Notes on the Tempest - jstor

communicate, the reciprocal diffidence, the fear. Prospero's discovery of an "other," a "strange" child (later he will say deformed, but deformed may mean "formed.

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Notes on the Tempest - jstor

communicate, the reciprocal diffidence, the fear. Prospero's discovery of an "other," a "strange" child (later he will say deformed, but deformed may mean "formed.

The Tempest - jstor

Shakespeare Yearbook 6 (1996): 375-81. ... The Tempest, Romance, and Post-Colonialism." Essays in. Theatre/Etudes theatrales 15 (1996-97): 91-101.

The Day of The Tempest - jstor

Tempest as Shakespeare's encounter with a ceremonial occasion in the annual cycle of holidays, and ... In a cowslip's bell I lie;. There I couch when owls do cry.

The Tempest: Act IV - jstor

the masque is about done, Prospero "starts suddenly ... temper'd. Prospero, seeing Ferdinand's alarm, tries to ... "Prospero's discovery is comparable to Lear's.

The Tempest and the New World - jstor

1609.2 Ever since these discoveries or, more precisely, allegations of source and influence, Shakespeareans have been asking: "What has The Tempest to do, if.

The Tempest as Pastoral Romance - jstor

The Tempest as Pastoral Romance. CAROL GESNER ... romance of Daphnis and Chloe is suggested as another important influence on the genesis of the play.

The Tempest: Rejection of a Vanity - jstor

1 All Shakespeare quotations are from The Complete Works of Shakespeare, ed. George Lyman. Kittredge (Boston, I936). 2 Mark Van Doren, Shakespeare ...

The Tempest and The Waste Land - jstor

Weston, The Quest of the Holy Grail (London, I9I3), p. 95. My italics. Page 7. 358 American Literature the nature of the king ...

Brave New World and The Tempest - jstor

we realize, very largely in quotations ... first when he learns that Bernard Marx intends to take him back ... At one point the Savage quotes Prospero's injunction.

Natural Supernaturalism in the Tempest - jstor

vacuum cleaners and the radio, or indulging in feats of technical gym- ... 1 Konrad Meier, "Uber Shakespeares Sturm," in Die Neueren Sprachen, (Marburg.

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The Cambridge records indicate that Mey gave a lusus in February, 1551-2, and a tragedy in January, 1553-4, the expenses for each of which amounted to the.

Jonsonian Structure in The Tempest - jstor

the crucial discovery, the perception of the playwright's technique. But he tried to minimize it; hence his effort to define the third part is fumbling and in- complete.

The Tempest and Shakespeare's Last Plays: The Aesthetic ... - jstor

William. Allan Neilson and Charles Jarvis Hill (Cambridge, Mass., I942). F. D. Hoeniger provides the best discussion of the authorship problem in Pericles, as well ...

Shakespeare's Tempest and the Discourse of Colonialism - jstor

THE TEMPEST AND C O L O N I A L I S M course, according to Brown, ... colonial discourse is often powerful as a gloss on Prospero's view of the characters he ...

From Tempest to Epilogue: Augustine's Allegory in ... - jstor

From Tempest to Epilogue: Augustine's Allegory in Shakespeare's Drama. Alonso. Irreparable is the loss, and Patience. Says it is past her cure. Prospero.

Conquering Islands: Contextualizing The Tempest - jstor

In my analysis of The Tempest, I will show how such super- imposition of contexts serves colonialist ideologies. In discussing what I shall call "colonial quotation ...

Politics and the Poetic Ideal in Shakespeare's The Tempest - jstor

Tempest appears to be Shakespeare's testimony concerning the "ancient quarrel. ... life as nothing more constructive than sucking in a cowslip's bell and.

Tempest in Black and White: The 1924 Premiere of Eugene O ... - jstor

All God's Chillun Got Wings is the third and last play in which Eugene. O'Neill featured a black protagonist. With each new drama, by select- ing a different ...

Two Notes on" The Tempest"

In stage productions of The Tempest. Caliban is variously represented, some- times as a scaly reptilian creature, some- ... headed Monster" (II-ii-159); "debosh'd.

Notes to Borges's Notes on Joyce: Infinite Affinities - jstor

also compares their similar way of representing infinity by creating texts that ... ous brothel scene, and the chance conjuring of any loose phrase or idea ushers i.

Rethinking Dichotomies in Terry Tempest Williams's "Refuge" - jstor

Tempest Williams's Refu. In her work of creative nonfiction, Refuge , Ter seems to embrace many of the dichotomies that dard in Western thought: throughout the ...

Labour, Ease, and "The Tempest" as Pastoral Romance - jstor

Pastoral drama is indebted almost exclusively to the first, while the Sixth Book of The Faerie Queene is a true hybrid?pastoral poetry indebted to pastoral romance.

The Bulgarian Origins of "The Tempest" of Shakespeare - jstor

coveries literary and otherwise, only a rediscovery. What is the source of the plot of Shakespeare's Tempest? The scholars them- selves and those most ...

"The Tempest": Parallelism in Characters and Situations - jstor

courteous Ferdinand and the simple Miranda are foils for one another. There are two conspirators, Antonio and Sebastian; two clowns, Stephano and Trinculo; ...

Drake's Brave New World and "The Tempest" - jstor

a recounting of Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the world taken from the notes of the preacher ... The Chronicles of America Series. Ed. Allen Johnson.

"The Tempest" and the Origins of Britain - jstor

pointed out that the insistence on a New World context h equally important ... Tempest in the light of myths about the origin of Britain, which takes the play's ...

The Discourse of Prayer in "The Tempest" - jstor

with a prayer they may prove prosperous" (Measurefor Measure,. IV.i.496-7); "Kind gods, forgive me that, and prosper him" (King. Lear, III.vii.90); "Fairies and ...

The Music of Shadwell's "Tempest" - jstor

"Where the bee sucks." There are also dances in the last three acts, notably a Saraband for. Ariel and Milcha, a female spirit with whom Ariel is in love, but.

Janet Frame and "The Tempest" - jstor

This paper is an investigation of the ways in which The Tempest informs Janet ... Ariel sings, 'Where the bee sucks, there suck I', as she helps attire. Prospero ...

Seduction and Service in "The Tempest" - jstor

The inconsistency between Miranda's and Prospero's perc her betrothal ... sionment with his formerly beloved master (and mistress?), Ferdinand, under the ...

Revisiting "The Tempest" - jstor

the cultural examination of English literary texts, and The Tempest has been one of the ... related cultural phenomena-in this instance daily sights in London.

shakespeare's "tempest" - jstor

But the "Tempest" has not this double ele ment : with the first scene we are ... fear of the External always before his eyes; the latter being a drunkard, the slave of ...

Understanding "The Tempest" - jstor

closely connected to the rest of the play. Indeed there is no a priori reason to deny that a text may combine incompatible assertions: The. Tempest may well both ...

Time and "The Tempest" - jstor

In discussions of The Tempest, Shakespeare's use of the "unity of ... The discovery of a past history becomes a crucial part of the immediate action in such ... 9 My quotations are from the text of G. B. Harrison, ed., Shakespeare: The Com.

Interruption in "The Tempest" - jstor

the methods of the commedia dell'arte were in Shakespeare's mind when he ... Frank Davidson quotes and reads the speech selectively-omitting facts that.

Notes on Chinese Ink - jstor

bargain, for a cake of ink purported to been made by Li Yang-ping of the T'an nasty (A. D. 6I8-906), which he used only he painted lofty and inspiring subjects or.