'Keriba Omasker' farewelled - Aiatsis

will open. Daniel Lawrence, Broome,. WA: My resolution for the year is to be a good role model for my ... hour.ʼ. “They all said to me, ʻYouʼd be the first weʼd let go,ʼ and I was devastated and said, ʻHow ... Medicine) and Peter Malouf. (Graduate ... The Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust was established in 1971 through the ...

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'Keriba Omasker' farewelled - Aiatsis

will open. Daniel Lawrence, Broome,. WA: My resolution for the year is to be a good role model for my ... hour.ʼ. “They all said to me, ʻYouʼd be the first weʼd let go,ʼ and I was devastated and said, ʻHow ... Medicine) and Peter Malouf. (Graduate ... The Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust was established in 1971 through the ...

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27 Sep 2012 ... Aurora Daniels: (02) 6265 3119. Reporters ... Cpl Mark Doran: (02) 6265 1304. LAC Bill Solomou: (02) ... REQUIREMENTS. STOCKIST OF.

army's new people plan brave man farewelled show of forces p16

16 Apr 2009 ... as a motor mechanic to enlist in the Army ... receive a Supercheap Auto Gift ... High point: An ISF sniper team observes the civil disturbance ...

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Myra Falls (West Arnhem Land NT SD53-01). Nabarlek (West Arnhem ... Massacre Hill (North NT SE53-03). McArthur River ... Coomba (NSW N Coast SI56-02).

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tide. They intended waiting until the moon came up to cross. Peter said "I prayed to the Lord Jesus ... ive Worker at Karuah, with us for several days- She also ...

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and it does so in Indigenous North America, from starting up a manufacturing plant ... expanded buffalo herds at Cheyenne River, tribal ... buffer zone, support the resolution of many native title claims ... North Ryde, N.S.W. : Methuen. Australia ...

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their Jirst day at the new Armidale pre-school kindergarten. UR. DAWN ... Locksmith. Milliner. 3 Tailor. 5 Telephone Mechanic. 3 Tiler (floor and wall). (P.M.G.).

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30 Nov 1994 ... ing a famous and bloody battle with the Maccas- sans. Their lives ... with the Jangarra Group from Dubbo Public schools at the special cele- bration in ... Automotive Electrical and Electronics at Launceston College of TAFE.

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circumcision of young boys as a rite of passageʼ. From Aboriginal ... Post: PO Box 422, Toukley, NSW 2263 ... steering his life in a positive direction. Jaeggi and ...

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Wodonga, Wangaratta, Kiewa, Whroo, Yackandandah,) ... hats, 6 doz. leather belts, 1 lb. white thread, 1 lb. black thread, 8 doz. pocket-knives, 5 doz. tomahawks ...

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7 Sep 1970 ... Bonnie Wilson and Princess Anne at Coffs Harbour ... Raleigh Street, Coffs Harbour, was chosen by ... All the same, I confess that I did blush.

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Noel Pearson and Marcia Langton are two prominent Indigenous. Australians who ... is a more common feature in non-academic literature such as biographies.

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In the Torres Strait area where previously the ... camp people and the medical section with good results. ... M.V. "Sarawak"—Trochus, Neville Trad- ing Co.

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Historical maps are held in many library collections around Australia. A growing number are ... https://library.unimelb.edu.au/collections/map_collection. Western ...

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Premierships: Carlton 1970, 1972. Club Best and Fairest: East Perth 1966. Life membership: South Bunbury Football Club, East Perth Football Club,. Carlton ...

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Cooroy, Gayndah, and Chinchilla. Cherbourg was the Premier team in the ... (Superintendent, Mr. J. W. Chapman.) Steady progress has been made during the.

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29 Jun 2017 ... 1 Note: While Injarnyala Aboriginal Corporation is listed by NNTT as the RNTBC at the time of the ... Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) for registration as an Aboriginal corporation pursuant to the ... 118. The Dieri Aboriginal.

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1. The Gurindji people of the Victoria River. District in the Northern Territory are best known throughout Australia for the Gurindji. Walk-Off, the landmark event of ...

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Hugo C. Cardoso -- Wirangu and Gugada - the survival prospects of two neighbouring Australian languages. / Paul Monaghan -- Roles of religion and ...

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winner of the 2013 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award; exhibition review. Mavis Ngallametta - Five New Paintings held at Martin Browne ...

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18 Jul 2006 ... Autonomy and the 'Middle E' in relation to Aboriginal health ... The early 1970s also saw the first Aboriginal legal and medical services,.

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Ned Lander has donated production materials from this film to AIATSIS as a ... catalogue at http://aiatsis.gov.au/collections/using-collection/search-collection. ... now . . . I mean this is very informative and it is very special to have these ... and I was totally into it – that was my life – ... can apply it to, in terms of interaction with.

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Honorary secretaries were Jack Horner, Evelyn Scott and Faith Bandler. ... Aboriginal Action – a Working Group of the Community and Race Relations ... Harry Penrith (Burnum Burnum), Charles Perkins, John Moriarty, Bill Onus, Clive ...

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2 Jul 2019 ... Even from my humble position as an intern in Canberra, it is clear ... book Dix-sept ans chez les sauvages : les aventure de Narcisse. Pelletier ...

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29 Jun 2011 ... artefacts at the Newcastle West KFC site had been a factor in the decision ... Whittaker, D. M.. Wangaratta : being the history of the township that.

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community and our Indigenous programs from the Harvey Norman Rugby League All Stars to the Learn Earn ... medium of lino printing to share his story to a ...

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3 d. Talks given by E.A. Casey on prehistory and history e. Aboriginal relics ... (6) Rotary Club, Kyneton, 20 Mar. 1968 ... (lU) Kyneton Historical Society, 17 Mar.

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Leoonya eleebana. Neungulee. Tonna kayinna. Poiniettyé. Wughnna eleebana ... Shore. Shore (sandy beach). Go ashore. Shoulder. Shout (yell)-. Shower (of ...

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CROMELIN, Harry. DAVIS, Colin Symond. DICKSON, Allan Percy. DODDS, Eva. DOOLAN, Alan John. DOOLAN, Dennis. ELLIS, Harriette. FREEMAN, Leonard.


17 Jul 1996 ... Rhonda Dadleh is a trained ... RHONDA DADLEH 'Now I just want to get back into my old job..." ... Kyle Vander-Kuyp will compete in the 110m.

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Presentations community language planning within the context of Aboriginal ... with event participants, we plan to develop a body of well- described ... Dr Annie Kennedy is a community development practitioner ... At present, Jodie is finalising.

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ARMIDALE: Mr D. G. Yates, B.A.. DENILIQUIN: Mr R. ... patient and are well and not showing signs of the disease ... she was “dog” tired, but otherwise AOK after.

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Cowra district have decided to create two scholarships for Aboriginal children from Erambie Station, Cowra. The scholarships, each to the value of fifty pounds,.

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among the Lardil people of Mornington Island;background history of Mornington ... country; accompanied by Dick Roughsey, George Pegus, Willy Long, Harry Mole ... topics covered include clan names and territories, weather, Lardil reckoning.

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parap. Formerly these children were conveyed home by an engine with a carriage attached, but, unfortu- nately, owing ... large scale. So far, the quality has been excellent. ... ployed in the erection of the meat works near Darwin produced the ...

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weather, or from other causes, they may at times be in want of food. I am requested by the Protector of Aborigines to ask your usual kindly assistance in such ...