™.

Datasheet - Radcrete

RadmyxTM CONCENTRATE - Used as an Admixture. PRODUCT NAME: RadmyxTM Concentrate Capillary Waterproofing System. MANUFACTURER. Radcrete ...

HY11P35 Datasheet

Temperature. 0. 10. 20. 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. -45. -30. -15. 0. 15. 30. 45. 60. 75. 90. TA(℃). VTP. S(m. V. ) Figure6.9-3 TPS output voltage vs. temperature drift.

Datasheet - Advantech

5 Nov 2012 ... VGA Header Pinout . ... Link DVI-I. HDMI 1.4a. HDMI x1. VGA. Optional standard VGA via header and cable ... 3.1 DVI-I Connector Pinout. Pin.

LF411 datasheet

LF411. Low Offset, Low Drift JFET Input Operational Amplifier. General Description. These devices are low cost, high speed, JFET input opera- tional amplifiers ...

Datasheet - Pertronic

Made in Australia by Altronic Distributors Pty. Ltd. Ph: 1300 780 999. Fax: 1300 790 999. Internet: 1. / Australian made. / 10 year ...

Datasheet - Cytoskeleton, Inc.

... was detected in the dye front indicating that all free dye has been removed from the labeling reaction. V. 5.0. Figure 2—HyLyte 488 labeled microtubules ...