city of yarra heritage review thematic history - Yarra City Council

Derby and Peel Streets, in Collingwood, were the streets laid out by ... after the worry and the wear, the profit and the loss, of a busy day, and smoke the calmut ... and Easey Sts), and the Quarry man's Arms, Council Club and Courthouse (all in.

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city of yarra heritage review thematic history - Yarra City Council

Derby and Peel Streets, in Collingwood, were the streets laid out by ... after the worry and the wear, the profit and the loss, of a busy day, and smoke the calmut ... and Easey Sts), and the Quarry man's Arms, Council Club and Courthouse (all in.

City of Yarra Heritage Gaps Butler Review 1 2012 - Yarra City Council

Loyal Studley Hotel (Former) (HO374), 53 Burnley Street, Richmond . ... entered by Yarra City Council from existing Graeme Butler & Associates ... The public infrastructure is typical of the Edwardian-era, such as stone pitched lane paving,.

city of yarra review of heritage overlay areas 2007 - Yarra City Council

Dights Mill Complex (head race, turbine house base, trail race and basalt retaining wall) & Dights Falls, Yarra ... Shop & residence, former Juncken's Saddlery.

city of yarra heritage review building citations - Yarra City Council

the south-east corner of Langridge Street. The pediment of ... The warehouse at 41 Madden Grove, Richmond, is of local architectural significance. The building is ... pair with a cement rendered Adam style decorative arch above. The end bays ...

City of Yarra Heritage Review 2007 Appendix 7 - Yarra City Council

7 Jul 2003 ... Robson's warehouse, 635 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North. ... clubs, including the Savage, the Victoria Racing and the Melbourne Cricket clubs.

City of Yarra Heritage Gaps Review One 2013 - Yarra City Council

of Yarra Heritage Gaps Study: Review of remaining 17 heritage precincts from the ... The Alphington Village south of the Heidelberg Road was created from ... Wertheim's piano factory, Ruwolt, Rosella, Moore Paragon and Braeside Shirt ... The 'cottage built for comfort' (Oakden & Ballantyne) illustrated in 'Building' June.

City of Yarra Heritage Review 1998 Vol 3 - Yarra City Council

council independent of the City of Melbourne.44 By October that year the East ... Heidelberg Road, as well as a portion of Hoddle Street which provided access to the quarries to ... Workers' Cottages, south side Buckingham Street, Richmond.

thematic study of theatres in the city of yarra - Yarra City Council

26 Sep 2017 ... The picture palaces that began showing silent movies and later the 'talkies' and finally ... Rex Theatre 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford.

City of Yarra Heritage Gaps Butler Stage 1 2008 - Yarra City Council

Council then engaged Graeme Butler and Associates to refine the work developed in. Planning Scheme Amendment C43 and to reassess all the heritage data ...

city of yarra heritage gap study: stage 2 - Yarra City Council

in the mid-1880s with a generous land selection at Fern Tree Gully (Belgrave), which he named ... Burnley's estate) and others including John Clark and William Baker. ... Board, and by the 1920s William Chambers' Standard Rubber Works of.

HERITAGE GAP STUDY: REVIEW OF 17 ... - Yarra City Council

D.2 Richmond Industrial Buildings, 6-8 & 26 Bromham Place, 14 Risley Street, ... These areas - the southern section of HO325 and the Murphy Street precinct ...

heritage gap study: review of 17 heritage ... - Yarra City Council

'Mornington', at 361 Highett Street, that sets the character for Victorian-era villas in the ... retailer Milady's Shoemaker, and Buckley & Nunn also became a large ...

heritage review of predefined areas in ... - Yarra City Council

9 Jul 2015 ... current boundaries of the Heritage Overlay in these areas and sought properties to be included in the NRZ. ... beginning with heritage precincts in Abbotsford and Collingwood. ... Former Freemason's Tavern. Yes. No. No. No.

Heidelberg Road Heritage Review Stage 2 - Yarra City Council

23 Sep 2019 ... This report, the Heidelberg Road Heritage Review 2019, has been ... in 1924 and 1925 and news agency G E A Richardson, appear to have ...

Bridge and Victoria Built Form Review Heritage ... - Yarra City Council

8 Jun 2018 ... Victoria Street has since transformed into Melbourne's centre ... to the south; Hoddle Street to the west; and the Yarra River to the east. ... of the former Richmond Cinema (311-317 Bridge Road) fall outside of HO310.

Swan Street Built Form Heritage Review - Yarra City Council

23 Aug 2016 ... Figure 1: Swan Street, Richmond towards the former Dimmeys ... Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendment C240 'Bourke Hill' (4 May 2015).

Events in Public Spaces Policy - Yarra City Arts - Yarra City Council

... street based events include Johnston St Fiesta and Victoria St Lunar Festival, ... market, and our parks used for regular events such as fun runs and summer ...

City of Yarra Bike Strategy - 2016 Refresh - Yarra City Council

City of Yarra Bike Strategy - 2016 Refresh. Yarra has an established an extensive network of on-road and off-road bicycle routes. In. Yarra, a cycling culture has ...

City of Yarra Pick Me Up Guide July - December ... - Yarra City Council

20 Jul 2019 ... the Seventh Mildura Sculpture Triennial, in response to the lack of representation of women artists. Julia reinterprets the material from this ...

yarra city council's room-to-create program - Yarra City Arts

... McKenzie I Lord Mayors Charitable Fund | Meydan Group | Nelson Alexander ... Sinatra's residency at North Carlton Children's Centre in Canning Street will ...

City of Yarra Pick Me Up: January–June 2019 - Yarra City Council

8 Jan 2019 ... key arts organisations Dancehouse, will offer a massive program of ... Through their programs, the Make It Up Club adds to Melbourne's unique ...

Activity centres in the City of Yarra - Yarra City Council

26 Nov 2019 ... Dimmeys Clock Tower and prominent corner hotels. The western end ... MUZ – Church Street north of Victoria St; Lithgow Street; Little Charles.

Public art - Yarra City Arts - Yarra City Council

limited to paste up, stencil and spray art), Council has a service provision role in graffiti management projects, particularly in coordination with private property ...

Fitzroy Writers Festival Program - Yarra Libraries - Yarra City Council

Council, Fitzroy Learning Network, Fitzroy Legal Service, Yarra Youth Services and Melbourne Young Writers' Studio. THE GENTS AUSTRALIA. BROW BOOKS ...

George Knott Reserve upgrade complete Yarra ... - Yarra City Council

18 Dec 2018 ... Cr James Searle. 0427 121 310. [email protected] MELBA WARD ... Sophie and Julie own homewares store. Feathered ...

your guide to arts, culture and events in yarra - Yarra City Council

25 Jan 2020 ... presented by Dancehouse as part of the biennial Keir ... Torres Strait Islander communities in Melbourne, delivered by. Circus Oz in ...

Yarra News - June/July 2016 - Yarra City Council

North Carlton, Princes Hill, part of Clifton Hill (west of Wellington Street), North Fitzroy, Fitzroy (north of Moor Street) and part ... 106.7FM and Nelson Alexander.

Amendment C220 to the Yarra Planning Scheme - Yarra City Council

9 Oct 2018 ... Amend the existing incorporated document City of Yarra Review of Heritage Overlay. Areas 2007 Appendix 8, listed in the schedule to clause ...

Annual Report 2016-17 - Yarra Libraries - Yarra City Council

literacy initiative developed in conjunction with Yarra's Family Services branch ... Technology is no longer a stand-alone element of Yarra Libraries' service but ...

20190802 Gard'ner Expert Evidence - Yarra ... - Yarra City Council

8 Jul 2019 ... a: Level 3, 124 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 ... [3] I have practiced as an architect on heritage buildings and new ... Ursula Chandler Architects considers that new development behind Precinct 4 should be limited to.

Yarra Planning Scheme Amendment C231 ... - Yarra City Council

31 Oct 2019 ... (205-211 Queens Parade, VHR H2380), the former ANZ Bank (370-374 ... 2/9/19 DDO16 with commentary (Part C) 'track change version'.

Yarra News - February/March 2018 - Yarra City Council

6 Mar 2018 ... The Acacia Fitzroy Creche in Napier Street. Find more parks in Yarra by visiting ...

Yarra News - July/August 2017 - Yarra City Council

1 Aug 2017 ... Applications for Yarra's 2018 annual ... Friday 21 July, Melba Spiegeltent ... Chris White at the Australian Running Festival in Canberra,.

Urban Agriculture in Yarra 2014-2018 - Yarra City Council

establishment of the Collingwood Children's Farm in 1979, developed as an opportunity for the city's children to experience a farm and country existence, to the ...

A Guide to Yarra's Neighbourhood Houses and ... - Yarra City Council

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres ... NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE. 9 Belgium Avenue, Richmond ... BRUNSWICK STREET. HEIDELBERG ROAD.

Yarra Libraries Annual Report - Yarra City Council

It has been rewarding to watch as the library service has grown over the past year. With all usage statistics trending upward, Yarra Libraries continues to go from ...