Athletic identity and retirement - ePrints version - USQ ePrints

The degree of voluntariness of sports career termination has also been highlighted as affecting adjustment to life after sport with voluntary career termination ...

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Athletic identity and retirement - ePrints version - USQ ePrints

The degree of voluntariness of sports career termination has also been highlighted as affecting adjustment to life after sport with voluntary career termination ...

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In this paper, we present data from the 2014 G20 Summit held in Brisbane, ... based group called “Colombianos en Brisbane” (CiB) for local information.

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This file was downloaded from: cG Consult ...

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Exploring the Economic Business case for Incorporating Biophilic Urbanism ... markets.237 Another definition by McTaggart et al describe an externality as a ... 7th ed. Boston: McGrawHill/Irwin. 510 The worth that a product or service has in ...

Interior Design Identity as Practised - QUT ePrints

review when interior design identity is specifically addressed. Practice as a ... 'Thinking inside the box: Interior design education in the 21st century: New visions,.


Table 7.3 Contrast and difference in Adele's transcript. ... directs the connection and links to the informal or the unofficial policy. Is this one that he has conjured?

Understanding the Chinese Diaspora: The Identity ... - QUT ePrints

9 Sep 2016 ... 30 participants from Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, this thesis ... TVB claims to be the largest Chinese-language television platform in.

Popular music, age, and identity Dan Padua - QUT ePrints

use of the Facebook, created for college students, while teenagers are ... in prison after making empty threats to detonate bombs at a One Direction concert.

Aboriginal Identity in Contemporary Society - QUT ePrints

It is the affirmation of identity within identities; what's your name, where do you come from? They are identified reference points for our spirituality. Aboriginal ...

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16 Sep 2017 ... around the world” (, selling international brands similar to mainstream fashion websites Net-a-porter and Mr Porter.

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Evidence from pre-cooling studies demonstrate performance benefits to be associated with ... 2,000 W room heaters (Kambrook, Australia) positioned at 5 m increments ... water (9.0 ± 0.5ºC), ice-vest covering the torso (Arctic Heat, Brisbane, ...

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Career counsellors may have a role to play in facilitating the transition and integration of people with refugee backgrounds, and narrative career counselling has ...

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from the Top 100 Australian construction companies were interviewed. ... HIA-Cordell Information Construction 100 2009/10, HIA Economics Group, 79.

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section developed by OneSteel Australian Tube Mills, using its patented dual ... Table 1 shows the section ... Design Capacity Tables of LSBs (OATM, 2008).

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'The Day of the Doctor' does not reaffirm modern legality but the painting 'Gallifrey Falls No. More' charts the implications for the digital end of time for law.

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Clinical Practice. Guidelines for. Ambulance and MICA. Paramedics (2014). Queensland. Ambulance Service. Clinical Practice. Manual (2015). Adrenaline. ✓. ✓.

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OzAsia (Adelaide) in 2017. 4. ... with the OzAsia Festival at the Adelaide ... In 2016, the Australian and Singapore Governments established the Australia ...

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the Civic Coins of Roman Phoenicia. Olivia F.H. Webster. Thesis submitted to The University of Nottingham for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. August 2018 ...

identity modulation in networked publics: queer ... - QUT ePrints

ii. Abstract. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) people now have access to a range ... recognisable in relation to personally identifying information (e.g., names, face photos) for ... Bec added some matches to Snapchat, since she ...

professional identity: shaping attraction, retention, and ... - QUT ePrints

temporary employment solution as opposed to a long-term career path (Galbiri Child. Care and Preschool Centre Incorporated, 2014). A significant factor that ...

Money, Love and Identity: Initial Findings from the ... - QUT ePrints

Money, love and identity: Overview of initial findings ... Money issues – difference in amount above award and programming time. ... Professor Karen Thorpe,.

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Statement of authorship. This thesis ... Statement of Ethical Conduct. The research ... La Trobe University, has generously shared excellent ideas. Simon has ...

Performing Identity in Contemporary Documentary Film - ePrints Soton

Gogglebox on Channel 4 which films people in their homes reacting to the week's most ... 161 Matt Dawson, 'Introduction: The (In)Compatibility of Socialism and Late ... 255 Stephen Dalton, '”Amy”: Film Review' The Hollywood Reporter.

Prioritising Identity: A grounded theory of employees ... - UTAS ePrints

Karin Mathison MCom (University of Tasmania). Submitted in ... First and foremost I would like to thank my mother, mentor and best friend Beth Mathison for.

Travel, identity, mortality in the work of Robert Dessaix - UTAS ePrints

Robert Dessaix is a prominent figure in Australian literary culture, known initially for hosting ABC Radio's Books and Writing programme (1985–95) and.

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McMahon merely repeated these complaints and neither fully explained the nature of the complaints ... (24) In two memoranda on Australia's post-war role in the Pacific, Burns suggested the ... Pacific; my visit to Germany's South Sea possessions", Wide World Magazine, 42,. 1918, 349-57 ... Email; [email protected] ...

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ages of 18 and 30 to work and holiday in Australia for up to 12 months. ... James Parker of TNT Magazine suggests that most backpackers were happy ... the Downunder Hostel in Kings Cross, Sydney, which killed six backpackers in 1989; the.

playing the games: diasporic identity, athletic ... - ScholarSpace

4 Hakka Chinese migrants represented a large proportion of this laboring group, and ... siblings stayed with “popo” (grandmother) and “kung kung” (grandfather) ...

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2 tickets to our Annual Spring Show Fundraiser. Current Sponsors: City of Emeryville | Woodward West | Sonia Mondkar-Floyd. Page 2. Head ...

Retiring: Role identity processes in retirement ... - Wiley Online Library

24 Feb 2020 ... How do the dominant role identities in pre-retirement life shape the retirement transition ... Wesley Uniting combined run … like a drop in centre.

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Analyzing the case of Ballast Point Park in Sydney, using a triple bottom line approach. Jola. : Journal of Landscape Architecture. 2015, 2, in press. Abstract.

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SEB contains approximately 1.6 km of underground sections, both bored and cut and cover tunnels ... via Coorparoo and Carindale (TransLink, 2010). All buses ... Brisbane railway station is situated just south to the Cultural Centre station and.

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The first part of This Changes Everything explores the relationship between capitalism and climate change. In Chapter 1, Naomi Klein recounts her visit to the ...

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FIGURE 4.1: MAP of Glass House Mountains Region CASE STUDY ... before being called Port Douglas after former Qld. Premier, John Douglas. 1877 "Bump ...

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5 CorWa-1. Corrensite, Packwood, Washington (Eocene). All above samples are from the Source Clay Repository offered by The Clay Minerals Society. 6 ...

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IMK 103 - Pengenalan Sains dan Teknologi Makanan. Masa : 2 jam ... Foods are processed in order to preserve them for long term use and distribution. Describe any three main ... Explain how would a processor of `mee' noodles apply.