12 Angry Men - Daily Script


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12 Angry Men - Daily Script


ROOM Final Shooting Script 121714 Script - Daily Script

Something smashes into the stove: one of Ma's heavy books. Jack cries out in shock and distress. JACK. You made him gone! Ma starts to sweep up the crumbs.

TIN CUP - Daily Script

To the range, where Molly is stretching and Tin Cup is discreetly waving to the ... you're using them on your first lesson -- this is ... Simms removes Tin Cup's hand from the seven iron and grabs the club ... were worth a shit, Simmsy! (raucously).

TIN MEN - Daily Script

He picks up his check book ledger and writes out a check. WING. (writing). So, that's one thousand, one hundred and thirty-eight dollars. Finishes writing ...

COC ) 0 1 - Daily Script

drop up to the Krell laboratory and have their. T O ' c? T-, , /-; -4- ... Even the Krell forgot one deadly danger— their own subconscious ... (confident and serene).

X-Men - Daily Script

The boy's parents watch him as he, as they, are taken away. ... And when the first one brings blood to a YOUNG BOY'S brow, ... class "remote in the extreme.".

Inside Out - Daily Script

Anger takes the controls as FLAMES blast out of his head. An anger memory ... runs to the back window to watch them glide through the ... Oh! Remember the funny movie where the dog ... ANGER, flames and yell at full blast, pushes up the levers. INT. ... Joy pulls a balloon free from a TWISTY BALLOON PALM TREE. She.

Deliverance - Daily Script

11 Jan 1971 ... They are milling around the cash desk, paying the tab, talking and ... LONNIE follows DREW ciosely, holding the banjo in whatever position DREW ... These are the first notes of a piece called Duelling Benjces as recorded by ...

Three Kings - Daily Script

17 Feb 1999 ... guy was lying, it's back where we came from. TROY. I can't do this, okay? I've got a family and if I shit in a bag the rest of my life cuz I got shot.

THIS BOY'S LIFE - Daily Script

SKIDS hideously close to the cliff's edge. Dwight is oblivious to the ... Dwight picks up the copy of Boy's Life and thumbs through it, He reads: ... He imitates Elvis -- moves his hips slightly and sings a few notes: DWIGHT. '... uh-huh-huh, my blue ...

Superman - Daily Script

26 Jul 2002 ... All this man wants to-do is cry. But he's ... breaking the sound barrier, flying south over ern ... m a blur, the Man of Steel has left the £ram$=. INT.

Moonlight - Daily Script

"In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue" ... Juan continuing up the walk as a woman, (TERESA, 20s, ... They're impossible to miss as the city passes by outside his.

Munich - Daily Script

Screenplay by. Tony Kushner ... OUTSIDE A PERIMETER FENCE OF THE OLYMPIC VILLAGE, MUNICH ... suits, carrying duffel bags, are climbing over the wire.

Get Him to the Greek - Daily Script

1 Oct 2008 ... The Irish Guy drops him, disgusted. ALDOUS (CONT'D) ... the first nice guy I've ever dated ... Aaron grabs the Dustbuster and vacuums them up.

The Queen - Daily Script

Seven o'clock. TV COMMENTARY. “If he wins, he'll be the youngest. Prime Minister in almost two hundred years..

Heist - Daily Script

1 Mar 1999 ... MOORE. I'm gonna be Don Ameche in a taxi, honey. (PAUSE). Get up. BELLA ...and what? MOORE. Get out.

Max Payne - Daily Script

24 Aug 2007 ... BB goes a bit pale, smile fading as Max's words continue. BB. It's really ... an island in the black water, a small boat bobs in place... The CAPTAIN ... Max FIRES, plaster from shattered walls caking on his sweat- soaked skin.

Sneakers - Daily Script

He rolls down a window and watches as police and ... Bishop is caught off guard as Wallace finally speaks. ... Bishop and Liz watch as he continues his lecture.

The Man Who Knew Too Much - Daily Script

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. An Original Screenplay by. John Michael Hayes. Converted to PDF by SCREENTALK www.screentalk.org.

ex machina - Daily Script

EX MACHINA. By. Alex Garland ... Behind CALEB, a few of the people behind CALEB in the office ... And there is a chair, which faces the glass observation box.

Before Sunset - Daily Script

24 Aug 2003 ... CELINE. Did you meet another girl? JESSE. Yeah, her name was Gretchen, she was awesome. The book's actually a composite of the two ...

Red Planet - Daily Script

15 Dec 1999 ... revealing the Red Planet's arid, forbidding features: Flat, rocky ... MEV drops toward the planet at high velocity. ... And a lotta girls're gonna miss.

The Big Sleep - Daily Script

"THE BIG SLEEP". Screenplay by. William Faulkner. Leigh Brackett. Jules Furthman. From the novel by. Raymond Chandler. 1944 ...

The Man Who Knew Too Much.SCW - Daily Script

An Original Screenplay by ... 13. EXT. THE CARRIAGE - (DAY) - MED. CLOSE SHOT. Jo slumps back into the seat, ... Three good reasons why you should have.

I, Robot - Daily Script

Good day, sir. Spooner's jaw. Clenches. Staring at the Robot. It senses the stare. ... we're going to miss the good old days. LT. ... now thinking, “This guy's a.


so that we can go on reading: “What I wanted to say was that. I thought he hated me. ... OLIVER then puts his free arm around ELIO, gently ... Not to me. Nor to your dad. ELIO is pleased that Oliver has asked his opinion on the manuscript. ELIO.

Man On Fire - Daily Script

10 Feb 2003 ... Pinta gets out with book bag and her towel. As she starts to walk past Creasy without a word, he holds out her pencil. She holds up, shows him a ...

Flight - Daily Script

luggage bins fly open and bags and coats rain down. 14. ... As the INVERTED PLANE ROARS overhead the CAMERA PANS to find -. NICOLE ... Wow. That audio paints a strong picture. Captain Whitaker is surely a hero in my opinion.

The Pianist.SCW - Daily Script

apartment, the living room lined with books, paintings and boasting a ... you'll find work, Wladek, a pianist ... Szpilman takes the book and reads the title page:.

Unbroken - Daily Script

Close on the bombardier, LOUIE ZAMPERINI. ... We hear Mrs. Zamperini's voice, somewhat muffled. The ... They had a daughter, Cissy, and a son, Luke.

analyze this - Daily Script

'made' guys informing for the. Feds; bosses ... Good. (to Jelly). Take the chart. Jelly releases the Doctor, grabs all the papers and follows Vitti out ... Ben jerks upright in bed, knocked awake by the nightmare. ... side-by-side refrigerator-freezer.

Children of Men - Daily Script

TV VOICE ... the world was stunned today by the death of Diego Ricardo, the youngest person on the planet... INT. CAFE -- DAY. Men and women standing, ...

The Bodyguard - Daily Script

He holds it carefully by the blade and throws it. It ... year's Best Actress runners. MARTIN ... blade to Rachel's neck and unties the silk scarf she is wearing there.

Breakdown - Daily Script

Jeff turns his head away from the camera and stares at. Howard. JEFF ... Photographs of men, women and children stare back at us. Names and ... over the void.

Adaptation - Daily Script

ADAPTATION by. Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman adapted from the book. THE ORCHID THIEF by. Susan Orlean. September 24, 1999. Second Draft ...

Awakenings - Daily Script

A W A K E N I N G S. Screenplay by. Steven 2ai11Ian. Based on the Book by. Oliver Sacks. OCTOBER 2, 1989. REV.10/13/89. REV.10/16/89. REV.10/25/89.