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23 Nov 2012 ... Misting System Range. If battery power becomes low, the valve closes automatically. In this case please insert new ALKALINE batteries.

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misting timer - Holman Industries

23 Nov 2012 ... Misting System Range. If battery power becomes low, the valve closes automatically. In this case please insert new ALKALINE batteries.

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The Holman Misting system features 10mm diameter high pressure ... The best way to remove compression fittings from the misting hose is to “wobble”.

Misting System - Holman Industries

7 Aug 2014 ... Outdoor Cooling Misting System. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE USE. The Holman Misting system features 10mm diameter ...

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14 Nov 2012 ... Irrigation Medium: Clean Water. Batteries: 2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline. Batteries (Not Supplied). CO1701 2 Dial Tap Timer.indd 3. 14/11/12 4:34 PM ...

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12 Nov 2012 ... Irrigation Medium: Clean Water. Batteries: 2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline. Batteries (Not Supplied). CO1705 Digital Tap Timer.indd 3. 12/11/12 1:38 PM ...

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INSTRUCTION MANUAL - HOSELINK® MISTING TIMER. Hose-Pro International Pty Ltd. T: 1300 900 617. PO Box 6671 Frenchs Forest NSW 2100.

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HOLMAN GreenWall. Vertical Planting Kit w/ Installed. Watering System. Australian Patent No: 2014100545 - Patent Applied for -. 608582 in New Zealand ...

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SPRINKLERS. Hoses & Hose End. Travelling Sprinkler. 7700H. Metal Travelling Sprinkler. 9319841037115. Order QTY 1. Travelling Sprinkler Spare Parts.

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12 Nov 2019 ... WSA PS 242 Polyethylene (PE) plain wall pipes and fittings for ... Where sewer pipe is sourced from alternative suppliers, Holman will ensure ...

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Features. 1. Glossary. 2. Programming Instructions. Introduction. 3. Programming Example. 4. Other Functions. 5. General tips for programming. 5. Programming.

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PLUS most misting systems ever sold ... we'll always have the parts you'll need - when you need them. We take total responsibility for what we sell, so we ...

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Gear drives, pop up sprinklers and solenoid valves for the commercial and residential irrigation ... K-Rain is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of Gear Drive ... irrigation professionals, connected garden, and telecare professionals.

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The LIGHTSOURCE controller has an automatic power overload switch that will turn the lights off if too much power is being consumed. Lighting Set up Example. ( ...

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The installation of your GreenWall is easy to do. 1) “Location” is as important in growing a Green-. Wall as it is in real estate. Growing on a vertical.

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12 Volt Submersible Pump: Designed to work correctly with drip line irrigation. ○ Runs up to 120 Metres of Brown Dripline or 90 Metres of Purple Dripline: Ideal for.

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The Low Pressure Tap Timer is programmed using three individual controls - 2 Dials and an Enter button. The left dial can be turned to select the 'Frequency' of ...

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27 Feb 2013 ... Travelling Sprinklers are made for established lawns. For delicate, newly-seeded yards another type of sprinkler should be used. Values quoted ...

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Setting Instructions - Holman Industries

Bury the sprinkler flush on the same watering zone. 2. INSPECTING THE FILTER. Unscrew the top (H) and lift the complete riser assembly (J) out of the can (K) ...

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Email: [email protected] HEAD OFFICE. 463 Scarborough Beach Road. Osborne Park. Western Australia. 6017. Tel: 61 8 9204 1011 Fax: 61 ...

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Pipe orders must be unloaded by forklift not manually. Pipe to be placed on seperate order. 6. RESTOCKING CHARGE. Subject to prior agreement with Holman, ...

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Dial Ezy Gardener is available in 4 and 6 station configurations. Designed to cover a wide range of applications from residential and commercial turf, to light.

Irrigation Controller - Holman Industries

... 240VAC x 24VAC inbuilt transformer, lead with plug. D. E. S. IG. NE. D & ENGIN. EE. R. E. D. AUSTRALIAN. Instruction Manual. N10372. Irrigation Controller.

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iWater™ is very easy to setup. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings. Simply select the tap timer number and adjust the watering days, run time ...

Retractable Hose Reel - Holman Industries

Do not dismantle the hose reel for additional spare parts. Other internal metal parts can cause injury if tampered with. These parts are not available for replacement ...

CO1605 MANUAL-Print - Holman Industries

water to run for. “Days” is where you select what day(s) you want to water on. ... Press to end manual or automatic watering. 1. ... HOLMAN - Digital Tap Timer.

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Installez le raccord au robinet ... HOLMAN INDUSTRIES guarantee to the original purchaser that any product supplied will be free from defects in materials & ...

Quick Setup Guide - Holman Industries

terminals to each solenoid valve ii. Complete the circuit by looping a common cable to all valves and connecting to the COMMON (C) terminal. 9V. ALKALINE.

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CO1805 Instruction Sheet - Holman Industries

Using the 4 control buttons, follow the steps. - Increase Value below to program the tap timer. Scroll using this button to program the timers automatic settings.

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HOLMAN - 2 Dial Tap Timer. Product Code: CO1601. Maximum Water Pressure: 800 kPA. Minimal Water Pressure: 100 kPa. Battery: Use a standard 9 Volt ...

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The Holman iGardenerTM app allows you to control up to 8 controllers or tap timers. You are able to fully control upto 6 zones on the BTX6. Each zone can be ...

Simple 3 Step Programming - Holman Industries

TAP TIMER. CO1601 - 2 Dial Tap Timer. Thank you for purchasing this device, please read the operating instructions carefully to familarize yourself with the ...

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The sprinkler shall have a minimum of 5-inch (12.7 cm) pop-up stroke to bring the rotating nozzle turret into a clean environment. The sprinkler shall be available ...

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We suggest installing a Holman Tap Timer to automat- ically and accurately water your GreenWall. Schedule the tap timer to meet your required watering, this ...