Prostitution and Cuba's Special Period - jstor

prowess of buying more sex for less in Cuba, to those titillated by same-sex encounters via a transvestite, to the sociological posturing inside and outside of the ...

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Prostitution and Cuba's Special Period - jstor

prowess of buying more sex for less in Cuba, to those titillated by same-sex encounters via a transvestite, to the sociological posturing inside and outside of the ...

female victims of cuba's communist regime: 1959-2003 - Cuba Archive


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1 Nov 2018 ... Broadscale climate drivers influencing the current dry conditions . ... Wallaroo. SA. 150.8. 162.0 (1994). 25000. Alawoona. SA. 98.5.

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15 Feb 2019 ... Previous notable heavy rain events around Townsville . ... The rainfall from the 2019 event was exceptional. In and around Townsville, the ...

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from summer to fall. ... The foliage is mostly purple in the spring and fall but has a bluish-green cast during the ... Heuchera villosa'Autumn Bride' is a large,.

HIV/AIDS in Cuba - jstor

Tim Anderson, BA, PhD, is. Senior Lecturer in ... Economy, University of Sydney,. NSW, 2006, Australia, email: [email protected] Competing interests: ...

Report on Music in Cuba Today - jstor

movement of guitar music, forged mainly by one of the most influential, gifted ... The two musical heroines of the moment were Maiensy Sanchez of Camagiiey and ... Banda Municipal Remedios under the direction of Maestro Ramon Louis.

Operation Northwoods and the Covert War against Cuba ... - jstor

Documents that have emerged in the last five years show, however, t was not the ... collectively called Operation Northwoods, are clearly important to ing the ...

Dateline Cuba: Hanging on in Havana - jstor

ket, and restricted in others, and with imports from the former COMECON countries slashed by more than 90 per cent between 1989 and. 1992, Cuba's economy ...

graham greene and cuba: our man in havana? - jstor

Graham Greene's novel Our Man in Havana was published on Octobe. 1958. Seven days later ... police to see the blinded and castrated corpse of her former fiancé (Boris Luis. Santa Coloma) after ... London: Little, Brown. HARMETZ, ANJEAN ...

Desde las entrañas del deseo homoerótico en Cuba. Ena ... - jstor

Italia Karla Su?rez en la que se le preguntaba qu? hac?a distinta su narrativa de la ... automutilan y esto les produce placer, como Ana en el cuento "La madre ...

Cuba: The United States and Batista, 1952-58 - jstor

rant, Fulgencio Batista, who was becoming increasingly unpopular in his own country, and what is more, apparently losing a guer rilla war to insurgents led by ...

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In accordance with section 141 of the Prostitution Act 1999 (Qld), the Crime and Misconduct. Commission hereby ... Port Douglas. Cooktown. Opened prior to ...

Cuba: Religion, Social Capital , and Development. ADRIAN H ... - jstor

Nadine Fernandez. Central New York Center. SUNY Empire State College. East Syracuse NY 13057-1058, U.SA. <[email protected]>. In this clear ...

cuba, cinema and the post-revolutionary public sphere - jstor

inals together to perform one last heist in the days immediately following t. Cuban revolution in 1959. As most of his former conspirators have fled to th.

The Color of Love: Young Interracial Couples in Cuba - jstor

Nadine T2 Fernandez. In several recent essays on race in Cuba, social disapproval of interracial couples has been cited as evidence of persistent racial ...

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Interactions between clients and prostitutes in brothel parlors ... a specific prostitution ordinance (Douglas ... port that they cannot talk to anyone when out.

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outlawing of prostitution by the Shanghai Municipal Council in the. International ... guests with their songs (Wang Tao, n.d., 202). In principle ... LU DAFANG (1980) Shanghai tan yijiu lu (Reminiscences of the Shanghai Bund). Taibei: Shijie.

Prostitution: A Feminist Ethical Analysis - jstor

example of a free contract between equal individuals in the market is another ... prostitution or pornography in the United States in 1987 ranged from 500,000.

Sex Workers or Citizens? Prostitution and the Shaping of - jstor

has noted in the Indian context, the presence of European prostitutes in ... and Kathryn Cronin, Race Relations in Colonial Queensland 1975 (Brisbane,. QLD ...

Prostitution in Nineteenth Century Manila - jstor

University of the Philippines. 10. Philippine National Archives, Pros. Page 7. PROSTITUTION IN MANILA 247.

When (Some) Prostitution Is Legal: The Impact of Law Reform ... - jstor

street work) and NSW (which treats brothels mostly like any other business ... Claims like this have recently been contested by Mary Sullivan33 who has.

Sexual Exchange and Prostitution between Russian Men ... - jstor

Perverts, and Mary-Annes: Male Prostitution and the Regulation of Homosexuality in ... Soviet republics in 1933-1934, they were animated for the most part by.

Sex with a Purpose: Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and ... - jstor

tion of brothels for soldiers and "ordinary" Germans and, ... 13The term "racial state" is from Michael Burleigh and Wolfgang Wippermann, The Ra? cial State: ...

Prostitution, Pawnshop, and Property: Everyday Life as a ... - jstor

11 Jan 2006 ... Prostitution, Pawnshop, and Property / Shun Kiang. 101 history or ... In 1839, half a century before Huang Deyun landed at Pedder Wharf, the ... signs in the same passage—“But this was ancient history,” “Long forgotten.

Sexuality and Prostitution among the Akan of the Gold Coast c ... - jstor

Godot's description is paraphrased from Adam Jones's article on prostitution in pre-colonial Gold Coast: Adam Jones, 'Prostitution,. Polyandrie oder ...

William Acton, the Truth about Prostitution, and Hardy's Not-So ... - jstor

Prostitution, and Hardy's. Not-So-Ruined Maid. STANLEY RENNER. MANY TEACHERS AND READERS HAVE ENJOYED HARDY'S EARLY poem "The Ruined ...

Production, Property, Prostitution. 'Sexual Politics' in Atu - jstor

See A. I. SALIM, Swahili-Speaking Peoples of Kenya's Coast: I895-I965. (Nairobi, 1973): ... enon found in so many other parts of East and Central Africa, where,.


* J. M. Gullick, Sistem Politik Bumiputera Tanah Melayu Barat , Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka,. Kuala Lumpur, 1970, pp. 166-7. 2 Ibid., pp. 165-6.

Prostitution and the Ruling Class in Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor

In the last two decades of the 17th century, prostitution, normally endemic within the city ... standardisation of weights and measures, street lighting, Sunday observance, the supervision of ... Study of Venereal Disease, St. Albans, 1975, p. 198.

Seduction, Prostitution, and the Control of Female Desire in ... - jstor

animal, so far as sexual desire is involved” (History of Prostitution, p. 489). Because the seduction narrative constructs a woman's sexual fall as caused by ...

Prostitution, State and Society in Imperial Germany - jstor

In Altona the same kind of policy was carried out. Sometimes local authorities were forced. 15 Staatsarchiv Hamburg (hereafter St.A.Hbg.), Senat, Cl. I, Lit. I, No.

Prostitution and Public Health in New South Wales - jstor

ance of Tanya Spence, a transsexual prostitute working in Sydney's Kings. Cross in April 1989, who claimed to have had had sex with 'thousands' of men while ...

Journey to Work: Transnational Prostitution in Colonial British ... - jstor

girls from Calabar Province alone were practicing prostitution in the Gold. Coast.18 A1939 census of Nigerian prostitutes working in various locations in the Gold ...

Forced Prostitution Trials in Progressive-Era New York City - jstor

verbatim transcripts of compulsory-prostitution trials, our research examines the relation ... battered body was discovered in the Hudson River in 1841—to chronicle "the mod ... The typical white slavery story opens with an image of a p.

Anglo-Jewry and the Jewish International Traffic in Prostitution ... - jstor

of brothels owned by Jews and inhabited by Jewish prost attested ... 44-46. 88. C. L. Bathurst to White, January 21, 1907; Arnold White Papers, Folder WHI/53,.