ICE Buckets: Improved Counter Estimation for Network ... - arXiv

4 Jun 2016 ... then introduce Independent Counter Estimation Buckets (ICE-. Buckets) ... counters in router line cards.” IEEE Micro, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 76–81,.

ICE Buckets: Improved Counter Estimation for Network ... - arXiv - Related pdf Documents

ICE Buckets: Improved Counter Estimation for Network ... - arXiv

4 Jun 2016 ... then introduce Independent Counter Estimation Buckets (ICE-. Buckets) ... counters in router line cards.” IEEE Micro, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 76–81,.

Improved Density and CDF Estimation - arXiv

Department of Economics, University of Melbourne. ONS Economic Statistics Centre of ... asymptotically in the c.d.f. case and second order for p.d.f. estimation.

Novel and Improved Stage Estimation in Parkinson's Disease ... - arXiv

Among these, the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) and the Hoehn and Yahr (HY) scale are the most commonly used [2]. UPDRS provides a ...

Buckets and Buckets: Daily Water Use - Caritas

Buckets. Dishwashing by hand. 12 to 15 litres per wash. 1 - 1½. Dishwasher ... Laundry. Function. Water Used. Buckets. Washing Machine (Front Loading).

Improved technique for estimation of preconsolidation pressure

of preconsolidation pressure which are simpler, faster and yet accurate. Butterfield (1979) proposed an alternative approach, plotting data on void ratio (e) and ...

Improved Age Estimation for Solar-Type Dwarfs Using Activity ...

10 Jul 2008 ... HK. As a first application of our calibrations, we provide new activity-derived ... cher, Sallie Baliunas, Søren Meibom, and Sydney Barnes for ...

improved quantitative estimation of rainfall by radar - Semantic Scholar

weather and precipitation scenarios and uncertainties associated with radar affects the ... reflectivity are assessed by means of a 'decision tree' in their algorithm. ... Although multicell thunderstorms developed in a frontal passage system may last ... Lemon, L. R., 1978, On the use of storm structure for hail identification, Proc.


community, the life cycle of i-thonline community is defined, it is as follows: (1). Where i. Com. Plan. – planning the online community development ; i. Com.

Improved low-count quantitative PET reconstruction with an ... - arXiv

of an iterative neural network, BCD-Net, for PET MBIR, and demonstrate the efficacy of the trained BCD-Net using XCAT phantom data that simulates the low ...

Improved Handover Through Dual Connectivity in 5G ... - arXiv

17 Jul 2017 ... remote eNB. Local and remote RLC layer instances are created in the LTE and ... options for 5G MAC and PHY layer design [39]), (ii) adaptive.

A new method improved the quasiharmonic approximation - arXiv

Quasi harmonic approximation (QHA) further considers the volume dependence of frequencies but ignored the temperature effect on frequencies. Base on the.

Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs - arXiv

makes progress toward stable training of GANs, but sometimes can still generate ... We propose gradient penalty (WGAN-GP), which does not suffer from the same ... networks. 2017. [2] M. Arjovsky, S. Chintala, and L. Bottou. Wasserstein gan.

Binocular Tone Mapping with Improved Overall Contrast and ... - arXiv

17 Sep 2018 ... notion of binocular tone mapping has been proposed by Yang et al. [YZWH12] ... Yang et al. [YZWH12], consisting of a contour fusion metric Bcf.

an improved multimodal pso method based on electrostatic ... - arXiv

from University College of. Nabi Akram in computer engineering and her M.S. degree in computer engineering was from Gazi University. Mohammad Reza Feizi- ...

Minimax Estimation of the L1 Distance - arXiv

be applied to design minimax rate-optimal estimators whose performance with n samples is essentially that of the MLE. (maximum likelihood estimator, or the ...

On the Estimation and Use of Statistical Modelling in ... - arXiv

Freenet: A distributed anonymous information storage and retrieval system. In Designing ... of data warehousing and mining, pages 1130–1336. Hershey, IGI ...

Integrated network faxing key to improved productivity and ...

About GFI FaxMaker for Exchange/SMTP/Lotus. 7. About GFI ... It was not that long ago that faxes seemed to be destined to go the way of the dinosaur and the dodo bird. ... Traffic is managed through the Exchange/SMTP mail server which can.

Improved use of GPU Nodes for GROMACS 2018 arXiv:1903.05918v2

13 Jun 2019 ... fore, we benchmark the GROMACS performance on a diverse set of compute ... GPU. Hence, nodes optimized for GROMACS 2018 and later ...

Improved Local Search in Artificial Bee Colony using Golden ... - arXiv

In ABC algorithm the food Sources represents the candidate solutions/possible solutions and the nector amount of the food source represents the fitness.

An Improved Body Shape Definition for Acoustic Guitars - arXiv

Acoustic guitar body shapes usually belong to one of a small number of ... level is matching a shape to a printed paper plan or drawing a plan based on a list of ...

Face Detection Using Improved Faster RCNN Abstract 1 ... - arXiv

Faster RCNN has achieved great success for generic object detection including. PASCAL object detection and MS COCO object detection. In this report, we ...

Improved one-dimensional model potentials for strong-field ... - arXiv

8 Jun 2018 ... dimensional (1D) atomic model potential for the 1D simulation of the quantum dynamics of a single active ... where, based on our experiences detailed in [36, 38], we ... the usual second order Crank-Nicolson method [42] with.

On adaptive minimax density estimation on Rd - arXiv

The objective is to construct an estimator of f with small Lp–risk. In the framework of the minimax approach density f is assumed to belong to a functional class. Σ, ...

Latent Estimation of GDP, GDP per capita, and Population ... - arXiv

4 Jun 2017 ... relationship between these variables and other variables of historic or ... Gross Domestic Product (and the related Gross National Product) are ...

From CDF to PDF A Density Estimation Method for High ... - arXiv

15 Apr 2018 ... Kernel density esti- mation (KDE) for approximating probability density function (PDF) is a commonly used non-parametric technique which has ...

Mutual Information Neural Estimation - arXiv

7 Jun 2018 ... distribution (e.g., Edgeworth expansion, Van Hulle, 2005). Unfortunately, these ... works (GANs, Goodfellow et al., 2014), which train a generative model without any explicit assumptions about the underlying distribution of the ...

State and parameter estimation: a nonlinear Luenberger ... - arXiv

10 May 2016 ... Abstract—The design of a nonlinear Luenberger observer for an extended nonlinear system resulting from a parameterized linear SISO ...

Novel Application of Density Estimation Techniques in Muon ... - arXiv

13 Oct 2017 ... strate muon beam ionization cooling for the first time and constitutes a key part ... ment located at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in ... Figures 5 and 6 show the evolution of the phase-space density and volume cor-.

estimation of large covariance and precision matrices from ... - arXiv

establish the minimax optimal convergence rates of estimating covariance ... the above minimax optimal rates, respectively. ... Artech House, Norwood, MA.

A Review and Analysis of Eye-Gaze Estimation Systems ... - arXiv

platforms involve using eye gaze for computer communication and text entry, computer control and entering gaze based passwords [20]. Remote eye tracking ...

Left Ventricle Segmentation and Volume Estimation on ... - arXiv

accounting for 610,000 deaths each year ​[1]​. Physicians use ... NSF-1730158 for Cognitive Hardware and Software Ecosystem Community Infrastructure. (CHASE-CI). ... 6. Lee, Tencia and Liu, Qi (3 April, 2016) CNN_A: cv2.version = 3.1.0.

Joint Estimation of Operational Topology and Outages for ... - arXiv

10 Dec 2019 ... Smart meter ping measurement of load at bus j. I. INTRODUCTION. ATypical distribution system includes tie-switches and sectionalizing ...

Comparison of Attitude Estimation Techniques for Low-cost ... - arXiv

24 Feb 2016 ... just on gyro bias, we can construct an attitude estimator with the following ... Now without any normalization, the measurement update mag-.

Using Inertial Sensors for Position and Orientation Estimation - arXiv

Introduction. In this tutorial, we discuss the topic of position and orientation estimation using inertial sensors. ... the center of the earth and axes which are fixed with respect to the earth. The n, i ... Note the different scales on the horizontal axis.

Cramér-Rao Bounds for Polynomial Signal Estimation using ... - arXiv

15 Jun 2012 ... 3) Temporal domain - Random: In the broader signal processing literature, auto-regressive moving average (ARMA) processes are ... engagement, he received several Uni of Melb Knowledge Transfer Excellence. Awards.

Age Group and Gender Estimation in the Wild with Deep RoR ... - arXiv

9 Oct 2017 ... 2015ZD20). K. Zhang is with the Department of Electronic and Communication. Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Baoding, ...