Dance Ethnography and the Limits of Representation - jstor

But unlike dancing, forms of representation rarely make an effort to ... is not without resistance, as Cuban critic Roberto Fernandez Retamar has made ... rary United States, see Cynthia Novack, Sharing the Dance: Contact Improvisation and.

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Dance Ethnography and the Limits of Representation - jstor

But unlike dancing, forms of representation rarely make an effort to ... is not without resistance, as Cuban critic Roberto Fernandez Retamar has made ... rary United States, see Cynthia Novack, Sharing the Dance: Contact Improvisation and.

In the Shopping Centre: Experiments at the Limits of Ethnography A ...

Why study the shopping centre ethnographically (to be examined in the ... you contemplate whether there is not something politically incorrect in this oddity,.

Dance of the Pig's Head - OSEA, The Open School of Ethnography ...

flag, the two authors note the presence of the ubiquitous Mariarchi band, and ironically, perhaps, locals decked out in Aztec dress. Having contemporary Maya ...

Asheville Salsa: An Ethnography of Social Order in Dance - NCUR ...

research mirrored this ballroom-club dynamic, creating a divide between those ... Some dancers wanted to dance Mexican salsa and others Colombian salsa,.

Dance and Non-Dance: Patterned Movement in Iran and Islam - jstor

American Southwest, and Eastern Europe where there is a rich tradition of danc- ... "Tarlkh-e mokhtasar-e zu-rkhaneh va varzesh-e b5stdni va mfijedin-e an: ... Fujii Tomoaki, ed., The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance, 30.

Dancing Machines: 'Dance Dance Revolution', Cybernetic ... - jstor

401-414 doi:10.1017/S0261143006001012 Printed in the United Kingdom. Dancing machines: 'Dance. Dance Revolution', cybernetic dance, and musical taste.

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Why Critical Ethnography? Critical ethnographies of schooling are relatively rare compared with conven- tional ethnographic accounts. Critical ethnographies of ...

Critical Ethnography - jstor

example of which is critical ethnography I feel the suc raphy as a qualitative research methodology can be attr it takes into account the diversity and individuality ...

Ethnography and Iconography - jstor

therianthropes-as does the Medikane painting (fig. i A). If we accept that the therianthropes depict medicine men, it is possible that the two names refer, not.

to know the dancer from the dance: dance as a metaphor of ... - jstor

Darrell Mansell considers dancing emblematic of all of Austen's novels. Her novels are more like ballroom dances than like anyone's conception of life in the raw.

Dance Ethnology and the Anthropology of Dance - jstor

Impulse 3/4. Solomon, R. and J. Solomon. 1998. Dance. Medicine and Science ... search Journal 10/2:6-13. ... "An anthropologist looks at ballet as a form.

Ethnography and the book that was lost - jstor

ated with the names of two countries, Cuba and Israel, and the child I cannot remember being in these two abandoned homelands. That child is a lost book.

Places of the imagination: an ethnography of the TV detective ... - jstor

3 1 interviews were conducted with tourist office employees, tour guides, local inhabitants, and ... Inspector Morse - and rumor has it that around a billion people have - knows that pubs play an ... have occasionally seen an episode and are cu.

Subcultures of Consumption: An Ethnography of the New Bikers - jstor

clude outlaw bikers from the Harley-Davidson-oriented subculture of consumption ... Close reading of such magazines as Biker, Easyriders,. American Iron ...

A native ethnography of kanashibari in Japan - jstor

within the medical community as a type of sleep disorder. in her book kanashibari is introduced as one culture-specific interpretation, alongside the old hag ...

Follow the Joke: Humour and Ethnography - jstor

Oring's own book about Israeli humour (2012 [1981]) ... interesting joke, genre or humorous practice. ... online profiles, none of the authors advertise them-.

Gothicism and Early Modern Historical Ethnography - jstor

Scandinavian scholars were the first to pick up the Goth thread in the earlier twentieth century, and Swedes in particular have d nated the literature on Gothicism.

Keeping Ethnography Alive in an Urbanizing World - jstor

Keeping Ethnography Alive in an Urbanizing World ... the varying combinations of skin color, hair form, and facial features that ... Davis, Alison, Burleigh Gardner, and Mary Gardner ... 1987 Anthropological Work at a Gray Panther Health Clinic:.

Salvage Ethnography and Gender Politics in Two Old Women - jstor

Salvage Ethnography and Gender Politics in. Two Old Women: Velma Wallis's Retelling of a Gwich9in Oral Story. Rachel Ramsey. Almost any course in Native ...

Native Seattle in the Concert Hall: An Ethnography of Two ... - jstor

Benaroya Hall is the imposing downtown Seattle home of the Seattle Sym- phony Orchestra (SSO). Its 2,479- seat S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium.

Parts unknown: Undercover ethnography of the organs ... - jstor

plant tourism; it represents the gold standard of organ sales worldwide. In the past year ... hold anthropologist-informant relations as a kind of sacred trust. ... cigarettes, Russian vodka, Pokémon chocolates and imitation French perfumes.

The Limits of a Wish - jstor

the Fourth Judicial District Court, Hennepin. County, on 8 February 1991. The costs of Mrs. Wanglie's care are reimbursed by Medicare and Physicians' Health ...

Hope, Fear and Dance Dance Dance: Popular Music in 1960s Iran

GAY BREYLEY. Monash University ... Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, increased his personal power in the 1960s, many Iranians resented aspects of his policy of ...

Survey of Tidal Limits and Mangrove Limits in NSW estuaries 1996 ...

It is important to note that the tidal and mangrove limits presented in this report have been ... monthly or seasonal fluctuations in the air pressure difference between Tahiti and Darwin. The SOI is the ... El Nino is the name given to episodes of the weather circulation where the ... site (BoM 2003) and is shown in Figure 3.1.

The Limits of Undue Influence - jstor

The reported facts of Morgan were relatively straightforward. ... The Privy Council cases, and the judgment of Lindley L.J. in. Allcard v. Skinner, which Lord ...

banquets: the limits of hellenization - jstor

Jews who were attracted to the Greco-Roman banquet. Popular sup ... prepare a banquet for Roman guests, and suggests that the secrets of fine entertain ment ...

The Limits of Transferred Malice - jstor

Keywords: criminal law, criminal theory, culpability, mens rea , transferred malice. 1. Introduction. As is often the case with legal and philosophical concepts that ...

On the Limits of Archetypal Criticism - jstor

so earnestly and for so long. Archetypal theory is one of several neoplatonic doctrines born of late nine- teenth- century science's mounting by European schol-.

The Limits of Abstraction by Kit Fine - jstor

tion from concepts (or properties) to objects, Hume's principle is a higher- order, or as Fine says conceptual, abstraction. As is well-known, Frege him-.

The Unnamed and the Defaced: The Limits of Rhetoric in ... - jstor

Matthew G. Condon is a Ph.D. candidate at the Divinity School, University of Chicago, ... theology of the interiority of God, not to mention, of course, books 11.

The Limits of Bakla and Gay: Feminist Readings of My ... - jstor

the Philippines. This article examines three flash points in Filipino popular culture: first, the immense popularity of the teleserye or soap opera My Husband's ...

Insulation of Nests and the Northern Limits of Three ... - jstor

was covered with a small plate of styrox with a hollow for the chamber. In this way ... bird species with about 9 mill. pairs in Finland and reaches the Arctic Ocean ...

The Limits of Behavioural Explanation in Politics - jstor

undoubtedly the development of behaviouralism. As 'a successful protest"' against the limits of traditional political science, the behavioural approach has.

Wuthering Heights and the Limits of Vision - jstor

them were being endorsed by Emily BrontV.2 But such a reading does not do the novel full justice. It does not treat an important element in the actual.

Twelfth Night: The Limits of Festivity - jstor

Thad Jenkins Logan is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Maine at ... (1965):168-81, sees Viola and Sebastian as types of Christ, and Hassel ...

England Limits the Right to Silence and Moves Towards an ... - jstor

amendment, the right to silence provided that: "The failure of an accused ... that, if he chooses not to give evidence, or having been sworn, without good cause.