Effects of harvesting callianassid (ghost) shrimps on ... - CiteSeerX

To determine the abundance of yabbies in each of the six sites, exhaustive, controlled pumping was done using a yabby pump (McPhee and Skilleter, 2002b). The ...

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Effects of harvesting callianassid (ghost) shrimps on ... - CiteSeerX

To determine the abundance of yabbies in each of the six sites, exhaustive, controlled pumping was done using a yabby pump (McPhee and Skilleter, 2002b). The ...

Shrimps Shrimps - Aquagreen

visited Darwin and I bought four local species for him to examine. Peter suggested that the. Australian Atyidae shrimps needed plenty of taxonomie work and that ...

The Triassic paleontology of Ghost Ranch - CiteSeerX

THE TRIASSIC PALEONTOLOGY OF GHOST RANCH by. EDWIN H. COLBERT*. INTRODUCTION. Triassic fossils were scientifically recognized in northern.

Exorcizing the ghost: Donovan Bailey, Ben Johnson and ... - CiteSeerX

On 24 September 1988 Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson defeated Amer- ican Carl Lewis in the men's 100 metre final at the Seoul Olympics and, in the process of winning ... Bailey exorcises ghost of Johnson in 100m sprint. (Otago Daily Times ...

Effects of bamboo dominance and palm-heart harvesting on the ...

Effects of bamboo dominance and palm-heart harvesting on the phylogenetic structure of the seed and seedling communities in an old-growth Atlantic Forest.

effects of timber harvesting on terrestrial salamander ... - VTechWorks

terrestrial salamanders and on the forest herbaceous and shrub layers. ... harvesting, I lumped treatments into two categories to get reasonable sample ... Only females with yolked eggs which would be laid that year were counted as “gravid”.

Effects of Orientations on Efficiency of Energy Harvesting from Heart ...

14 Apr 2019 ... Harvesting biomechanical energy from the heart motion with flexible piezoelectric transducers to power implantable devices has attracted much.

Effects of Palm Heart Harvesting on Avian Frugivores in the ... - jstor

harvesting process. Key-words. census, Cotingidae, Euterpe, keystone species, Ramphastidae. Journal of Applied Ecology (1998) ...

The Effects of Ghost Fishing on Crab and Fish Populations

three months in different areas of Perrin Creek in Hayes, Virginia. ... fishing gear to ghost fish are gillnets and crab pots/traps, along with longlines and trawls.

Harvesting of short rotation coppice – harvesting trials with a cut and ...

Five trials were performed with the harvesting machine “Stemster. MK III” developed by ... trials with two Claas. Jaguar forage harvesters equipped with prototype.

Shrimps and crayfish - sera

Land hermit crabs . ... up the carefully set-up aquarium and destroying the ... aquarium such as the sera Biotop. Nano Cube 60. African. Giant Fan shrimps and.

“Some people have a ghost town, we have a ghost city”: Gothic, the ...

Lauren Beukes's novel Broken Monsters is set in contemporary Detroit, and depicts a sequence of gruesome murders against the backdrop of the city's ...

The Ghost of Your Father - Poetics - Andy Remic 1 THE GHOST OF ...

to the UK where he joined the RAF and met the author's mother, Sally, ... a book of contrasts, of exploring imagination, creativity, ethics, and the very twisted ... how this project has altered Remic's perspective of research, creative writing, and ... own needs on account of my father passing away when I was fifteen years old.


Scibt. 1981. Monogamy in Crus- tacea and Man.—-Zeilschrift fur Tierpsychologie 57: 215-234. Williams. A ...

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to put together a Ghost Tour exclu- ... haunted walk around Fort Vancouver and ... Ipswich. IP1 9PT. Advisors. Stuart Arnold, WTG Perrott. Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe.

Mantis Shrimps (Crustacea: Stomatopoda) - NIWA

The Marine Fauna of New Zealand: Mantis Shrimps (Crustacea: Stomatopoda) ... based on Australian and New Zealand specimens, and ... Islands, 6°00'N, 73°10'E]. ... Fussell (1979) studied the biology of H. tricarinata ... Crustacea Guide of the World, 2nd Edition. ... Crustacea from Auckland and Campbell Islands, New.

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the hierarchy of effects and has been accorded theoretical status by many advertising and marketing practitioners and academics. However, as Tauber.


The Weaponeer Rifle Marksmanship Simulator is a training device used by the U.S. Army in its basic rifle marksmanship training courses. The Weaponeer utilizes ...

Effects of Self-Presentation on the Phenomenal Self - CiteSeerX

We examined the effects of strategic self-enhancement or self-deprecation on private self-appraisal. Previous work (Jones, Rhodewalt, Berglas, & Skelton, 1981) ...

Analyzing the Effects of Virtualizing and Augmenting ... - CiteSeerX

Even though the rules of a game do not change, the play style significantly ... virtualization in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game [27] as a case study of the ...

The Effects of Roles and Personality Characteristics on ... - CiteSeerX

research include demonstrating empirically that Belbin's team roles can be used to form ... Cost - the MBTI costs money, whereas the Keirsey test is free. In order ...

Effects of Cognitive Load on Trust - CiteSeerX

29 Aug 2012 ... Due to time constraints, the participants from Australia, who were all students of INFO3315 course (Human Computer Interaction) at Sydney ...

Causes, Effects and Ways of Curbing Youth ... - CiteSeerX

of naira have been lost or vandalized and some razed down by restive youths. ... Adewuyi (2008) defined the youth as people between ages 15 to 24 years.

The Effects of Contextual Characteristics on Team ... - CiteSeerX

This article begins by first defining creativity. Next, the author makes an overview of recent studies regarding contextual factors on team performance to provide.

The Effects of Eco-Certification on Office Properties: A ... - CiteSeerX

Karen M. McGrath, MS, LEED AP. Coventry ... properties that are LEED only certified or that possess both the LEED and Energy Star labels are inconclusive.

Qualitative Effects of Magazines on Advertising ... - CiteSeerX

Edward C. Malthouse (Ph.D., Northwestern University), Associate Professor of ... and robust measures of magazine experience, we now turn to the second step, ...

Treatment with Oxandrolone and the Durability of Effects ... - CiteSeerX

We investigated the effects of the anabolic androgen, oxandrolone, on lean body ... should be investigated for sustaining gains in muscle mass and strength ...

Facebook Paradox? The Effects of Facebooking on ... - CiteSeerX

examined between Facebook intensity, online and offline social relationship ... Furthermore, users' SRS on Facebook also positively predicted their offline SRS.

The effects of 3 food supplements on feeding and ... - CiteSeerX

'Biostrath' might contain as yet unknown growth factors from yeast which are not present in the standard diet or the synthetic vitamin preparations. Generations of ...

The Effects of Competition and Reward on Intrinsic ... - CiteSeerX

Samantha Buxton. Huron University College. Abstract. The effect of competition and reward on intrinsic motivation was examined in 40 undergraduate university.


User Interfaces, Iblex, New York (forthcoming) . 74. Umbers, I, 1979, 'Models of the Process Operator,'. International Journal of Man-Machine studies, 11, pp.

The Effects of External Sodium and Potassium ... - CiteSeerX

The experiments were performed on the isolated hearts of toads (Bufo vulgaris for- mosus) weighing from 100 to 300 g. The heart was perfused by the Langendorff.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING. -. Y. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING. -. Y. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 ELITE GAMING.

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3 Jun 2010 ... Nova Southeastern University COM/MPH, 3200 South University Drive, ... Bathers were 1.76 times more likely to report gastrointestinal illness.

Effects of salinity build-up on biomass characteristics ... - CiteSeerX

University of Wollongong, [email protected] Wenshan ... by salinity o High salinity condition accelerated membrane fouling due to SMP and EPS release ...

effects of storage and processing on pesticide residues ... - CiteSeerX

Residues of pesticides in food are influenced by the storage, handling and processing that occurs between ... The use of radiotracers in pesticide residue studies in stored products has been the ... S. Howard and G. Yip, J. Assoc. Offic. Anal.. 3,.