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Hobart City Council Hobart Central Area Zoning ... - City of Hobart

Vehicle sales and hire means use of land for displaying, selling or hiring or leasing boats, caravans, motor cycles, trailers, car or similar vehicles. Bulky goods ...

lizardmen - Games Workshop

Lord Mazdamundi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Engine of the Gods. Oxyotl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chameleon Skink Stalker. Saurus Knights .

assassin - Games Workshop

An Assassin is a single model armed with. Poison-coated Blades. ABILITIES. Deathshead Poison: Assassins utilise deadly blends of venom to ensure their mark ...

the empire - Games Workshop

BRAVERY. WO. UN. DS. Warhammer Age of Sigmar © Games Workshop Ltd. 2017 ... General of the Empire on Imperial Griffon . . .Freeguild General on Griffon.

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Untitled - Games Workshop

ARCHMAGE ON DRAGON. MOVE. Range Attacks ... Dragon's Fearsome Jaws. 3. BRAVERS. D6 ... Dragon with a Talisman of Arcane Power. DESCRIPTION.

Liberators - Games Workshop

Warhammer. Warblade. Grandhammer. Grandblade. BRAVER. LIBERATOR-PRIME. The leader of this unit is the Liberator-. Prime. A Liberator-Prime makes 3 ...

plaguebearers - Games Workshop

ese corpse-like daemons tally the diseases unleashed by Nurgle upon the Mortal Realms, and as they do so they stab and hack at their enemies with filth-ridden ...

hexwraiths - Games Workshop

HEXWRAITHS. MELEE WEAPONS. Range. Attacks. To Hit. To Wound. Rend. Damage. Spectral Scythe. 1". 2. 4 . 3 . -1. 1. Skeletal Steed's Hooves and Teeth.

beastmen - Games Workshop

Moonclaw, Son of Morrslieb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Great Bray-Shaman. Morghur, Master of Skulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Great Bray-Shaman. Razorgor Chariot ...

Anointed - Games Workshop

Commanders of the Phoenix Guard, the Anointed have been granted the blessing of the Ur-Phoenix. They march ... 1 friendly Hero with this command ability.

zarbag - Games Workshop

spell with this model, you can roll a dice. On a 2 add 2 to the casting roll. ... Moon spells. Face of Da Bad Moon: To Zarbag, 'mooning the enemy' has a very ...

Archaon - Games Workshop

Slayer of Kings, wielded by Archaon, claims the head of any hero foolish enough to stand against him. MOVE. Range. To Hit. To Wound. Rend. Damage. Attacks.

scenery - Games Workshop

Table on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar ... Scenery Rules: The scenery rules are used to represent ... Sometimes a rule will say that it only applies to models.


23 Jan 2018 ... White Dwarf's own Dan Harden has been collecting Orks since 1995. Regular readers will ... love building Citadel miniatures, you'll get a lot out ...

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IM8 1LM Ramsey, Isle of Man. GB Model Shop owner: Stephen Walker. 18 Castlewood ... Howleys Toymaster owner: Phil Moore. 5 Frederick Place. DT4 8HQ ...

ORKS - Games Workshop

23 Jan 2018 ... And you can read more from Adrian on “It's not about winning or coming up with great tactics – not with Orks at any ...

Hurricanum - Games Workshop

CELESTIAL HURRICANUM. Range. Attacks. To Hit. Damage. MOVE. 18". Range Attacks. WOUNDS. To Wound Rend. - See below. To Wound Rend. 3 . 1. 4 3.

chaos - Games Workshop

Change the second bullet point under the Organisation header to: '3 units of Bullgors'. GRAND ALLIANCE: CHAOS. Page 23 – Godsworn Champions of Ruin.

bloodreavers - Games Workshop

Blades, while others prefer to use Meatripper Axes. CHIEFTAIN. The leader of this unit is a Chieftain. A Chieftain makes 2 attacks rather than 1. ICON BEARER.

retributors - Games Workshop

wound or save roll). Starsoul Mace: A starsoul mace blasts a being's soul out of synchronicity with their mortal form, slaying them as surely as any death blow.

the rules - Games Workshop

corrections directly in your rulebook, this is by no means necessary – just ... Q: Warhammer 40,000: The Rules states that line of sight can be drawn from any part ...

runelord - Games Workshop

Rune Lore: Calling upon the latent magic of runic engravings, Runelords imbue the weapons and armour of their kin with ancient power. In your hero phase, this ...

dreadlord - Games Workshop

The feared warlords of the Order Serpentis delight in inflicting pain and ... Range. Attacks. To Hit. To Wound. Rend. Damage. Repeater Crossbow. 16". 4. 4 . 4 .

thanquol - Games Workshop

good fortune, but in truth the Great Horned Rat keeps one eye on his antics and – on occasion – indulgently wards him from harm. Roll a dice each time you ...

huvudregler - Games Workshop

Illvrålande krigarförband går till attack och motattack, och hackar loss på fienden med yxa och svärd. ... engulfed in a furious storm cloud, then roll a dice for each ...

bretonnia - Games Workshop

GRAIL RELIQUAE. A unit of Battle Pilgrims can have one. Grail Reliquae. A Grail Reliquae has a. Wounds characteristic of 3 instead of 1. Add 2 to the attacks ...

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skaven - Games Workshop

and carries a Sacred Banner of the Horned. Rat daubed with evil runes. ABILITIES. Treacherous Progression: If your general is a Skaven and has only 1 wound.

doomwheel - Games Workshop

Doomwheel is a rumbling war engine that crushes enemies to a bloody paste while spitting bolts of warp lightning into their midst. CHAOS, SKAVEN ...

warscroll - Games Workshop

MISTWEAVER SAIH. A Mistweaver Saih is a powerful enchantress. Drifting amidst a swirling, sorcerous haze, she flickers in and out of sight at will, sowing ...

Clanrats - Games Workshop

the battlefield and overwhelm the enemy regardless of the hideous casualties they suffer along the way. CLANRATS. CHAOS, SKAVEN, SKAVENTIDE, CLANS ...

Hag Queen - Games Workshop

She carries a Blade of Khaine and a chalice of Witchbrew. ABILITIES. Priestess of Khaine: In your hero phase, a Hag. Queen can pray once. If she does, pick a ...

War Hydra - Games Workshop


EYES OF THE NINE - Games Workshop

ensorcelled lodestones tether the Silver Towers to reality. DESCRIPTION. The Eyes of the Nine is a unit that has 4 models. Narvia and Turosh are each armed ...

Blood Bowl FAQ - Games Workshop

A: No, as stated in the rules, a player has to be standing and holding a ball to score. This doesn't happen with Strip Ball. As for Frenzy, the touchdown is scored as ...

Tree-Revenants - Games Workshop


orcs& goblins - Games Workshop

Orruk Warboss. Grom the Paunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gitboss auf Wolf Chariot. Night Goblins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grots.

razorwing jetfighter - Games Workshop

WEAPONS. Two disintegrator cannons, Dark Eldar missiles, twin- linked splinter rifle. The two disintegrator cannons can be replaced with two dark lances.

Malevolent Maelstrom - Games Workshop

Make an additional unbinding roll for that spell. If this unbinding roll is successful, the spell is unbound and 1 energy point is allocated to this model. In addition, ...

základní pravidla - Games Workshop

její charakteristice útoků (Attacks). ... attack in one direction and then another, or to stubbornly ... engulfed in a furious storm cloud, then roll a dice for each of its ...

vampire lord - Games Workshop

ey can attempt to cast one spell in your hero phase, and attempt to unbind one spell in the enemy hero phase. ey know the Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield spells.

bad moon loonshrine - Games Workshop

... Moon fall, they smash down upon the landscape causing untold devastation. Then come the Gloomspite hordes, creeping from below to hew these loonstone ...

ogre kingdoms - Games Workshop

DESCRIPTION. An Overtyrant is a single model. He is carried by a tide of Grots. An Overtyrant bears a brutal Jewelled Sceptre and an. Overtyrant's Crown.

index: xenos 2 - Games Workshop

TYRANIDS. Q: Monstrous scything talons say that if the bearer has more than one pair it can make one additional attack. How many extra attacks does a Trygon, ...

Flamespyre Phoenix - Games Workshop

Anointed armed with a Great Phoenix. Halberd. If it does, this model has the. Hero keyword. However, if it does, any command traits or artefacts of power only.

Great Unclean One - Games Workshop

large Plague Flail or Bileblade in one hand, and a. Massive Bilesword or ... attempts to cast or unbind a spell, you can say that it is using the Bileblade to hook ...

Darkfire Daemonrift - Games Workshop

raw magic seeping from the Realm of Chaos forms an opening for the horrors beyond to vent their spite, widened and empowered further by spellcraft that draws ...

Cavan Scott - Games Workshop

in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. See Warhammer Adventures on the internet at.

lord kroak - Games Workshop

In the battleshock phase of each turn, roll a dice and add the number of wounds that. Lord Kroak suffered during the turn. If the result is higher than his Bravery, ...

blood knights - Games Workshop

DEATH, VAMPIRE, SOULBLIGHT, BLOOD KNIGHTS. KEYWORDS ese undead cavaliers are a vision of martial glory, bedecked in crimson armour and wielding ...

Molten Infernoth - Games Workshop

MAGMIC INVOCATION WARSCROLL. An elemental manifestation that personifies the blazing wrath of Vulcatrix, a Molten Infernoth can be drawn to battle by the ...

lord-celestant - Games Workshop

Lightning Hammer: The shockwave effect of a lightning hammer connecting with the foe stuns those in close ... store storm energy, unleashing it when struck with ...

slann starmaster - Games Workshop

includes any Slann Starmasters, roll a dice after set-up is ... when Seraphon Wizards in your army attempt to ... A Slann Starmaster is a wizard. It can attempt to ...

Balewind Vortex - Games Workshop

If a Wizard on a Balewind Vortex attempts to dispel it, the attempt is automatically successful (do not roll any dice). This uses up the additional spell that the Wizard ...

wood elves - Games Workshop

Spellsinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Spellweaver. Spellweaver on Great Eagle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Glade Lord on Great Eagle. Spellweaver on ...

Warriors of Chaos - Games Workshop

mortal wound as warriors are driven insane or twisted beyond recognition by the Breath of Mutation. MAGIC. A Chaos Dragon is a wizard. It can attempt.

Orcs & Goblins - Games Workshop

WARSCROLLS. ORCS& GOBLINS ... Warhammer Age of Sigmar © Games Workshop Ltd. 2017. ORRUK BULLY ... Black Orc Big Boss mit Army Standard .

Godsworn Hunt - Games Workshop

Jagathra is armed with an Ensorcelled Javelin and Darkoath Knife; Shond ... Bow; and Grawl is armed with a Savage Bite. ABILITIES. Pact of Soul and Iron: ...

mortis engine - Games Workshop

MORTIS ENGINE. WARSCROLL. MISSILE WEAPONS. Range. Attacks. To Hit. To Wound. Rend. Damage. Wail of the Damned. ✹. See below.