Privacy Shielding against Mass Surveillance - arXiv

2 Feb 2014 ... It includes all communication ... 3) Use encrypted mail like Hush mail: Hush mail uses ... privacy and authentication for data communication.

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Privacy Shielding against Mass Surveillance - arXiv

2 Feb 2014 ... It includes all communication ... 3) Use encrypted mail like Hush mail: Hush mail uses ... privacy and authentication for data communication.

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whenever we are walking down city streets, travelling on public transport, driving on freeways, visiting shopping centres or attending a major sporting event.

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In many cultures, including our own, there is a nudity taboo. Except in the sex industry (prostitution, striptease, por- nography, and so forth), nudist colonies, and ...

balancing surveillance between needs of privacy and security

6 Aug 2011 ... 173 Ibid., 79. 174 Kanshi shakai wo kyohi suru kai (監視社会を拒否する会) ... ... "Kanshi kamera wa nani wo miteiru no ka" 監視カメラは何を見て ... San. Diego Law Review 44 (2007): 745-772. Stalder, Felix. “Privacy is not the antidote to surveillance.

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2015. Queensland State School Sector Survey Report. OIC, Information Privacy and Camera Surveillance Survey 2015 – Queensland State Schools ...

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In many cultures, including our own, there is a nudity taboo. Except in the sex industry (prostitution, striptease, por- nography, and so forth), nudist colonies, and ...

Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post ... - Commentary

20 Aug 2007 ... because of their ideology or race and ethnicity, or gender or sexual- ity or religion or ... Also referred to as “tromboning.” 8. Jonathan A. Obar ...

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particularly the Queensland Police Service, were operating informally, creating ambiguity ... (Qld). (IP Act) came into force on 1 July 2009 (1 July 2010 for local government). ... Townsville City Council, had discontinued monitoring to save costs.

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15 Feb 2019 ... submission in response to the Queensland Law Reform Commission's (QLRC). Consultation Paper outlining important issues raised in the ...

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In the midst of the Cold War, the NSA ran Operations SHAMROCK and MINARET. ... Intelligence Agency ("CIA") oversaw Operation CHAOS and built a database ...

Debate Introduction: The Privacy and Surveillance Implications of ...

“Cops and Cameras: Officer Perceptions of the Use of Body-. Worn Cameras in Law enforcement.” Journal of Criminal Justice 42(6): 549–556. Jennings, Wesley ...

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1 Jan 2015 ... any web mail provider, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and GMX. ... 221

Mass Surveillance and the Militarization of Cyberspace in Post ...

order number 3/2015 which installed “measures to deal with actions intended to ... University on 1 April 2015; and Thailand Update Conference at Columbia ...

Mass Surveillance and Terrorism: Does PRISM Keep Americans ...

29 Apr 2017 ... 11 “NSA Prism program slides,” The Guardian, November 1, 2013. 12 Barton Gellman and Laura Poitras, “U.S., British intelligence mining data ...

Security and Privacy of Surveillance Technologies in Public Places

9 Sep 2018 ... system at the Box Hill mall and laneways (see Section 2.5). We have consulted with the ... and sophisticated. CCTV cameras, the focus of this audit, are increasingly used in ... a livestock exchange. Source: VAGO based on ...

Electronic workplace surveillance and employee privacy - QUT ePrints

(Councilman) ran a company (Interloc), which provided an online out of print book ... prohibition on monitoring in bathrooms, locker rooms, or dressing rooms,.

Online privacy vs surveillance: Europeans' preferences on internet ...

However, RAND Europe has collected evidence as part of the largest ever surveys of citizens' views across Europe on security, surveillance and privacy issues, ...

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Shadow State: Surveillance, Law and Order in Colombia. 6/80. 3G. Third generation mobile telecommunications technology. 4G. Fourth generation mobile ...

TransLink Video Surveillance & Audio Recording Privacy Statement

4 Aug 2015 ... achieve the safety and security mandate, Translink uses video surveillance and ... contact TransLink's Privacy Officer by phone at 778-375-.

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29 Oct 2013 ... he reminded them of the Jason Bourne character. McCain attributed it to generation change and a lack of confidence in the federal government.

Surveillance of Space using Passive Radar and the ... - arXiv

10 Oct 2019 ... Space Station (ISS) as it passed over the MWA, the results in this paper have been generated using the Geraldton and Perth transmissions ...

UAV Command and Control, Navigation and Surveillance: A ... - arXiv

control (C2), or control and non-payload communications ... conditions and in satellite communication links for so-called ... and control (C2) communication.

Bondi mass - arXiv

We prove that the Bondi mass of an asymptotically flat, vacuum, spacetime ... are uniquely fixed by the choice of the cut Σ, up to a rescaling of u,r, and ... where s is one of the metrics on Σ just mentioned with normalization λ = 1 and c > 0 is.

Location Privacy in Conservation - arXiv

16 Jul 2019 ... Location Privacy in Conservation. Hayyu Imanda. University of Oxford [email protected] Joss Wright. University of Oxford.

Neutrino mass from Cosmology - arXiv

26 Dec 2012 ... Neutrinos can play an important role in the evolution of the Universe, ... the effect of flavour neutrino oscillations on the neutrino decoupling ...

Use Privacy in Data-Driven Systems - arXiv

7 Sep 2017 ... proxy use instantiation in a machine learning model that are identified by our detection algorithm and deemed inappro- priate by a normative ...

SoK - Security and Privacy in the Age of Drones: Threats ... - arXiv

12 Mar 2019 ... [34] androidauthority, “8 fun drones you can control with your smartphone,”.

Oblivious DNS: Practical Privacy for DNS Queries - arXiv

and their queries. To do so, ODNS uses its own au- ... and returns an IP address for the server that the client ... a DNS lookup but does not prevent the recursive resolver itself from linking ... to five DNS servers that can be involved in resolving in- formation for a ... find the authoritative server IP address. The root ...

PerfWeb: How to Violate Web Privacy with Hardware ... - arXiv

12 May 2017 ... ... opened websites, even when users browse in Incognito mode or with the ... bound of the fraction of the training error. In our ... 1)

Combination of CDF and DØ Results on the Top-Quark Mass - arXiv

30 Jun 2005 ... E. Thomson ([email protected]), C. Tully ([email protected]), E. W. Varnes ... Minuit Fitter in Dilepton Events at CDF, CDF/ANAL/TOP/PUB/7239;.

Estimating Atmospheric Mass Using Air Density - arXiv

density of air above the earth's surface to predict the mass of the atmosphere. ... earth radius used with the USSA formulation (6,356,766 m), respectively.

Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun - Propagation and Near ... - arXiv

16 Jul 2014 ... 4.5 Forbush decrease on 24 November 2001 with timings of shock and magnetic ... I would like to thank Dr. K. N. Ganesh, Director, IISER-Pune, for the excellent ... eclipse of 18 July 1860 in a drawing recorded by Gugliemo Temple shown in figure 1.6 ... Int. Cosmic Ray Conf., Adelaide 6, 217. Munakata, K.


the density and temperature in H II regions, which do not surround ... as discussed by Fatuzzo, Adams & Myers (2004, hereafter FAM) and as predicted ... where α is the dimensionless ratio of enclosed mass to radius, a function of ξ given in eq.

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multitude of services and information to be delivered to an end-user on demand ... of the equipment and software used to recover data was housed in a secured and ... Paper presented at the 9th Australian Digital Forensics Conference Perth,.

When the cookie meets the blockchain: Privacy risks of web ... - arXiv

16 Aug 2017 ... lations of a victim who mixes coins from her wallet and then ... 8437, pp. 486–504. [8] T. Ruffing, P. Moreno-Sanchez, and A. Kate, “Coinshuffle: Practical ... [26] K. Hill and S. Mattu, “Before You Hit 'Submit,' This Company Has.

User Perceptions of Smart Home IoT Privacy - arXiv

Serena Zheng, Noah Apthorpe, Marshini Chetty, and Nick Feamster. 2018. ... about their long-term experiences living with IoT devices. The interviews ... I'd be happier if someone hacked a plug than the camera pointed in the living room. (P1).