Information for Authors - The Lancet

... of climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity, food and nutrition, sustainable fishing, agricultural productivity, ... the number pad, or on a Mac: ALT shift 9.

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Information for Authors - The Lancet

... of climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity, food and nutrition, sustainable fishing, agricultural productivity, ... the number pad, or on a Mac: ALT shift 9.

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and Charles A. Holt (1997), who demonstrated ... Anderson and Holt observation that information cascades ... 1st 2"d 3rd 4th 5st 6th 7th gtl 9tl lot/h actual cade?

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Clinical Infectious Diseases (CID) is published under the aus- pices of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). The journal publishes articles on the ...

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Medicine® is an open access publication, providing authors with continuous publication of original research across a broad spectrum of medical scientific ...

Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable ... - The Lancet

2 Feb 2019 ... Ashkan Afshin, Abhishek Chaudhary, Mario Herrero, Rina Agustina, Francesco ... Within boundaries of food production, the reference diet.

Guide to non-fiction authors: 100 most popular nonfiction authors ...

genre/s of publications, benchmark title, a brief biography and discussion of the books, a list of ... The 'genres' of popular non-fiction are identified as adventure ...

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Manuscript submission. Manuscript submission to all Lancet journals is free. ... Global Health, and how to submit to the journal, are provided below. If you require ...

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1 Sep 2013 ... and the Cupid female condoms: a randomised controlled non-inferiority ... India Drug Control Authority and the Ministry of Health in Brazil.

Something else - The Lancet

18 Mar 2017 ... Colour, a 1923 poem by William Russell. Flint that is posted at the entrance to the exhibition: “See distinctly./. Compose devoutly./Sigh deeply.

Too much of nothing - The Lancet

5 Mar 2018 ... Johann Hari's Lost Connections has attracted considerable attention, much of it ... It's an entirely readable book, and Hari deserves credit for.

Be Here Now - The Lancet

17 Oct 2016 ... of their own, Andy Whitfield, star of. Spartacus: ... the matching tattoos that Andy and his wife Vashti got after the diagnosis. It encapsulates the ...


surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis. R P G ten Bfoek and others. 60 ... (iiuscppo Remuz/i (Bergamo) tjfoliiie Savage(Biiiningham). KonSchuli « hapcl ...

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Correspondence - The Lancet

9 Feb 2019 ... I am chair in Paediatric Infectious. Diseases at the Amsterdam University. Medical Center. I am married to. Mpho Tutu, a 54-year-old South.

The art of losing - The Lancet

2 Apr 2015 ... Disney have a long history of creating hugely lovable characters, and they have come up trumps again with the cast of Big Hero 6. Very loosely ...

Nurses in war - The Lancet

into the consummate professional. As she marks the ... of war on the practice and professional aspirations ... new meaning and satisfaction to many nurses' lives.

Hello. I have cancer. How are you? - The Lancet

For more on Tig Notaro see. Cancer and Society ... documentary, Tig, named after the star herself, is about ... “Book deals are coming in and I was thinking, am I ...

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6 Feb 2014 ... Adam Boyce (Lismore Base Hospital; Lismore, Australia). Howard ... Georg Heinrich (Praxis Dr. Heinrich; Fuerstenwalde, Germany). Jane Hill ...

Once bitten - The Lancet

7 Feb 2020 ... Book. Once bitten. According to Pliny in the first century AD, “epileptic patients ... Bram Stoker's 1897 novel refuses to die, with the latest BBC ...

Faces of war - The Lancet

2 Mar 2013 ... extraordinary drive of Sir Harold Gillies, widely regarded as the father of modern plastic surgery, and his colleagues. As I immersed myself in ...

Somewhere in the universe - The Lancet

18 Jul 2015 ... Theatre production of Nick Payne's. Constellations the answer is yes. Both theme and structure of the play stem from the possible existence.

What we see, and what we know to be true - The Lancet

12 Oct 2019 ... her latest novel, I already knew that I admired Levy. Hot Milk shape shifted between a mother with an unexplained illness and her daughter who ...


21 Aug 2013 ... Once-daily indacaterol versus tiotropium for patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (INVIGORATE): a randomised, blinded ...

PHOENIX - The Lancet

28 Sep 2019 ... preterm pre-eclampsia (PHOENIX): a randomised controlled trial ... group compared with the expectant management group. (adjusted RR 0·86, ...

Asthma - The Lancet

Correspondence to: Prof A E Tattersfield, Division of Respiratory. Medicine ... and sleeping on soft pillows and mattresses is associated with more severe.

Choosing to be - The Lancet

2 Aug 2015 ... However, as argued by the authors of two new books, life, although ... also plays a key role in JK Rowling's latest book, Very Good. Lives, which ...

Holding on - The Lancet

2 Dec 2015 ... (Marya Hornbacher's Wasted and Elena Dunkle's Elena. Vanishing are two that spring to mind), Seconds to Snap makes for uncomfortable ...

Osteoarthritis - The Lancet

In addition, osteoarthritis may not be a single disorder, but rather a group of overlapping distinct diseases. Risk factors, pathophysiology, clinical features and ...

Bronchiectasis - The Lancet

22 Feb 2018 ... understanding of the pathophysiology of bronchiectasis is at an early stage, we argue that bronchiectasis is a heterogeneous disease with ...

Simon Hay - The Lancet

17 Oct 2017 ... presenting nature on TV”, Hay tells The Lancet Infectious. Diseases. He studied Zoology at University of Bristol and developed a particular ...

Gut feelings - The Lancet

1 Sep 2016 ... Collection, London. Book. Internal conflict. The Diet Myth: The Real Science. Behind What We Eat. Tim Spector. Weidenfeld &. Nicolson. 2016.

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Inequality—what to do and why - The Lancet

31 Oct 2015 ... as portrayed in the film, The Divide ... Free market thinktanks tell us that ... Productions Pty Ltd, That Sugar Movie Pty Ltd, Screen Australia.

Fat Chance - The Lancet

elegantly written, polemical, Pure White and Deadly published in 1972, first suggested that dietary sucrose (rather than fat) was the main driver of heart disease.

Sam Adjei - The Lancet

26 Mar 2016 ... “The name that kept coming up was Sam Adjei.” Cast an eye over ... David Ofori-Adjei, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of ...

Dying To Be Me - The Lancet

13 Dec 2012 ... living in Hong Kong, Anita Moorjani ... Moorjani found her true love whom she eventually married. Not long after, ... Greystone Books, 2012.