Are You Game? - Surtees Boats

SURTEES boats are built specifically to fish the diverse ... crew at Brisbane's Northside Marine, we recently took ... The test boat was fitted with Yamaha's latest.

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Top Of Its Game Hard-Core Surtees 700 Game Fisher - Surtees Boats

Brisbane's Northside Marine in the 700 enclosed cab Gamefisher. Due to a cold winter westerly blowing, the enclosed cab was very welcome indeed. While.

Surtees 6.7 Game Fisher Review - NZ Fishing News - Surtees Boats

Frosty recently upgraded his personal boat from the original. 5.5m Workmate to an outboard- powered 6.7m Game Fisher, a hull configuration I had not tested ...

Surtees 700 Game Fisher Review – Boat Fishing - Surtees Boats

deck space, and still with the famous Surtees hull design, the very popular 6.7 Gamefisher is now the 700 Gamefisher. I was lucky enough to get on the water ...

Surtees 8.5 Game Fisher Review - Trade A Boat NZ - Surtees Boats

and Trade-A-Boat gets first dibs. We headed to. Whakatane to give it a thorough ... Weather conditions. Average wind speed 10 knots E.

Surtees 610 Game Fisher Review – Pacific Powerboat - Surtees Boats

... 650 the 6.7 is now a 700 and the 7.3 becomes a 750. The 610 Game Fisher is based on what was the. SURTEES 610 GAMEFISHER HARD TOP BOAT TEST.

Surtees 6.1 Game Fisher Review - Trailerboat ... - Surtees Boats

Brand. Surtees 6.1. Quintrex Bar Crusher Extreme. Aqualine. Model. GameFisherHT 610Legend. 615HT 570GameKing 590HT. Material alloy alloy alloy alloy alloy.

Top Of Its Game - Surtees Boats

PAGES. BROOKER. IS BACK ... become the biggest alloy boat manufacturer in. New Zealand and ... quick re-rigs. REVIEWED SURTEES 700 GAMEFISHER. 97.

Are You Game? - Surtees Boats

SURTEES boats are built specifically to fish the diverse ... crew at Brisbane's Northside Marine, we recently took ... The test boat was fitted with Yamaha's latest.

Game Fisher open - Surtees Boats

Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show had out-done themselves ... down to Whakatane to check out the new boat… ... system and a Balex Automatic Boat Loader.

Surtees6.7m Game Fisher - Surtees Boats

ancy chambers rated for a load of. 850kg or six people. Surtees hulls are built to CE (European Union) safety standards that are recognised by over. 75 countries ...

Surtees 8.5_New Zealand Fishing News...lication in ... - Surtees Boats

In the middle of last year, the Te Teko (it's near Whakatane) based company launched its largest hull, the 8.5m Gamefisher with a 2.5m beam. But Surtees ...

Surtees 7.3 Sport Fisher Review - Fishing Monthly - Surtees Boats

[email protected] achieve, but everywhere you sat in. look in this boat there are The massive dash houses. New Zealand is a country stunning ...

Surtees 5.5 Workmate Hardtop Review - Surtees Boats

Quintrex 530 Cruiseabout ... fishing tinnie that provides both hardtop roof cover ... transom door, live-bait tank, raised bait station, berley mulcher, VHF radio, ...

The latest Surtees model is also its largest, but the ... - Surtees Boats

Many of those boats are bound for Australia, a growing market for Surtees, as well as New Caledonia. All. Surtees models meet European Union CE and US ...

Surtees 4.85 Workmate Review - Surtees Boats

Harbour's semi protected harbour. It was too rough to ... Mark, the owner of Coffs Harbour. Marine, wasn't too ... affordable level for most fishos. June 2013. 18.

Surtees 6.1 Gamefisher Review - Surtees Boats

Barcrusher. No, it's not a typo… and my lips are sealed. Legend has it that the edgy and innovative hull design that defines all Surtees boats was conceived by.

Surtees 495 Workmate - Surtees Boats

snapper racks and a deck-wash. Basically, it's been set up as ... snapper, whiting or squid out on the bay as easy ... bimini and rocket launcher rod rack. The 495 ...

P Surtees 6.1 Gamefisher - Surtees Boats

Boats like the stylish Surtees 6.1. Gamefisher HT from New Zealand are scoring quite good sales here in Australia thanks to their practical hardtop and stylish ...

Surtees 575 Pro Fisher - Surtees Boats

The result was Chum Bucket, a 5.75m centre-console powered by a Honda 100hp ... Make sure you specify for your boat. Nyalic. Marine Kit. Marine touch-up kit.

SURTEES 540 - Surtees Boats

Once the dust had settled from the Auckland show,. Sam Mossman took the 540 out on the water – just before it was shipped off to the Melbourne Boat Show.

Next Generation - Surtees Boats

The majority of models in the Surtees range have grown slightly in length. The popular 485 now the 495. The 5.5 is now the 575, the 5.8 is now a 610, and the ...

Bradfords - Surtees Boats

Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show to make a purchase, things didn't quite go to plan. “We initially went in with the intention of buying a fibreglass boat” says Rochelle, ...

dog on SBTs - Surtees Boats

Quintrex 530 Cruiseabout. NOV/DEC 2013 ... boats. One of the best I've seen is the. Surtees 5.5m Workmate. This was a ... plate alloy boat looks a beauty on the ... we've been sold down the river by too ... especially southern states like Victoria.

workmate - Surtees Boats

*Specifications may be subject to change without notice. /surteesboats. The 495 Workmate is an outstanding first boat option offering easy handling, towing and.

25years - Surtees Boats

heavy and, to keep his boats as light as possible, Surtees used the minimum ... Unashamedly, the Bar Crusher boat was a Surtees copy, hook, line and sinker ...

review - Surtees Boats

AND LAWRENCE SCHÄFFLER review. Surtees 540. Workmate. Hardtop fter 25 years ... subscribe | Boating New Zealand 61.

NZ Fishing News - Surtees Boats

The Sarca anchor is permanently left on the bowsprit. 2. A hardtop is difficult to beat on a bleak winter's day. 3-4. The compact engine and battery installations.

Download the Whakatane Bar map here - Surtees Boats

WHAKATANE. - Hints on Crossing the Bar. CHA. FLASHING RED. ENTRANCE BEACON. ON ROCK. PINGHY. V. 1. If the RED BALL is flying stay at home. 2.

PhotoStudio - Untitled-Sca... - Surtees Boats

If the RED BALL is flying stay at home. 2. Wear a life jacket AT ALL TIMES. 3. Use sufficient speed to cross waves. Do not power through them. 4. NEVER turn on ...

Surtees Boats Alloy Plate Design

From the Pro. Fisher centre console boats, our popular Workmate range with greater cockpit space and the larger Game Fisher range with bigger cabins for.

The Captain 540 Workmate Hardtop - Surtees Boats

I looked at the Bar. Crusher 535C, but the Surtees had a thicker hull — 5mm with 4mm sides, it's built like a tank. Even the welds are beautiful.” The Captain's ...

Family Boating NZFN Jan 2019 - Surtees Boats

Family Fun. Boating with the. Tired of seeing their kids glued to devices, and determined to spend more family time together, the Bradfords (Geoff, Rochelle, Sam ...

The hardtop is a strong trend in large trailer fishing ... - Surtees Boats

One of the issues you might face with a hardtop is the extra top weight in the structure. However, because. Surtees boats run a water-ballast system they have ...

Surtees 650 Game Fisher F175XA

Data may vary due to changes in weather, tides, boat load, hull & propeller ... Yamaha Motor Australia accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of these ...

Surtees 8.5 Game Fisher Review - Absolute Marine

Phil Sheaff, CEO of Surtees Boats, says the 8.5m Game Fisher is the largest Surtees. “It's not a model we expect to build in large numbers, but we've had.

Surtees 6.1 Game Fisher Review - Trailerboat Fisherman

trailer fishing boats as witnessed by the latest. Surtees 6.1 Gamefisher. HT from Kiwi-land. Test report by JAMES HILL. 20 Trailerboat Fisherman. Surtees 6.1 ...