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Misting Magic - Outdoor Misting System

PLUS most misting systems ever sold ... we'll always have the parts you'll need - when you need them. We take total responsibility for what we sell, so we ...

15m Misting Kit - Shopify

For more information visit or call 1300 900 617. Product guide ... 1x Hoselink Accessory Connector ... which will void the warranty.

misting -

High pressure misting systems are the most appropriate solution for outdoor and indoor small and large areas, to suppress dust generated by materials handling ...

Mosquito Misting Protocol -

control professional tips on, mosquito behavior, proper inspection, installation, and ... If the mosquito problem is severe or if the landscaping or canopy is exceptionally lush, ... The most common nozzle installation surfaces are fences, handrails, trees, house ... 1) Flush insecticide concentrate sub-system with clean water.

Misting Kit - Holman Industries

The Holman Misting system features 10mm diameter high pressure ... The best way to remove compression fittings from the misting hose is to “wobble”.

Total Misting Package - Shopify

For more information visit or call 1300 900 617 ... 1x Misting Timer. Assembly ... Start at the water inlet by connecting the Black Hose End.

Misting System - Holman Industries

7 Aug 2014 ... Outdoor Cooling Misting System. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE USE. The Holman Misting system features 10mm diameter ...


The Basic Outdoor Mist Cooling system is 3 metres of pre assembled, ready to use, flexible misting line to help cool surrounding air temperature. Great for ...

Misting – Simply cooling - AIRAH

From supermarket aisles to outdoor events, warehouses and as a way of ... of a misting system that it is not only cheap to install, but it is also cheap to run and ...

misting timer - Holman Industries

23 Nov 2012 ... Misting System Range. If battery power becomes low, the valve closes automatically. In this case please insert new ALKALINE batteries.

professional misting products - Aeromist

Outdoor misting systems work by pressurizing water and forcing it through small opening in a specially designed mist nozzle to create fine water droplets. As the ...


BENEFITS & FEATURES. • Helps provide more control with mineral powder makeup application. • Nourishes the skin with 100 percent pure essential oils.

Instruction Manual Walk-in Greenhouse with Misting System

HOLMAN offer no guarantee or compensation for subsequent damage or waste of water. It is the responsibility of the user to check that the product is always ...

Instruction Manual Walk-in Greenhouse with Misting ... -

HOLMAN offer a 1 year replacement warranty from the original date of purchase. HOLMAN offer no ... Connect up the black poly pipe using the elbow and ...

instruction manual - hoselink® misting timer - Shopify

INSTRUCTION MANUAL - HOSELINK® MISTING TIMER. Hose-Pro International Pty Ltd. T: 1300 900 617. PO Box 6671 Frenchs Forest NSW 2100.

Professional Outdoor Cooling 3/8 in. Misting System - Orbit Irrigation

Professional Outdoor Cooling. 3/8 in. Misting System. U.S. Patent No. 5,441.202. IMPORTANT: Read all instructions and check kit contents before beginning ...

High Pressure Water Misting System for adiabatic outdoor ... - Condair

High Pressure Water Misting System for adiabatic outdoor cooling in hot and dry areas. - Combined with shading systems. The report is based on the results from ...

Air Conditioner - Arlec

ALWAYS unplug the unit from the mains before maintenance or cleaning. • ALWAYS use the switch on the control panel to start and stop the unit. • ALWAYS keep ...

Tower Fan - Arlec

Tower Fan with Remote Control. THe. MeTroPoLIS. USER MANUAL. WARNING! To Reduce The RIsk of fIRe, elecTRIc shock,. oR peRsoNAl INjuRy, ReAd, ...

Instructions - Arlec

Door Chime receiver can be changed to avoid this problem. 1. Remove rear of Push Button unit and battery cover of Chime unit. 2. Remove batteries from both ...

Untitled - Arlec

ARLEC electrical. To set the timer. 1/ Turn the time dial clockwise until the current time is set against the pointer. 2/ All actuators remaining push down around the ...

peitho - Arlec

18 Oct 2012 ... The Arlec MAL606S Peitho Sensor Light incorporates a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensing device which continuously scans a preset operating ...

telesto - Arlec

Lights do not operate. 1. No power. Check all connections, and fuses/switches. 2. Blown fuse in transformer. Check. Replace. 3. Low voltage cable has not been.

OUTdOOr - Arlec

Important! Please read these instructions carefully. OUTdOOr. WITH TImer. 2 POWER GARDEN STAKE. OUTLET. PB25. CPIN828/2. 2. 4 23 22 21 20 19 18 17.

Instruction Manual - Arlec

2 Aug 2011 ... Press the button repeatedly to change the fan speed – Low, Medium and High and the corresponding speed indicator LED will glow on the ...

operating instructions - Arlec

Email: [email protected] CPIN002693. WARRANTY. CARE AND MAINTENANCE. 50cm. HIGH PERFORMANCE. FAN operating instructions. APF107.

LED Party Light Set - Arlec

5 Jul 2013 ... The Arlec party light set is a low voltage light kit suitable for indoor or outdoor use. This light kit is ideal for decorating walls, verandas, fences or ...

Battery Charger - Arlec

This Arlec Battery Charger 4 is designed to charge 6 and 12 Volt lead-acid ... A fully automatic circuit breaker in the output circuit protects the charger against.

puck light kit - Arlec

Clean the exterior with a damp cloth, then wipe dry. ... lights at SELV (Safety. Extra Low Voltage). ... Firstly unclip the Puck Light Bodies from their Outer Rims by ...

ARLEC User Instructions

The appliance is only for indoor use. 1. Installation location instructions. 1) This appliance can be wall-mounted or free-standing, pls. choose the suitable place to.

fireplace heater - Arlec


eco panel heaters - Arlec

19 Dec 2013 ... i. Plug the heater to a standard wall socket. ii. Press the ON/ OFF Power switch located on the right side of the panel to ON position. The light on ...

Pedestal Fan 40cm - Arlec

Pressing the swing button again (when the fan is operating in swing Mode) will turn off the swing function. Horizontal Fan Direction Adjustment. The starting ...

200MM EXhaust Fan - Arlec

(see for store locations) or contact Arlec Australia Pty Ltd. ... that a 3 pin power socket is installed in the ceiling close to the mounting hole.

power outlet - Arlec

RC13 (thRee soCkets supplied). instRuCtions foR use. intRoduCtion. The remote control power switch consists of a remote control and plug-in wall socket unit.

250MM EXhaust Fan - Arlec

(see for store locations) or contact Arlec Australia Pty Ltd. Arlec ... Before cutting a hole in the ceiling, check that there are no ceiling joists, ...

high velocity - Arlec

Email: [email protected] 4. CPIN002509/2. CPIN002509/2. WARRANTY. 45cm. HIGH VELOCITY. FAN operating instructions. AFF003. 60W. • DO NOT ...

Wireless Alarm System - Arlec

ready to sense, reset alarm and test again. Metal structures will reduce wireless range. • Window/Door Sensor. Check that the 12V (A23) battery has been.

battery charger 12 volt - Arlec

circuit, an overload or reversed connection to the battery and is double insulated for added safety. Before using this charger it is essential that you read important ...

Energy Cost Meter - Arlec

7 Nov 2011 ... CONNECTING THIS METER TO ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. ... the Kwh (Kilowatt Hours) used, this is the Voltage (VOLTac) multiplied by the ...

Wireless Door Chime - Arlec

The Wireless Door. Chime (DC147) consists of two separate units:- 1. Push Button Unit (Transmitter). 2. Chime Unit (Receiver). These units are completely.

movement activated compact sensor - Arlec

Never touch live areas unless fuse is removed or circuit breaker is in ... Run the mains lamp cable through the rubber grommits located in the mounting base. 4.

Compact Wireless Door Chime - Arlec

Door Chime. DC162. Introduction. The Wireless Door. Chime (DC162) consists of two separate units:- 1. Push Button Unit (Transmitter). 2. Chime Unit (Receiver).

3 in 1 Heat Lamp & Exhaust Fan E550 - Arlec

1 x Four gang wall switch. 4 x Infra red ... the room so the heat lamp & fan should be located directly over where drying ... Australian Consumer Law. You are ...

Plug-in Wireless Door Chime - Arlec

14 Oct 2010 ... The Wireless Door Chime (DC683) consists of two separate units:- 1. Push Button Unit (Transmitter). 2. Chime Unit (Receiver). These units are ...


The Arlec 20cm White Clipper is a ceiling light which is for permanent indoor use. It has a metal base with glass diffuser and controls one E27, bulb.

Compact Digital Time Switch - Arlec

23 Jan 2012 ... button TIMER. Activate summertime function combined with button MANUAl. d. TIMER: Set programs combined with buttons WEEK, HOUR,.

3 in 1 Heat Lamp & Exhaust Fan E522 - Arlec

15 Nov 2011 ... A minimum space of. 235mm is required in the ceiling space (dim. B) where there is good ventilation to the sides of the unit. (Fig.03). Fig. 03. Heat ...

CWEC01 Instructions copy.indd - Arlec

15 Jul 2010 ... Evaporative Cooler. 10 litre. Instructions Manual. Important! Please read these instructions ... DO NOT cover or obstruct the air filter inlet or.

Ceiling Fan Assembly and Installation Instructions - Arlec

Improperly installed ceiling sweep fans can be dangerous and expensive to repair and will void guarantee. This fan is designed for indoor use only.


The light must be wired to its own light switch. Do not interconnect with other lights on the same switch. Sensor can be angled above animal height to avoid ...

Solar Powered LED RopeLights with 8 Function Controller - Arlec

30 May 2012 ... The Arlec Solar LED rope lights provide self contained. LED festive lighting. ... Unpack Solar Panel unit, stake and rope light from the gift box. 2.

installation instructions energy saving exhaust fan - Arlec

11 Jul 2007 ... Before cutting a hole in the ceiling, check that there are no ceiling joists, etc. or electrical wiring above the desired mounting location. • The fan ...

Automatic Dusk to Dawn LED Night Light - Arlec

Automatic Dusk to Dawn. LED Night Light. Uses new LED technology. Visit us at ... Arlec Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 009 322 105). Made in China ...

Additional Instructions for the Arlec Energy Cost Meter PC222

These additional instructions assume you have plugged your meter in to the electricity and that the LCD screen does not turn off. • It is much easier to set up the ...

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36 36 strip light strip light 1 2 3 4 - Arlec

LIGHT. WHITE LED. STRIP. LIGHT. Plug the low voltage transformer into a standard powerpoint. On/Off switch. Plug in Flex Strip using a connector. The arrow ...