University of Groningen Ritual bones or common waste ... - RuG

Unspecified dabbling duck (Anas). 1. 1.5. -. Cod (Gadus morhua). 30 ... victims or vow to do so using the Druids as administrators to these sacrifices, since it is ...

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University of Groningen Ritual bones or common waste ... - RuG

Unspecified dabbling duck (Anas). 1. 1.5. -. Cod (Gadus morhua). 30 ... victims or vow to do so using the Druids as administrators to these sacrifices, since it is ...

University of Groningen The Groningen hypothermic liver ... - RuG

Anatomy and Physiology of the Liver. 2.1 Anatomy. The liver is the largest organ of the human body (Figure 2.1), weighs approxi- mately 1500 g, and is located ...

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The Anatomy and Physiology – Locating Common Bones lesson is designed ... >Identify and label common dog bones. ... One “Unlabeled Dog Skeleton”.

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Natuurlijk is het altijd mogelijk om in overleg een buffet geheel naar eigen wensen samen te stellen. Ook is het mogelijk om een prijsafspraak te maken over.

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Soups should be ordered with NO CRACKERS. Homemade Brunswick Stew. Homemade Brunswick Stew & choice of Garden Greens OR Caesar Salad. SIDES.

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god, in the Republic, and Sol Invictus, a Syrian god, in late antiquity. ... For a useful summary of the evidence, cf. Matern. 2002 ... from Viromandui to Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Mars, Nemesis, Sol, Victory, et omnibus diis patrensibus. Despite.

University of Groningen Physical interactions of the ... - RuG

26 Dec 2019 ... ... research database (Pure): ... Hink, M. A., Griep, R. A., Borst, J. W., van Hoek, A., Eppink, M. H., Schots, A.,.

University of Groningen Towards personalized cardiovascular ... - RuG

11 Apr 2018 ... experimental animal studies, IDO activation by pro-inflammatory stimuli is enhanced ... Nankivell BJ, Kuypers DR: Diagnosis and prevention of chronic kidney ... Tomlinson JW, Walker EA, Bujalska IJ, et al: 11beta-hydroxysteroid ... Ross R, Glomset J, Harker L: Response to injury and atherogenesis.

University of Groningen Seasonality and Photoperiodism in ... - RuG

Citation for published version (APA):Roenneberg, T., & Merrow, M. (2001). Seasonality ... Liu Y, Merrow M, Loros JL, and Dunlap JC (1998) How tem- perature ...

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Chapter 2. De Novo Design of Supercharged, Unfolded Protein Polymers ... Supercharged Cationic Proteins to Improve Biolubrication ... Epstein-Barr virus ( ...

University of Groningen Contributions to optimization ... - RuG

Contributions to optimization modeling for pension fund ALM. Streutker ... control field, like Cairns [2000] and Josa-Fombellida and Rincón-Zapatero [2008].

University of Groningen Topology Reconstruction of ... - RuG

29 Nov 2017 ... the bursting modulation of the action potential spikes. ... the dataset of Reddit discussion threads to show that structurally trees resemble Galton ...

University of Groningen The use of self-tracking technology ... - RuG

Test-retest analysis revealed high reliability for most trackers except for the Omron ... Jawbone UP, Misfit Shine, Withings Pulse, Fitbit Zip, and Digiwalker), and five of these ... Vooijs M, Alpay LL, Snoeck-Stroband JB, Beerthuizen T, Siemonsma PC, ... activity trackers (Polar Loop, Garmin Vivosmart, Fitbit Charge HR, Apple ...

University of Groningen Interoperability and FAIRness ... - RuG

24 Apr 2017 ... Mark D. Wilkinson1, Ruben Verborgh2, Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos3, ... FAIR Projector provides a middle-ground. Projection allows ...

University of Groningen The Metamorphosis of Magic from ... - RuG

What the history of werewolf-lore shows is not a transformation of lycan- thropes (from ... fact a lycanthrope, a man born with the caul and hence culturally pre-.

University of Groningen Runes around the North Sea and on ... - RuG

Germanic fuþark extended with two additional runes: , and :. ... that the diphthong ai is represented by the digraph aï, a combination of a and the yew rune ï. The.

University of Groningen Inhibition of Kynurenine ... - RuG

I however, mouse KAT III prefers hydrophilic amino acids. The enzyme has a. pH-optimum at pH 9-10 and is most active at relatively high temperatures (50 – ...

University of Groningen Neuroprotective signaling ... - RuG

Dolga, Amalia Mihaela. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are ... Neurosci., 25:571–. 577. Carswell, E. A., Old, L. J., Kassel, R. L., Green, S., Fiore, N., and Williamson, B.

University of Groningen The development of antimicrobial ... - RuG

... of Groningen/UMCG research database (Pure): ... In conclusion, QAS-coated silicone rubber shows antimicrobial properties.

University of Groningen Hemodynamic physiology during ... - RuG

Classically, the “Cushing reflex” has been reported as the occurrence of hypertension, bradycardia and apnoea following intracranial hypertension. 1 . Various.

University of Groningen The Cognitive and Hermeneutic ... - RuG

22 Sep 2013 ... 'The 10 Best 'Mulholland Dr.' Fan Theories.' Flavorwire, October ... Cinema of Choice: Optional Thinking and Narrative Movies. New. York and ...

University of Groningen A review of the Dodo and its ... - RuG

ABSTRACT - The dodo Raphus cucullatus Linnaeus, 1758, an extinct and flightless, giant pi fascinated people ... setting, whereby marl is particularly rich in calcium-carbonate ... ing from the coastal lowlands, the last remnants of the dodo pop-.

University of Groningen Comprehension and production of ... - RuG

VECTA. A group of nonfluent and fluent patients was distinguished. Analyses showed that the factor transitivity did not influence verb comprehension in either ...

University of Groningen Anomalies of the penis and scrotum ... - RuG

JES-Extender by DanaMedic Aps and the Spanish Andro-penis by ... Silberstein J, Downs T, Goldstein I. Penile injection with silicone: case report and review of ...

University of Groningen Molecular analysis of circadian ... - RuG

4 Feb 2020 ... Phosphorylation of TIM by the kinase SHAGGY (SGG) and phosphorylation of PER ... According to Bünning (1936), light has a dual role, both in.

University of Groningen Sec translocase in action Komarudin ... - RuG

apparently it led me to a PhD program in Molmic group. Jan-Pieter ... Khairul, Yassaroh-Mas Surya, Mbak Rosel-Mas Didik, Mbak Ira, Sofa-Yudi, Teh. Anya-Mas ...

University of Groningen Involvement of clock genes in ... - RuG

SHAGGY. SGG. Phosphorylation of. TIM and CRY light- dependent ... Bünning (1936) first proposed that the photoperiodic response is based on circadian.

University of Groningen The bacterial sec machinery Sluis ... - RuG

Covalently dimerized SecA is functional in protein translocation ... Recent investigations with monomeric SecA variants similar to the ones used by Or et al. (136).


Hendrik J Bruins1 • Johannes van der Plicht2 • J Alexander MacGillivray3. ABSTRACT. ... Minoan Santorini Eruption, Tsunami Deposits in Palaikastro (Crete). 399. The Minoan ... “Indeed, both imported Minoan pottery at. Akrotiri, as well as ...

University of Groningen Structural performance and failure ... - RuG

number of authors shown on this cover page is limited to 10 maximum. Download ... tensile strength (UTS) is reached at a strain to failure of only 0.5 %. After the ...

University of Groningen The resettlement of social misfits ... - RuG

Couperus, Stefan. Published ... urbanized modes of settlement, such as garden cities and suburban ... The auctor intellectualis of the garden city idea, Ebenezer.

University of Groningen Anomalies of the penis and scrotum in ...

28 Nov 2016 ... stretch apparatus (the JES-Extender), which ultimately did not benefit ... (table 2).5,9,14-24 The series from the UK, Italy, Australia and Serbia.

University of Groningen Radon generation and transport ... - RuG

Radon generation and transport: a journey through matter. s.n.. Copyright ... ing materials (transport of contaminants, freezing and thawing cycles etc.). The amount and rate of ... Radiation Protection of Australia, 2(1), 1984. [75] S.L. Mayo.

University of Groningen Biobased products from rubber ... - RuG

28 Jan 2020 ... ... J. Irudayaraj, R. Ford, F. Sosulski: PH—Postharvest. Technology: Prediction of Oil Expression by Uniaxial Compression using Time-varying.

University of Groningen Visual pathway morphometry in ... - RuG

Visual pathway morphometry in visual field defects. Hernowo, Aditya Tri. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to consult the publisher's version (publisher's ...

University of Groningen Crystal Structures of Native and ... - RuG

CaaD and both enantiomers competitively inhibit CaaD (10). (Structure 1). To delineate ... ment statistics and geometric quality of the models is given in Table 1.