Sarah Kanake Thesis - QUT ePrints

One last tug, and the pelt tumbled into his hands. It was still warm ... Samson pawed at his lips as if he could rub Jonah out of his mouth. 'It's disgusting,' said ...

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Sarah Kanake Thesis - QUT ePrints

One last tug, and the pelt tumbled into his hands. It was still warm ... Samson pawed at his lips as if he could rub Jonah out of his mouth. 'It's disgusting,' said ...

Sarah Moor Thesis - QUT ePrints

flicked a dodgy switch, her sudden nakedness was a blown bulb. Her necklace ... section were cooking essentials: a red fuel bottle, she passed it under my nose like smelling ... British equivalent of Bunnings. Boots ... whipper snipper. Almost ...

Thesis Sarah van Broekhoven - WUR E-depot

inhalation of Tenebrio molitor (Mealworm) and Zophobas morio (Superworm). ... demethylation and CDNB glutathione conjugation activity in response to > 25 ...

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Mates4Mates: A holistic mental health rehabilitation service approach for ... With centres in Brisbane and Townsville, the world first veteran holistic support ...

Sarah V. Marsden PhD thesis - St Andrews Research Repository

21 Jun 2013 ... over the last 40 years, see Marsden and Schmid (2011). ... as calling AQAP a 'cash cow' for the Saleh regime (Scahill, 2012). Al-Nabi on the.

Masters Thesis - QUT ePrints

27 May 2016 ... increased understanding about and for the design of, milk packaging. ... Woolworths and Coles then because ... you'd want to reuse the glass bottles so you'd want to ... In fact I would have written unhomogenized on there as.

Julie Lee Thesis - QUT ePrints

To my son who said, “Mum, if you have your phone, you have your ... example, because of the frequency of codes relating to self-awareness and ... experience of web users and asserts that grounded theory “deals well with the ... A herbal remedy from a naturopath cured her sinus ... So, my eldest son, he's a bit naughty.

Thesis Rowden - QUT ePrints

examined an existing traditional pre-licence motorcycle rider training program and ... extent to which an existing motorcycle rider training course addressed risky riding ... Process Evaluation Findings from Questionnaire Items . ... example, in New South Wales during 2007 learner motorcyclists were involved in.

Zhongtian Li Thesis (PDF 1MB) - QUT ePrints

the industry seems to not be interpreted through the lens of legitimacy theory; (3) the relevant disclosure of EMS firms arguably shows that one motive behind the.

Rouhshi Low Thesis - QUT ePrints

8 Apr 2008 ... 'Indefeasibility – Logic or Legend'? in David Grinlinton (ed), Torrens in ... high degree of care should be expected of CAs in registering people ...

Lin Cheng Thesis - QUT ePrints

Table A-1 Flight timetable in the model. ... Agent-based modelling simulation case study: assessment of airport check- in and evacuation process by ... EK435. 20:45. 222. 84. 30. 10. SB153. 21:20. 134. 76. 31. 1. FJ922/QF347. 22:40. 134. 83.

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16 Aug 2016 ... management nurse practitioner service: parameters of practice and patient outcomes. Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research ...

Brendan Moy Thesis - QUT ePrints

compatible with the skill acquisition needs of the individual. This is an ... viable alternative pedagogy, grounded in contemporary motor learning theory that ... 2011; Perlman and Goc Karp 2010; Sinelnikov and Hastie 2010; Spittle and Byrne ... an idealised hurdling technique from a coaching manual, was an unrealistic.

Ha Phan Thesis - QUT ePrints

materials of E (alluvium) and C (estuarine muds) and locations of Burpengary, ... However, most of the sediment phosphorus pool remains unavailable most of the time. ... water level was above ground level for some boreholes located in the ...

Benjamin Law Thesis - QUT ePrints

the sound of a lone wok frying inside the kitchen, and the hopeful smile of a Chinese ... included gathering oral histories of Asian-Australian families in South-East ... such as the 2004 firebombings and racist vandalism of three Chinese restaurants in Perth on a ... ladle to push through black, vile, oily sludge through the.

Thesis Templae - QUT ePrints

engaged employees might have little control over the way in which they might manage ...

Eve Klein Thesis - QUT ePrints

voice with Vernon Mackie while he was writing Bel Canto: The Essence of Vocal ... beat bed, this album maintains a continuity that defies the wild stylistic appropriations and ... Amos was considered a piano prodigy, receiving a scholarship to ... laptops, creating the ribbons of sound and providing sound beds and textural ...

Margaret Lau Thesis - QUT ePrints

Early childhood educators can help enhance children's creativity especially, but not ... potentials are not stifled, and so that the next generation may have greater ... structuring early childhood environments, planning activities and creating ... the important role of Hong Kong teachers in shaping all of these factors within their.

Ben Stone Thesis - QUT ePrints

10 Aug 2019 ... such as The Wolf of Wall Street (Belfort, 2013) and reporting on Enron. ... popularised as a veritable breeding ground of Jordan Belforts [The Wolf of Wall Street, ... Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling: Master the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and ... Technologies of the self: A seminar with Michel Foucault.

Digitised Thesis - QUT ePrints

Construction industry development: analysis and synthesis of contributing factors. PhD thesis submitted by Paul William FOX, in April2003. The emerging body ...

Shi-Qiang Liu Thesis - QUT ePrints

6 Feb 2011 ... No-Wait Blocking Parallel-Machine Flow-Shop Scheduling ... Many large coal mining operations in Australia rely heavily on the rail network to.

Narelle Gee Thesis - QUT ePrints

This thesis presents an insider's account of rage, exploring it within its ABC TV and ... In March 1991, the Sydney Morning Herald's Peter Holmes observes that.

Yeu-Hui Chuang Thesis - QUT ePrints

Martin et al. (2002) used the Camberwell Assessment of Need for the Elderly scale ... conducted in the café outside the nursing home based upon his decision.

Shi Yee Wong Thesis - QUT ePrints

can help enhancing water efficiency such as water efficient taps, water recirculation ... of the Year” and “North Queensland Energy Efficiency” (Finlay Homes, 2017), and ... bringing both parties together (Ball & Wiley, 2006; Smith, 2012).

Margaret Klaassen Thesis - QUT ePrints

Dr. Moore persuaded me that answers to those questions might be found if I ... The Toowoomba Chronicle and Darling Downs Advertiser, owned and edited ... 64 Commandant Pieter (Piet) Cronje (1848‒1911), South African History Online ...

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Eugene Mason Thesis - QUT ePrints

3 Jun 2018 ... argentus population studied at Kroombit Tops National Park over two years followed the trends of the genus, with strong evidence of both a ...

Elizabeth Curtis Thesis - QUT ePrints

Schaeffer, 2004); whilst some advocate it as a separate subject within the timetable. (see for ... are very much values-based, for example „What makes a good life? ... Maroochydore or somewhere like that and they do that once a week. So they.

Jeff Lean Thesis (PDF 1MB) - QUT ePrints

The Qurank website (Cujes, 2009) is the premier forum for rock climbing in SE. QLD. ... Finally, a detailed survey was presented to climbers through the Qurank.

Kirsty Volz Thesis - QUT ePrints

including textual analysis of scripts, visual analysis of production design, existing ... 71), through which Boy Girl Wall (2010) by The Escapists and A Midsummer.

Simon de Veer Thesis - QUT ePrints

reagents for amino acid coupling were obtained from Auspep (Melbourne, Australia) or Iris ... [42] Kern, J. S., Gruninger, G., Imsak, R., Muller, M. L. et al.,.

Suzan Vujanovic Thesis - QUT ePrints

outdoors, kicking a football to one and other, amongst red background. However, ... links the rooster to the pleasure of playing outdoors with animals and friends.

Joseph Tang Thesis (PDF 8MB) - QUT ePrints

The composition of arc-associated plutonic and volcanic rocks varies laterally ... zone: the Gympie arc to the east at 270 Ma (Sivell & McCulloch, 1993; Passmore ...

Rajendra Singh Thesis - QUT ePrints

29 Mar 2005 ... best of my knowledge and belief, the thesis contains no material ... purchased in Berkeley and a lot of other hardware was in our toolbox. Handy ... 7 Walter Crescent, Lawnton, 4501 or PO Box 5282, Brendale Q 4500 Australia.

Richard Meyers Thesis - QUT ePrints

The Halo 3: ODST soundtrack won the Spike Video Game Award for best original score. As well as the use of specific instrumentation and environmental sounds, ...

Lorna Quinnell Thesis (PDF 6MB) - QUT ePrints

Key Words. Content knowledge. Four resources model [FRM]. Literacy. Learning session/s. Mathematics. Preservice teachers. Pedagogical content knowledge.