Aeronautical Ad-Hoc Networking for the Internet-Above-The ... - arXiv

17 May 2019 ... of the distributed hash table based routing protocols that are capable of ... mission rate for each aircraft and its next-generation version aims for achieving a ... and satellites. It may be impossible to simultaneously satisfy ... Available]. [85] A. Costin and A. Francillon, “Ghost in the Air (Traffic): On insecurity.

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Aeronautical Ad-Hoc Networking for the Internet-Above-The ... - arXiv

17 May 2019 ... of the distributed hash table based routing protocols that are capable of ... mission rate for each aircraft and its next-generation version aims for achieving a ... and satellites. It may be impossible to simultaneously satisfy ... Available]. [85] A. Costin and A. Francillon, “Ghost in the Air (Traffic): On insecurity.

The Quantum Internet: Networking Challenges in Distributed ... - arXiv

18 Oct 2018 ... But the Quantum Internet is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Phenomena with no counterpart in classical networks, such as no- ...

Networking and the Internet

how bad guys can attack computer networks. – how we can defend networks against attacks. – how to design architectures that are immune to attacks. • Internet ...

Networking issues for the Internet of Things - SDN-WISE 2015 – IEEE - SPS Italy Chapter. Contiki. ▫ Open source OS for the IoT. ▫ Supports: ▫ IPv6 and IPv4. ▫ 6LOWPAN. ▫ RPL. ▫ CoAP.

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet ...

10 Dec 2005 ... edition of Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet by Jim ... In a packet switched network, the packets from different sources flowing on a link do ... 64 – 96 are sent in the 7th transmission round.

Computer networking a top-down approach featuring the Internet

Computer networking a top-down approach featuring the Internet. Details ... Edition. 3rd ed. Physical. Description xxiv, 821 p. Subject. Computer. Subject.

Networking democracy: Brazilian internet freedom activism and the ...

Over the course of the year Carly helped me polish my prose ... corruption, and impunity that make Brazilians feel more threatened by everyday violence.

Fog Networking - arXiv

devices in a Fog may rely on the Cloud. They are also mutually beneficial: certain functions are naturally more advantageous to carry out in Fog while others in ...

The Impact of Internet Social Networking on Young Women's Mood ...

SOCIAL NETWORKING, MOOD, AND BODY IMAGE iv. Abstract. In the present study, the impact of viewing various types of female images online was examined ...

Enabling Energy Efficient Smart Object Networking at Internet-Scale

to be on par with Contiki and TinyOS, the two operating systems which pi- oneered IoT software ... quest content published by the green node. Figure 6.2: ... sophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and.

Survey on Terahertz Nanocommunication and Networking: A ... - arXiv

12 Sep 2019 ... Tran, E. Adeagbo, and B. Baas, “KiloCore: A Fine-Grained 1,000-. Processor ... [68] F. Afsana, S. Mamun, M. Kaiser, and M. Ahmed, “Outage ca- ... area nanonetworks,” in Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-. HTC) ...

OSHI - Open Source Hybrid IP/SDN networking (and its ... - arXiv

10 Apr 2014 ... implementation of an Open Source Hybrid IP/SDN (OSHI) ... The source code of all the components of the OSHI ... [16] M. Mahalingam et al.

Underwater Optical Wireless Communications, Networking ... - arXiv

28 Feb 2018 ... Index Terms—Underwater sensor networks, optical wireless, communication ... Turbid harbor water: Turbid harbor water shows the most hostile ... i is the angle of incidence w.r.t. the receiver axis, Ψj is ... TOWNs [252]. Due to ...

Towards the Internet of Underground Things: A Systematic ... - arXiv

the applications of wireless sensor networks for underground coal and mines. ... node compromise attack, and semi-trusted cloud security are identified. ... 2014, pp. 1–6. [60] S. Conceicao, C. Pendo, A. Moreira, and M. Ricardo, “Evaluation.

A Search for Time Travelers on the Internet - arXiv

predominantly describe time travel to the future. One of the oldest stories known of time travel to the past dates only back to 1733 with Samuel Madden's ...

Blockchain And The Future of the Internet: A Comprehensive ... - arXiv

central trust infrastructure currently prevalent in the Internet towards a design principle that is underscored by ... STM/cavp/documents/shs/sha256-384-512.pdf ... transactions (or packets of money as per Interledger's vernac- ular). Interledger ...

Certified Meraki Networking Associate - Cisco Networking Academy

Scalable. Unlimited throughput, no bottlenecks. Add devices or sites in minutes. Reliable. Highly available cloud with multiple datacenters worldwide. Network ...

Privacy in the Internet of Things: Threats and Challenges - arXiv

This is the accepted version of the article: J. H. Ziegeldorf, O. Garcia Morchon, and K. Wehrle. ... terms, in e.g. a workplace environment or public space. Similarly ...

Scanning the Internet for ROS: A View of Security in Robotics ... - arXiv

23 Jul 2018 ... the Robot Operating System (ROS), a widely used robotics platform for research. ... [24] Gordon Fyodor Lyon. Nmap network scanning: The.

ICLab: A Global, Longitudinal Internet Censorship ... - arXiv

10 Jul 2019 ... Phillipa Gill†. †University of Massachusetts, Amherst ... §Carnegie Mellon University. {zackw ... by using commercial VPNs as vantage points distributed around ... also thank Behtash Banihashemi, Arun Dunna, Pamela Griffith,.

Modeling the Internet of Things: a simulation perspective - arXiv

20 Sep 2017 ... The Internet of Things (IoT) is firmly established today. We are surrounded by a multitude of sensors, devices, people equipped with mobile ...

An Extensive Evaluation of the Internet's Open Proxies - arXiv

27 Jun 2018 ... Listed on open proxy aggregator sites, they are often used to ... also sometimes categorize proxies as anonymous proxies. These proxies ...

On the Linguistic and Social Aspects of Internet Slang - arXiv

22 Dec 2017 ... In this work, we use UrbanDictionary to conduct the first large scale linguistic analysis ... the Dictionary Challenge [24] which consists of words and their definitions ... RED. Predicted label. ALP. BLE. CLI. RED. True label. 0.97. 0.0. 0.03. 0.0. 0.0. 0.72. 0.21 ... Rejected billion, copy, dragons, drone, terrorism.

Design Considerations for Low Power Internet Protocols - arXiv

21 Jan 2020 ... decompress tunneled IPv6 packets, while Contiki and OpenThread ... 6LoWPAN features which were absent from the original Contiki-.

Reliable Group Communication Protocol for Internet of Things - arXiv

9 Apr 2019 ... An implementation of RECOUP is realized in Contiki. Our results show the ... Furthermore, in RPL, the availability of a single route between source and ... supported by the Marie Curie Fellowship through European. Commission ... [4] T. Winter, P. Thubert, A. Brandt, J. Hui, R. Kelsey, P. Levis,. K. Pister, R.

Security and Privacy Analyses of Internet of Things Children's ... - arXiv

9 May 2018 ... The 2015 Hello Barbie hack, in which security ... For comparison, the Hello ... [1] S. Gibbs, “Hackers can hijack wi-fi Hello Barbie to spy on.

Ideological and Policy Origins of the Internet, 1957-1969 ... - arXiv

28 Oct 2001 ... fund our stuff, but they really needed it and they were good guys. ... One of the most vivid sites of the operation of this consensus can be seen in the ... debates in broadband and wireless deployment and the “digital divide.

Context-aware Computing in the Internet of Things: A Survey ... - arXiv

31 Jan 2015 ... We can see Mimo Smart Baby Monitor usees some parts of the data ... Social dynamics, struc- ture, and character of cities on large scale. W. M.

PizzaBox: Studying Internet Connected Physical Object ... - arXiv

8 Jun 2019 ... We have all ordered pizza using either a web browser or a mobile ... to order food in the restaurants with PizzaHut revealing a tabletop concept ...

pattern of internet usage in cyber café s in manila - arXiv

spent per visit, visiting time during the day, and frequency of visit within the week. The City of Manila (a Beta global city) (2008), with a population of 1,660,714.

Privacy Preserving Internet Browsers – Forensic Analysis of ... - arXiv

Over 77 million. Playstation accounts were hacked, resulting in 12 million unencrypted credit card ... (2015) 'Forensics Acquisition of Imvu: A Case. Study'.

Ethical Aspects of Internet of Things from Islamic Perspective - arXiv

these technologies according to Islamic teachings. Keywords—Internet of Things; Ethical Issues; Islamic Ethics;. Smart Objects. I. INTRODUCTION. The Internet ...

An Analysis of the Skype Peer-to-Peer Internet Telephony ... - arXiv

Skype uses wideband codecs which allows it to maintain reasonable call quality at an available bandwidth of 32 kb/s. It uses TCP for signaling, and both UDP ...

Dell Networking X-Series - Dell Networking Products

status and network visualization are on one beautiful dashboard screen. Unmatched ... leading, lifetime warranty guaranteeing basic hardware service. X-series ...

Internet memes as internet signs: A semiotic view of digital ... - Core

with its etymology overlapping the English word 'mime' and 'mimicry' or the French. 'même', ('the same'). An 'idea-meme' was defined as an entity that is ...

Internet Platforms - Center for Internet and Society - Stanford University

15 May 2018 ... 25 Adam Steinbaugh, “Chance Trahan and Revenge Porn Site 'Is Anybody Down,' ” YouTube, July 16,. 2013, accessed May 27, 2018, https:// ...