the fortian 1992 - Fort Street High School

16 Oct 2017 ... CA I AJE! ---=' i. 6111;111 ... along the sands, skirts flying - two giggling girls. ... Anasuya Claff, Denim Francis, Fleur Beaupert,. Georgina Brown ...

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the fortian 1992 - Fort Street High School

16 Oct 2017 ... CA I AJE! ---=' i. 6111;111 ... along the sands, skirts flying - two giggling girls. ... Anasuya Claff, Denim Francis, Fleur Beaupert,. Georgina Brown ...

the•fortian - Fort Street High School

The grey-white dust cloud rolls upon the hill, ... the Marrickville First Grade cricketer, who com- piled 48. During ... I leaned well forward and opened the throttle.

The Fortian---- 197 - Fort Street High School

Jim Lacey "Dog Wm P.C.". Geolii Joyce "He'. my blonde-hailed. 6tompie-wompie neat gone 4a/ en. boy Wm Tettigae". Gteg Adams "St.eaze". TO THE SCHOOL.

the fortian - Fort Street High School

tional system, allows any Fortian with potential in this field to ... Water Polo Championships. Stephen ... Entered Fort Street 1912, dux of his year ... with manual arts equipment made up the bulk of the cost. ... No hot water and cracking walls.

the fortian 1986 - Fort Street High School

(L to R) Ben Gripton, Shane Hennessy, John Kavaleros, Thai Huynh, John ... Kingsgrove North High, thereby qualifying for the ... Body and * Elegant Body.

the fortian 1976 - Fort Street High School

iation from Sailor's Bay. The River Sailing ... filling up with water,. Chip-papers dogging up drains, ... David Byron: Industrial Arts, Level I. Lucy Latham: Music.

e Fortian 2002 - Fort Street High School

Mr Rezcallah, (Head Teacher Mathematics, North Sydney Boys High School) ... dedicated students and the new webmaster to have a new effective intranet site ...

the fortian 1985 - Fort Street High School

On March 1, 1985, the population of Fort Street trans- ferred its mass ... Bowling gets a very good roll-up and at bowling, of course ... Blaring through pea soup.

the fortian 1988 - Fort Street High School

It was 8.00 a.m. in the morning, we were loaded onto ... finals to the eventual winners, Kirrawee High. ... Meanwhile, Randy Hardman, the daredevil motorcycle.

the fortian 1987 - Fort Street High School

Burwood Girls' Concord, Fort Street, Petersham Girls',. Strathfield ... ment have exterior painting and some major repairs to the ... But 5 of them had a smash,.

The Fortian 1979 - Fort Street High School

state's fifth best under-18 cornet player in Stuart Jones, ... along these lines. As there were only five of us and the course ... Merilux Paint N Paper. Western Travel ...

fortian olympiad 2000 - Fort Street High School

Mowena Wilkins for Artexpress and Chris Parris for. Onstage for his exemplary individual performance. The schools Instrumental Music Program continues to.

fort street girls' high sghool - Fort Street High School

Deputy-Principal: Miss TURNER, B.A-. Miss TURNER, B.A. ... doors, but as they entered the bar racks ... Now the warning breath of Autumn on their brows,.

the quarterly magazine of fort st.. boys' high ... - Fort Street High School

W. Mater. A. H. Murphy. J. A. Parkes. ... Parkes' Prize, and was given Webster's Dic- tionary as a prize. ... -"Come- down, you young rascal! Come down at once!".

fort street • girls - Fort Street High School

Miss Martin, B.A., Miss A.Smith. Music: Mrs. James ... lA 2H1 3Hl(o) 4Hl(o) 5A. Gellatley. M. J.. lA 2A 3B 4B 5A 6B. Gibb, J. W. B., lA 2A 3H2(o) 5B 8A 17B. Gill.

the magazin girls' high school - Fort Street High School

Dandie, Enid Carpenter, Irene Pack ... the announcer described to us the ... Senior Rescue Race.—Z. Jones and. J. Tyler, 1. Six-Oar Race,—Port Street, 2,. “SHE ...

the magazine girls' high school - Fort Street High School

Miss COWIE, B.Sc. Miss MOULSDALE. ... Maurine Deer, Dorothy Brabyn, Mary. Pontey, Joyce ... over Drummoyne and was presented with the cup at the ...

F r THt MAGAZINE GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL - Fort Street High School

Miss COWIE, B.Sc. Miss CHEETHAM ... Maisie Dorothy, lA 5B 8B 13A 15B 17B 22B. Beadle, Ivy Alma, IB ... Croydon, Hornsby High, Sydney High,. St. George ...

the magazine ^ girls' high school - Fort Street High School

strangers, the busy world of Fort Street. It seems but yesterday when a young, eager. Fifth Year began its term of office by enthusiastically planning a hearty ...

Fort Street High School

various places such as the “Armidale indoor sports club” and “Pizza Hut”. Other nights involved campfires and ghost stories. The Concert Bands and Stage ...

T H E F 0 R T A N - Fort Street High School

Many will tell you, that Fort Street High School's. Speech Day 1994 ... Senior Sportswoman; The Prize for The Most. Outstanding Girl ... A pain shafts like a fast stab. The time has ... in the Marrickville Tennis Tournament - Sarah. Johnson, Carly ...

1913 - Fort Street High School

Mason, F. M., 4c, 9b, lob, iib, 12a, 14b,. 17c. ... players amongst us, and hope to have a tip ... deep sea waves in the person of the New Zea ... Footy. An Art class was instituted for the purpose of illustrating, by various sketches, our Latin les.

1996 - Fort Street High School

The fish wriggling on skewers was not a pretty sight! Nevertheless, it was very ... 1r yo$itickkr,, koL.3evte, bety. uie_C( 6ut en, Nice. anD 11 awcet.

1900 - Fort Street High School

FOBt IAN. little nu re than two ii'onths ago with the First. 'C m ia n Horse. We little *or. ... in dismal silence through the little pools of water ... Penrith was reached.

2008 - Fort Street High School

problems rectified and has fixed some water leaks but not others. We plan to build on the ... DENNIS AU KHUU The P&C Prize for the Most Consistent. Academic ...

1901 - Fort Street High School

Catherine bmith, Josie - mis ,. Allison, ... ceeded to walk to the “ Mecca ” of our journey—the ... oleisiiioap maran -e. the sugar-gum is frequently pK.nted for.

1994 - Fort Street High School

Once again we thank Sarah Patterson for her typing of the Mercurius ... JOSH SZEPS The Ladies Committee Prize for ... Fiona Parsons, Zoe Pyke, Sarah Tran.

1904 - Fort Street High School

Inspector Dawson, M.A. assisted by Mr. Board M.A.i'. The mark obtained for ... a lov~, to plunge, or ply the treacb'roi's I ait; ... rivjd ac Penrith, and aft.'r a short stay ...

2011 - Fort Street High School

students through our acceleration program in mathematics, chemistry and software ... The 2011 HSC Economics results were outstanding — Fort. Street students ... solutions, tea light candle holders, stainless steel BBQ tools, plastic desk tidies ...

2005 - Fort Street High School

takes up the position of Principal at Newtown High School ... HELEN LY Certificate for Technical Drawing. PERSIS ... sere are wheels within wheels in this.

1995 - Fort Street High School

Service. 5. JOSH SZEPS The Major Isador Sender Memorial Prize for School. Service. 6. ... VANESSA TRAN The Prize for Visual Arts; Certificates for English.

1989 - Fort Street High School

We got off at Mittagong Station and crowded onto two ... carpet tiles looked as though they were once a brood of mangey, flea ... Amber Elen-Forbat. 3RD ROW: ...

1983 - Fort Street High School

The Macquarie Dictionary defines censorship as "the deletion of material from ... nology and Macquarie University. Don't let the fact that ... ita'e student ... "Canoi ...

1975 - Fort Street High School

Glenn HODDA. Geoff JOYCE. Ian PETERS ... for Ancient History. Glenn Spotswood: Prize for Mathematics. Prize ... SKUTHORPE, Ann. SPITZER, Katherine.


The "A" grade team was in good form and fin- ished third to Sydney High and North Sydney — this high placing far exceeded our expectations. The team played ...

1903 - Fort Street High School

Department of Education in West Australia, and ... The first 10 years ot George's reign saw Walpole in ... And bears upon a crimson scroll, ... side of the blade, and the knife will be found to act ... Spinning chorus from “Flying Dutchman ”.