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On some day, Mr. Makori bought some oranges worth ksh. 45. On another day ... o) Onyesha yambwa na chagizo katika sentensi ifuatayo. Babu alijengewa ... Record your observations and inferences in the spa:ces provided. (i) To about lcm3 ...

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Sewer drained I*l worth inspection. £725. *"uwa-*□. C. E. WILLIAMSON.AKO.%. S3, QUEEN STBEEX. ; ; 4 ... Smelling Hotties, I'ufT lioxes. Specimen Stands ...

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gamato with the Oceanic Gold Mining i. Company (No Liability). ' 2. To authorises the ... Perth, September 21. Important developmentshavetaken place in theLO.

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Mr. G. A. Boxall, of Prahran, Vie- ... in a loose Avave over her brow, with an impatient sigh. ,. "He was ... One clay, in his wife's boudoir, heI picked up ... RANDOM. SHOTSSome write a neighbour's name to lash; ... For me, an aim I never fash.—.

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BUSINESS, known as "The Boudoir," A.M.P.. Buildings, Queen-street. This is an opportunity of securing an estab- lished business for a small . capital. The.

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WOOD-MILNE. GOLK. BALLS. Balance and Elasticity. W. »'ASTKIi KNOWN -cieartnß. Sale of. VV. A«KJj; ... THE RUMBLE OF WHEELS. Over behind those hilla ...

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Dulux, Lower. Hutt. □"--□□- □ □ '. ... ---day-old son at Mangaweka on Decem- ber 19, Grace Robertson, ... "Mangaweka on the afternoon of 'De- cember 20.

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12 Oct 2018 ... Grange,East Taieri freehold. 704Murray ... Mr. Cnw:!i i- i:ot yd, I believe, in your iuiil--t, so Ihiili/ii-. ... £i 4per ton. BUOHAN AND SMEATON,.

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BMTA..m. 6.5%. Mar. 20 ; Mar. 26 ."Cfilllng at Hobart en route from Sydney. ... North Sbore senior fixture, will not be ... touch upon any subject that was not.

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3J-L-kJ LYNN.—Superior Home. 6 rms., artistically finished and replete with every up-to-date ... Cash, £850. Handy ... □The trimmers' trouble at Newcastle.

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v i ington, sighted the trail craft and took. ; . re iji nits o:i board. ... igain in the evening. The Northern Company's steamer Douglas ... Malcolm J. smith. Calcutta.

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'Norman;yoanirest; childof Chirlej ... Morris, Murray,Watson,Strang, Harvey, George,. Muxon,and4 ... In the third ;tie Bella beat Hamlet, and. Chimneysweep ...

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BIG BLAZE AT SHEPPARTON. MELBOURNE, this day. ... pany at Shepparton. The damage is estimated at ... 1/6 oz.; Faded HairworK .Tinted.—Misses Wrigley,.

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MONICA PARK SPEEDWAY. CHAMPIONSHIP. Singer Ist. ... nude in order to enjoy the sun and the surf. ... Vas doing its beet to prevent local bodies and other ...

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17 Jul 2019 ... Saddlery and Harness of evety description, consisting of ... ranchmen have tried ttie.-different ... Blazes won the Tamworth R.C Handicap.

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and timers twist and warp—if nunro-. -Imm ffa PUII d°' ... Hoad Depot, 21 Grafton street, Mayfair ... Pruning Shears and Knives, Yina Scissors. Spray Pumps and ...

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the last tix months, aud hua init -«ith gr at buccces. Huviuj? ... Lions on Crops, Affidavits of fiatisfactior,. Bailments ... Second King,10 to 1;King's Own,10to1. .

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monopoly. EX-KING MILAN. It is considered that ex-King Milan, of ... President: lion G M'Lean. Vice-president: Mr ... ln the last tix year3there h3B been not only a ...

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PORT BRISBANE AT LONDON. The Port Brisbane, which left Wel- lington on ... Final weok price, 1/8yard. MEN'S OXFORD SHOES. Men's. Tan. WilTow. Oxford.

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26. Perches. Price,. £BSO. PEBKIN& 483 Colombo street,. □ »o 668. F5069 ... on the near side the trailer chassis is attached by means of a ... Nipper, Jolly Chimes,. • Lucky Dillon, ... Bancroft, Woodward, Edwards, Dunbier,- S. Wentworth ...

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Brush, l/3d and 2/- per tin. 'ftrta 50z and ... facial blemishes. You cannot clear your complexion of pimples and blotches until you check the ... cleansing properties of celebrated Fynnon ... and revitalise the ... of the Remington Rand Corporation,.

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6.— No.299 j gnbtiihtdeverg §itendxu utfd4^'Mu 1 meaica-1. THEGEEATBST ... Fortrose as-fbllow*i^Leaves Wyndham on ... i and this tim« it was certainly very.

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Kaikoura district. Gen.roUy speaking, the lunibs were of indifferent quality, und pens of realiv attractive rape lambs were scarce. Most of the lambs w. re snull ar.

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pads. Clairvoyant. Diagnosis,. Headings. 10 till 0. 233. Hobaon Btreet. TIILMY, MY BOY. —If you ... ventilated llsiir Pads. ... realising how difficult it wovii be for.

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21 Feb 2019 ... <jAY GHUMS, WOODEND. Although the Club year ... Paysanne Worsted with chalk stripe. ... Money from Fairwood, by Woodend from Fairform.

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All work guaranteed equal to best English Electro- plate. Inspection invited. MORRISON'S ... collars, boots, and gloves;. Still to cousinly ... Gams' KNITTED FROCKS, Kmart styles, newest shades. ... Island 7.7, Jackaroo 7.1, Aluka b.7. Soldiers' ...

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T AWNS Mowed, kept in order; day work. ±J or hy the ... jITARHIED man requires work, nny eapa- ... AID-Waitre*s, Kmart. ... required for Lfcdies' Boot Department ... Jackaroo. Gold Coast. Siberian, Miss. Beaufortp,. Melting Moment. Actor. Wiri,.

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15 Oct 2018 ... ARCHITECT,. Abraham and ... E. LARCOMB,. CIVIL ENGINEER & ARCHITECT. ... wjfa real West Coast one,'andwhen at,. 1$ the Premier gob ...

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chaser taught freeof charge. ... charge, and telling him to put the key ... charging a license fob to persons who, ... Reward battery is 3350z of retorted gold from.

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30 Jan 2020 ... 172, at 40/ per loot. TOTAL COST ... organs of the human body; they filter the blood: then ... ill her vnj.-e. "The lucky star never sinks in some.

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Bubs-iaiitial profit, anil I from, the 3 acres ... bothering to ensure that the new town- ship shall be laid out on ... The Massive Six-Reel Artcnift Special. Attraction!!

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23 May 2019 ... stones Mart, Woolworth Bldgs., Cuba-st. CILVERSTONE'S ... boozled, and by the Party we have ... dcley Tourer, Bean Tourer, Dodge. Tourers ...

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topGreystroct, singloand double beds. Single Beds, with ... any good, and I despaired of ever ... ingSticka, Hata, Overcoats,Swags, etc., etc. ROBERT ... ---feeb centreboard boab, built for racing ... 'There's only one man in the territory kin do that.

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RIFLE SHOOTING. MELBOURNE, November 23. The King's PriK> was won by Raven, a Britiaih competitor, •with 314; Om- mundeen, another British competitor,.

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I Wolfe's Schnapps NatiTSL, |. _-£& —_. t_93C*. ... der the'ciremmst—icea Jit" fel- bound to say that the right ... '•The Wolf," r-ceiving a treble encore lor the latter.

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12 Nov 2019 ... Cal!in*at. I l w___B_k_i_» ""ADELAIDE,- ALBANY, j ... the Auckland Kennel Club Show yesterday ... andona of the features oftheir ' march oub'.

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Sleep comes quickly and surely on a “Sleepwell” Mattress. Sweet, sound ... head of the attack, with. Roach very nippy. Caesar, at centre, was Hornby's best back. ... tigi and IfUlgrove fcag been started, ... Woolworths Properties UOs pci.) 0 13 5.

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veniences, good, wanted to Rent; handy to tram ... J.VA Lease Farm of 20 or 40 Acres, with 10 ... Subdivisions of our Hofahora Property, ... Bendigo, June 16 '.

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LOOK WITHIN FOR COO. •. ' □ A.S i©SrS = ... clean, she would wake also pure in spirit and godly in ... wildest romance conoorniug Gulliver and his. Lilliputians,.

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Takes a Tramp,” in which a sundowner, coming on the ... the thirteenth wedding to be celebrated kt the White House, but ... to have the wedding on the thirteenth.

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portrayed, including a big wedding in St. Mary's, London. ... Australia, settlers,"sundowners'* and cattle-men bake Damper ... tiona to the paiceha. Although little.

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of Lismore, topped the market with.46s 9d for a pen_of three specially prime ... arrg triaL □. " , s^l. £BBo—Ohandtet BroUbMa. IMS. Me lUbta and Maxta& _ .

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may be seen in endless variety, and at prices that must commend ... tivoK'iif ti-e varicua cbarattera wag observable. <ti bis jjsit, ... He weut on board, and found all hande pump ing. ... Owing to the excessive heat in the concert-room, produced ...

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56 Castlemaine street, Yarraville,. Melbourne, Vie, 19th July, 1897. ... Trust Mosey, £700, at 4}, io invest, also ether. Sum* at Current Rates. MORTGAGES ...

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Goodwin, Misses E. Maidens, E. Lemon,. E. Letham ... McLenaghen, Gladys Lemon, ... sauit into tlie bed ot' the stream, land- ... fruit and honey exports the statement ... Queen Cole by a brilliant racehorse in. King. Cole. (by Kibbomvood) from.

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27 Feb 2019 ... ware of AMOS CLARKE ! He is abroid in ... constructing a sewer in Clark street, from. Maclaggan ... reported tothe creditof the nextre?atU;-M. □.

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Zealand trade, and 'make an aySrago passage lf; of 16 (lays, wilt be ... Generals (20s, 2?s 6(1.; no washing),. 4au ... sivir imagination,—if mot already' <i;;ad, will.

•' ' - Papers Past and ! ti'.ioi: at the kree. Ex'.ren-.e'y «fyk. ... other fell backwards headlong, slither- ing fifty yards ... puro balbd stylo ioi whioh it was given. For one of his ...

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Helvetian leather, super -quality- brass rings and buckles; hand-sewn/Completo ... all ready for m* show. CROSSWORD PUZZLE. NO. 21. (By F.J.8.) CLUES.

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sleeTe fop daws topeck at; and shewent her own quiet way, a little more ti'ent than of old. perhaps, and something statelier and less girlish than of yore,.

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and it keens us awake. It is, more- over, a. ... 'The •□ tad that one pint,or about eight eighteenpennjr bottles ofgenuine ... Furnishings, is offeredat absurdly lowprices to turns! I it quickly into ... proposals, excepting the Dubbo-Werris. Creek line.

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named Jo絽ph Drumm collided with a ... universal. When I talk-about economy. I don't mean to cut down. Don't'let ... been sent to the Controller and Audi-.

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TE KAWANA showed by running se-. A cond last Saturday that it was no fluke he returned such a big dividend at Te Aroha. i. With' an earlier run towards the.

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2s per bottle Itix bs-Uka 16s fdl, or wi'l be posted on rscoipt of price bv ... Kmart has been charged with ii.r ... washhouse /capper and tubs), and all conveni-.

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possible, to give everyone satisfaction, and I respect- fully solicit ... quest!;n came to be whether the wife could pledge her husband's ... it would bo more satisfactory to hear tho defence. ... Aixxlzaa. f&VB&Se exp-gse. cf ... C 7 THJL 3£osrs. ".

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Stockists for the famous. MICHELIN. TYRES—Cheapest and Best on the Market. HARRISON AND ... English countrymen showing inspiring courage and resource thong- they had been fighting for ... Archie, com. tvlr., Auckland. Bell, Fred. Jas.

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24 Jun 2019 ... grand value; Cretonnes and Curtains all ... dollars,. 16 dollars and. 10 dollars. In the colonies £1 is the highest ... Niddrie 2, A. Chilton 3. ' □*.

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EXCELLENT Warehouse or Office Ac*. □*-' commodation ... homy, garage; also Garage to Let. ... ped, cupboards, bins, meat safe, etc.; ex- .pensive ... WOMEN'S SELBY SHOES—The famous American shoes are of splendid quality ... Chemist. ~VfO Port equal to Gladiator; quality. □^ Guaranteed; imported direct from tlie.

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15 Oct 2019 ... MASTERTON RACING. CLUB. ... for race wear will find these descriptions particularly interesting. ... pmd steal a rtfular hflch-pvtch of we»ii.