2016: global heat record broken again - Climate Council

18 Jan 2017 ... The record global warmth of 2016 is part of a long- term trend. ... extreme weather conditions in Australia. › Autumn 2016 was ... Introduction. An intense January heatwave in South ... Sydney had its warmest autumn on record,.

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2016: global heat record broken again - Climate Council

18 Jan 2017 ... The record global warmth of 2016 is part of a long- term trend. ... extreme weather conditions in Australia. › Autumn 2016 was ... Introduction. An intense January heatwave in South ... Sydney had its warmest autumn on record,.

2017: another record-breaking year for heat and ... - Climate Council

8 Jan 2018 ... Australia experienced its third hottest year on record in 2017. The 'Angry Summer' of. 2016-17 broke more than 205 climate records across the ...

The Pacific Ocean heat engine: global climate's regulator

Slingo, J., and Palmer, T.: Uncertainty in weather and climate prediction, Philos T R Soc S-A, 369, 4751-4767, https://doi.org/10.1098/rsta.2011.0161, 2011. 1150.

the heat marches on - Climate Council

1 Mar 2016 ... MELBOURNE. Hottest March night on record, at a peak of 38.6°C in the evening and a minimum of 27.7°C the following morning. (BoM 2016b ...

the hottest year on record (again) - Climate Council

29 Oct 2015 ... This report is printed on 100% recycled paper. ... The global average temperature for 2015 ... records with July 2015 the hottest month ever on ...

angry summer 2016/17: climate change super ... - Climate Council

2 Mar 2017 ... Temperature Records Tumble, Yet Again: Summer of 2016/17 ..................................................................................1. 1.1 Capital ... Canberra had its hottest summer on record in terms of ... events. A major storm in September 2016.

dangerous summer: escalating bushfire, heat and ... - Climate Council

deficiencies have occurred in the Macquarie,. Namoi–Peel, and ... a number of times since 6 September in both ... Port Augusta: Hottest temperature this summer ...

WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2016

weather and climate trends and events at the global and ... 2015 to April 2016, when the El Niño influence ... early snowfalls also affected Japan, with Tokyo.

WMO Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2016 - unfccc

Numerous weather events have had major impacts in 2016. ... Republic of Korea, and Cyclone Winston, the most severe tropical on record to affect Fiji. ... Precipitation for the 12 months from July 2015 to June 2016 was well below average in ...

the global renewable energy boom: how australia ... - Climate Council

providing quality information on climate change to the Australian public. ... In fact, electricity and heat ... fact-sheet-us-and-india-climate-and-clean-energy-.

2016 – 2022 Record of Protected Structures - Wicklow County Council

Carrig. House. Dwelling. House. Rathdown. Lower Td. Three-bay, two-storey, mid-19 th ... complex ensemble of colonnades, ... No.15 (Lawlors Pharmacy).

Biggest train record broken at Bowmans - Bowman's Rail

months for Mallala council. DISTRICT Council of Mallala. Ratepayers' Association will hold ... president, John Lush, plans to stay in the role for another year.

Climate briefing Feb 2016 - Greater Wellington Regional Council

12 Dec 2016 ... Wairarapa coast however remained drier than average as predicted. ... average rainfall pattern, the Wellington region has also recorded very low sunshine ... of extreme weather events, including heavy rainfall alternated by ... Figure 2.3: Rainfall for spring 2016 as a percentage of the long-term average. A.

climate council seasonal update: abnormal autumn 2016

17 May 2016 ... autumn 2016 being the warmest on ... average in Sydney, Darwin, Canberra ... AVERAGE TEMPERATURE ANOMALY (°C) APRIL 2016. 5.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan - Goulburn Broken CMA

a harsher fire-weather climate. (high level of ... weather to increase with climate change, placing (especially) biodiversity in fire-sensitive ... Nagambie. Euroa.

Managing the health effects of climate change - The Global Climate ...

Maria Lee, Caren Levy, Mark Maslin, David McCoy, Bill McGuire, Hugh Montgomery, David Napier, Christina ... 31 Ayres JG, Forsberg B, Annesi-Maesano I, et al; the Environment and ... 34 Hoffmann B, Hertel S, Boes T, Weiland D, Jöckel KH.

Global climate policy post-Copenhagen - The Climate Institute

Global climate policy post-Copenhagen: Progress and prospects. About the authors: Erwin Jackson is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and carries primary ...

Broken River & Upper Broken Creek - Goulburn Broken CMA

Broken River suggest a few golden perch moved through the fish ladder at Caseys Weir ... Broken River from Lake Nillahcootie to Holland's Creek (38 km);. 2.

An apparent hiatus in global warming? - Climate & Global Dynamics

5 Dec 2013 ... There is a hiatus in the rise in global mean surface temperatures over the past decade. • Global warming continues but manifested in different ...

Annual Report 2016 Addressing climate risk in a ... - Climate Centre

compiled into a report, Preparing for the 2015–2016 El Niño: Humanitarian Action in. Zambia, Somalia, Kenya ... Amcross Heatwave Nairobi. 3,931. -. 3,931-.

Heat 1 U13 Boys Beach Flags Heat 5 Heat 2 Heat 6 Heat 3 Heat 7 ...

Ocean Grove SLSC. 3 Walsh. Tyler. Ocean Grove SLSC. 4 Riely. Mitchell. Portsea. 4 Scammell. Jason. Jan Juc SLSC. 5 Wood. Ty. Warrnambool SLSC. 5 Rielly.

Heat 1 U11 Girls Beach Flags Heat 5 Heat 2 Heat 6 Heat 3 Heat 7 ...

Half Moon Bay. 10 Emily. Williamstown. 10 Shekeya. Delgado. Torquay SLSC. Heat 2. Heat 6. 1 Emma. Kelly. Mornington. 1 Isabelle. Diez. Half Moon Bay SLSC.

Heat 1 U9 Girls Beach Flags Heat 5 Heat 2 Heat 6 Heat 3 Heat 7 ...

Mentone. 10 Lola. Davis. Hampton. 10 Madeline. Jonnes. Black Rock. Heat 3 ... 15 Stewart. Sienna. Ocean Grove SLSC 15 Mae. Grant. Sorrento. 16 Ebony.

Heat 1 U14 Girls Beach Flags Heat 5 Heat 2 Heat 6 Heat 3 Heat 7 ...

1 Mia. Holah. Fairhaven SLSC. 1 Gorgie crostchwaite. Portsea. 2 Tegan. Backx. Mornington. 2 Alex. Macalay. Point Leo. 3 Meghann. Logan. Fairhaven SLSC.

Climate Change and Extreme Heat - CDC

95. 103. 112. 121 132. Likelihood of heat disorders with prolonged exposure or ... an urban heat island can increase local air temperatures by several degrees.

2017: another record-breaking year for heat and extreme weather

8 Jan 2018 ... June 2017 was the second driest June on record, while. September was the driest on record for the. Murray-Darling Basin. The records listed ...

Climate Change and Extreme Heat Events - CDC

Code Red Heat Alert Information (homepage) baltimorehealth.org/coderedinfo.html. City of Boston: Helping the Homeless During Extremely Hot. Weather.

How broken promises are leaving land and ... - Global Witness

9 Jul 2019 ... ... Governor Jose Chaves Alvarez, also head of the Palawan Council of Sustainable Development. Yang Guanyu/Xinhua/Alamy Live News ...

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events - Climate Council

9 Jan 2017 ... Figure 1: Timeline of major extreme weather events in 2016 across the world. ... in Houston (The Weather Channel 2016b). MAY. WILDFIRE FORT MCMURRAY, CANADA ... RAINFALL AND COASTAL FLOODING SYDNEY.

the critical decade:climate change and health - Climate Council

2.2 Injuries, disease and death from other extreme weather events / 16. 2.3 Respiratory ... regional areas have only 128 and very remote areas as few as 61 (BITRE, 2008). Climate change ... Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia. http://www.

Icons at Risk: Climate Change Threatening ... - Climate Council

Government 2017; South Australia Tourism Commission; Destination NSW 2016; Tourism Victoria 2017; Tourism Western. Australia ... (each tracker comprising 60 solar panels totalling ... SBS (2018) Tour Down Under braces for 40-plus heat.

counting the costs: climate change and coastal ... - Climate Council

Steffen, John Hunter and lesley Hughes (Climate Council of Australia). ... caused greater taree Council to adopt a 'planned retreat' policy for vulnerable coastal ...

australia's coral reefs under threat from climate ... - Climate Council

Climate Council of Australia Ltd 2016. This work is ... north of Port Douglas, and the final death toll is likely to ... major bleaching event (GBRMPA 2016c). 7.

weather gone wild: climate change- fuelled ... - Climate Council

Weather Gone Wild: Climate change-fuelled extreme weather in 2018. Authors: Will Steffen ... Holsworthy, Wattle Grove, Sandy Point, Lucas. Heights, Menai and ...

Climate Change, Food and Farming in australia - Climate Council

12 Mar 2015 ... Feeding a hungry nation: Climate change, Food and Farming in ... in Victoria caused significant production losses in raspberry, blackberry and blueberry crops, ... singh-Peterson l, shoebridge a, lawrence g (2013) Food.

Climate Change and the Victoria Bushfire Threat - Climate Council

8 Feb 2009 ... The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and fire management ... average; BoM 2016a), while 2014 was the second ... Rubicon, Dromana, Manfield,.