Sales Guide - Wilson Timbers

Firmlok Beams. Sales Guide. Category. Product Name. Stock Code. Image. Uom. Beam RFB 10040. FIRMLOK 100X50 x 1.1mm COLORBOND - 4000mm^.

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Sales Guide - Wilson Timbers

Firmlok Beams. Sales Guide. Category. Product Name. Stock Code. Image. Uom. Beam RFB 10040. FIRMLOK 100X50 x 1.1mm COLORBOND - 4000mm^.

installation guide - Wilson Timbers

Weathertex's natural finished products are covered by a 7 year warranty not to rot, split or crack. ... soft bearers at a distance no more than one metre apart should be used to ... accepted by Weathertex and subject to the cost of repairing the.

applica tion guide - Wilson Timbers

Trusses, Cathedral Ceilings, Post and Beam Frames. The success of ... Australian timbers offer a wide range of options ... Trusses supporting purlins and rafters.

SmartJoist Design Guide - Wilson Timbers

TecBeam. 5. CLT. •. Unique SmartFrame Structural Design, Detailing and Esti- mating Software. •. Full engineering support and technical advice from expe-.

Smartjoist comparison guide (Color) - Wilson Timbers

14 Mar 2014 ... SMARTJOIST. SJ20044. 4.70. 4.35. 4.10. 3.70. 5.45. 5.00. 4.90. 4.35. CHH HYJOIST. HJ20045. -. -. 3.80. 3.60. -. -. 4.50. 4.20. EJ20045. 4.40.

Span guide for residential framing - Wilson Timbers

Engineered to Perform. hySPAN Structural LVL is available in two complementary ranges delivering ... Terminator – cost effective termite protection with. 25 year ...

Ceramic Tile Underlay Installation Guide - Wilson Timbers

Drive nails flush with sheet surface. STEP 5). Apply tile adhesive onto. PRIMA Ceramic Tile. Underlay using a notched trowel. Refer to ...

Pryda Hangers & Truss Boots Guide - February 2008 - Wilson Timbers

TRUSS BOOTS – HEAVY DUTY. Bolted Steel Brackets for Heavy Roof Truss to Truss Connections ... to support of Pryda Longreach or Pryda Span floor trusses.

inex decking - Wilson Timbers

INEX>DECKING can be fixed to timber or steel joists with spacing at maximum 450mm centres. Timber framing must be in accordance with AS 1684 – 'Residential.

Stairs Rails - Wilson Timbers

span tables and timber sizes for stairs, handrails and balustrades. ... requirements in the Building Code of Australia. It governs ... exterior applications. STAIRS.

Timber Decks - Wilson Timbers

timber decks used for domestic purposes. This ... Tables 1 and 2 provide guidance on the common sizes and spans. Structural Joints ... AS1684③ span tables).

INEX Maxideck - Wilson Timbers

An INEX>MAXIDECK deck can be fixed in 20% of the time of a typical deck ... INEX>WALLBOARD is a high strength general purpose board for both internal and.

Facts About Particleboard and MDF - Wilson Timbers

Alpine MDF Industries Pty Ltd. Australia / Vic. 613 5721 3522. 613 5721 3588 Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia. Australia / ...

The mountain range - Wilson Timbers

Boral overlay solid strip flooring. • Boral Silkwood engineered hardwood flooring. • Boral decking. Grades Available. • Classic Grade – subtle level of natural ...

Post Supports - Wilson Timbers

Extra heavy duty - made from 4mm steel heavy duty extra weight bearing shaft (OD ... Ideal for pergola, carport and verandah posts of 150mm or 200mm.

span tables - Wilson Timbers

contained in AS 1684.1 – 1999, Residential timber-framed construction, and therefore satisfy the intent of the structural requirements of the Building Code of ...

inex floor - Wilson Timbers

INEX>FLOOR has a tongue and groove joint down each long side for a flush tight fit. Suitable as a substrate for most finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber.

rhino wrap rp-51 rp-51b - Wilson Timbers

“Pliable Building Membranes” which is a manual recognised by the BCA ... the “Installation Requirements for Pliable Building ... Thor Building Products P/L.

Timber Bollards - Wilson Timbers

When hardwood bollards contain heart it is important that it is shielded from ... The sawing tolerance of a standard rough-sawn 200 x 200 mm post used to be 8 ...

technical information - Wilson Timbers

The SmoothPanel system comprises insulated building panels optimised for a range ... Retracom. TYPICAL INSTALLATION DRAWINGS. Updated August 2015.

boral engineered flooring - Wilson Timbers

Boral Engineered Flooring was introduced into the market late last year replacing its previous incarnation known as Silkwood. There are some fundamental ...

guaranteed protection outdoors - Wilson Timbers

The selected MGP10 or MGP12 grade and unique H3 treatment makes Hyne T3 Green the new generation structural timber for external, above ground use.

Outdoor Structures Australia - Wilson Timbers

Reinforced with a 12mm galvanized or 316 stainlees steel backbone the ... Many galvanized posts would not reach ... Boardwalk, Toohey Forest Park Brisbane.

textUre coating system fc:122 - Wilson Timbers

1 Sep 2012 ... Cemintel™ Fibre Cement Texture Base Sheet is an autoclaved, cellulose fibre ... to Cemintel. RendaLine™ Sheet in accordance with the profile.

Scyon Secura Installation Instructions - Wilson Timbers

For vinyl applications, install sheet with label 'This side up for vinyl' facing up. 2. Scyon™ Secura™ interior flooring is not suitable for external decks. 3. Scyon™ ...

Safe Load Tables Kwila - Wilson Timbers

AS1684.1-1999, the loading codes and timber codes take preference. The above span table values have been designed in accordance with the following codes:.

Tanacoat exterior timber coating - Wilson Timbers

due to the difficulty and cost of surface finish reapplication. This need not be the case. Tanacoat has been developed as a maintenance protection system for.

Quality, Durability, Sustainability and Delivery ... - Wilson Timbers

The Shore Bollards are a beautiful collective of Australian hardwood timbers with a life span of 40 years plus. Reinforced with a 12mm galvanized or 316 stainlees ...

Simpson StrongTie Collated Connector Nailer ... - Wilson Timbers

Simpson Strong-Tie® Australia Pty Ltd. Call 1300 STRONGTIE (1300 787 664) This flyer is effective until January 31, 2020, and reflects ...

I538 Dindas Treated LVL H3 Flyer 2pp_FA.indd - Wilson Timbers

Dindas LVL H3 PRO Green® is an engineered solution for exposed beams in garages, carports, verandahs, al fresco and deck joist areas. To get the best.

James Hardie - Scyon Secura Installation Instructions - Wilson Timbers

regulations, standards and James Hardie's written application instructions may lead to ... Construction Design manual which provides wet area waterproofing ...

Taper Lock Bush Dimensions - Wilson's Industrial Sales

The Taper Lock Bush is a tried and proven method for fixing a driven device to ... Taper Lock Bushes come in a variety of bore sizes, in both metric and imperial.

ATFA Consumer Guide - Planet Timbers

36. Coating Types. 36. Maintaining your decking. 37. Selecting your timber flooring contractor. 38. ATFA Member – Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. 39 ...

Painting Guide.indd - 5 Star Timbers

The following discussion details the current recommendations for painting preservative treated timber in a range of situations. The first consideration is the broad.

Decking Preparation & Oil Guide - 5 Star Timbers

To coat new bare timber immediately, treat timber with Intergrain PowerPrep ... Decking Oil. W et Look Deck. Grey Look Deck. Nature's Timber Oil. UltraDeck.

HardieDeck Installation Guide - 5 Star Timbers

To see product specifications and recommendations for HardieDeck™ from paint manufacturers visit. This Installation and ...