De-Essentializing Interracial Representations - jstor

(Jungle Fever and Kindred) reinforce or destabilize limiting defini- tions of race and ... on an affluent block in Harlem, surrounded by run-down build- ings and ...

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De-Essentializing Interracial Representations - jstor

(Jungle Fever and Kindred) reinforce or destabilize limiting defini- tions of race and ... on an affluent block in Harlem, surrounded by run-down build- ings and ...

Essentializing vs. non-essentializing students' cultural identities ...

21 Mar 2017 ... The study employs a critical multicultural education and postcolonial perspective with a particular focus on essentialist and non-essentialist views ...

Statutory Ban on Interracial Marriage Invalidated by ... - jstor

compilation of statutes and cases arising thereunder, see MANGUM, THE LEGAL STATUS OF. THE NEGRO 236 et seq. (1940); Comment, A Brief Survey of ...


INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS IN. THREE SHORT STORIES BY JAMES ALAN McPHERSON. Edith Blicksilver. During a question-and-answer session at Iowa ...

Education and Black-White Interracial Marriage - jstor

race by wife's education. The parameters for these models are the log-odds ratios of interracial mar adjacent educational categories for black men, black women, ...

The Patterning of Chinese-Caucasian Interracial Dating - jstor

Chinese-American girls have internalized the dominant dating values of the Caucasian teenager to a greater extent than Chinese-American boys. Because.

Absorbing the 'Aboriginal problem': controlling interracial ... - jstor

acteristics through interracial relationships ('biological absorption'). In most instances, however ... prevalence of interracial sexual relationships between white men and Abor. In 1904 Walter Roth, the ... Printer, Perth. Tindale, Norman B1940 ...

The State of Louisiana v. Charles Guerand: Interracial Sexual ... - jstor

the Jim Crow Era (Chicago, 1996), 15; Rhonda Y. Williams, The Politics of Public ... Dennis C. Rousey, Policing the Southern City: New Orleans, 1805-1889 (Baton ... and Virginia Domlnguez, White by Definition: Social Classification in Creole.

interracial marriage in the united states: some data on upstate ... - jstor

on interracial marriage will no longer be available for New York State. In addition to the compilation and analysis of the published state statistics from 1916 to ...

The Color of Love: Young Interracial Couples in Cuba - jstor

Nadine T2 Fernandez. In several recent essays on race in Cuba, social disapproval of interracial couples has been cited as evidence of persistent racial ...

patterns of interracial dating and sexual liaison of white and ... - jstor

the physical and sexual. Interracial sexual liaison, especially in the form of the so-called "one-night fling," was found to be an extensive pattern among the black.

"a superior colored man…and a scotch woman": interracial ... - jstor

WOMAN": INTERRACIAL MARRIAGES IN NEW. YORK CITY, 1850-1870. By JANE DABEL. When interviewed by a pension official in 1893, Ellen Davis stated ...

'I Used to Get Mad at My School': Representations of ... - jstor

'I Used to Get Mad at My School': representations of ... of their songs have evaded the most thorough of searches. ... the beat of the drums loud and cold.

Representations of Auschwitz - jstor

Representations of Auschwitz: 50 years of photographs, paintings and graphics. ... chambers capable of exterminating tens of thousands on a single day. Before.

Representation and Representations of the Railways of ... - jstor

62 The uncomfortable carriages were a main source of ... 62 OIOC, T37184 (c), The British Indian Association, N.W.P., No. ... See, for example, 'Thalapathy.

Light against Darkness: The Visual Representations of a ... - jstor

rantists," the future beckons to the "lights" of patriotism.2 The legend reads: "May. Reason ... St. John says that God is the light, & that there is no darkness in him .

Representations of African American Quiltmaking: From ... - jstor

Far from recognizing a distinctive African American quilt style, early quilt histories barely acknowledged any ... listed on the back cover of the book as "a teacher, collector, and writer of women's. Figure 6. ... Howard Morphy and Morgan Perkins, pp. 125-8. Maiden, MA: ... Wilson, Sadye Tune, and Doris Finch Kennedy. 1983.

The Politics of Dance: Changing Representations of the ... - jstor

'To us, life, with its rhythms and cycles is Dance. (...) Dance is a ... Albert Mawere Opoku, one of the founders of the Ghana Dance ... (1963a): Africa Must Unite.

Domesticating Rosario: Conflicting Representations of the ... - jstor

in feature films such as Maid in Manhattan (2002), starring. Jennifer ... maids and the narratives afforded in the ... maids depicted in the teen-comedy Clueless.

Representations in Liu Xiang's Anthologies Xin xu and Shuo ... - jstor

3 Xiao Tong Mfât (501-531), ed., Wen xuan (Shanghai: Shang. 1986), 41.1860 ... from Du Jiaqi "Liu Xiang bianxie 'Xin xu,' 'Shuo yuan' yanjiu" IfJíRJÜjjli "1ft ... Yet [Ban Gu] ranks him with Zhu Yun 7 fcff (ca. ist c. bce) and puts him at the front of.

'Bravest of the Brave': Representations of 'The Gurkha' in ... - jstor

discourse see the Gurkhas as the descendants of the fighting men who. An earlier version of this paper was presented to a seminar at the Institute of Social.

Symbols and Metaphors in Literature and Representations of ... - jstor

Symbols and Metaphors in Literature and. Representatons of Private Life. In the broadest sense of the word, the use of symbols in language and other systems.

Representations of Education in HBO's The Wire, Season 4 - jstor

My main purpose in this article is to introduce season four of The Wire—the. "education" ... educational, political, social, legal, and "streets/corner" storylines can be made. Given my ... of educators in the television series Boston Public. Another ...

The Earliest Representations of Brailed Sails - jstor

reproduced courtesy of Shire Publications Ltd.) rather unusual sail. The scene of the action ap- pears to be somewhere on the Nile, judging.

When False Representations Ring True (and When They Don't) - jstor

cally at young people, used the popular technique of "Frankenbiting" to create a nonexistent love triangle among two girls and a boy (Poniewozik and McDowell ...

Representations of the Midland Rising of 1607 - jstor

known among historians as 'the Midland Revolt', the term 'Midland Rising' seems more ... tyme, when people were forced to eat catts and dogs flesh, and women to ... patience' which had tempted the 'mad and rebellious multitude' to use.

interpreting buddhist representations of motherhood and ... - jstor

A Feminist-Ethical Hermeneutical Approach for Buddhist Studies? My interest in the representations of motherhood and mothering in the literary traditions of ...

Naipaul's Children: Representations of Humor and Ruin in ... - jstor

Naipaul's Children: Representations of Humor and Ruin in. Miguel Street. Aaron Eastley. In October of 1917 an opinion piece ran in the Trinidad Guardian ...

Objective: Don't Starve”: Representations of Scarcity in Virtual ... - jstor

“Main Objective: Don't Starve”: Representations of Scarcity in Virtual ... the constant lack of resources such as food, ammunition, functional equipment, and.

Representations of Urartian and Western Iranian Fortress ... - jstor

Northeast Mesopotamian Fortress. Balawat Gates, Band VIII. Page 13. ARCHITECTURE IN THE ASSYRIAN RELIEFS 107 formulae ...

Bronze Age Representations of Aegean Bull-Leaping - jstor

Minoan and Mycenaean bull-leaping' has been a popular subject of discussion and speculation since. 1884 when Heinrich Schliemann found at Tiryns a fresco ...

Representations in Crisis: The Roots of Canada's Permeable ... - jstor

Representations in Crisis: The Roots of. Canada's Permeable Fordism*. JANE JENSON Carleton University. There is general agreement that the new Canadian ...

on the sculptural representations of ambika-gauri-parvati from ... - jstor

merates the various names of Durga among which the following names appear wz., 1. ... India.27 Ambika another name of the goddess Durga in Brahmanical.

Rock and Roll in Representations of the Invasion of Vietnam - jstor

But beyond these parallels with rock lyrics, the pas- ... Uncommon Valor (Ted Kotcheff, 1983) and Chuck Norris's Missing in Action films of 1984 and 1985.

Corporal Evidence: Representations of Aileen Wuornos - jstor

TV film Overkill (1992) was made with the collaboration of police investigators and Wuornos's former lover, Tyria. Moore, who made lucrative deals with the ...

No Secret Anymore: Lesbian Representations in Cold War ... - jstor

rights. Given their familiarity today with lesbian and gay celebrities as well as ordinary ... Kate Adams, "Making the World Safe for the Missionary Position: Images.